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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 113

113 Strong


Is there a rule that enforces you to get in a quarrel whenever you go to a new place in this world?

(No, that's not it. Something like this is an everyday occurrence in a country this big. This doesn't happen to only me.)

I winced at the density of events I encountered after leaving my village, but I tried to be positive here.

All while four men are blocking our way asking for toll with grins on their faces.

"Oy, oy, whatchu shutting up for? Don't think too hard. Just hand over yer' cash and nobody gets hurt."
"What a pain. Just crush 'em. Been getting antsy lately, they'd make for good stress relievers."
"Yeah, I wanna get back to booze quickly."
"Leave all your money here. Don't worry, we're gonna make better use of it than you."

I couldn't even sigh at this template as these four men with their swords out said their self-serving lines.

"...Will you guys step aside? We're heading to the main street. Right across that path there."

"What are you deaf? Pay your toll, and all is well."

"Can I ask you something? What does this place get to do with you? We've no obligation to pay until that's clear. May we have a straight answer?"

I tried to conclude this not with force. I could have done so anytime.
But thanks to the worst imagination I had earlier, I hesitated to.
I'm fine if money can solve this. But not without a justified reason. That's my sentiment now.
I don't mind paying toll if they are authorized too.
Using money to avoid trouble and mess is acceptable. Which probably stems from my ignorance on money's value in this world.
And my 'not normal'-ness.

"...This crap's a waste of time. Don't you have enough? Let's just crush 'em, snatch their valuables and head to the crib."

Seemed like they had the same sentiment. Snatch, that word solidified them as criminals.
I sighed and tried to take a step forward. To eliminate these men.

"Trash. I had been keeping silent per milord's order but I shan't tolerate your ignorant rambling no more. Milord needs not step in. We shall reap your lives ourselves..."

Serena said that. As did other elves as they stood and made a wall in front of me.

"Ou ouu. Aw yeah, no need to spend cash. It's women. And they're all hotties."
"We're super lucky today! Just gotta go straight to the inn. We're gonna enjoy y'all to the end!!"
"Hmph, six women for one brat? Bullshit... his head's mine. Don't butt in ya hear?"
"Lemme get some hit in. Been irritated for awhile from losing a bet the other day ya see."

Serena and the elves had deemed these unworthy of living in the society.
Looks like I won't have my turn. Thus, I realized.
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Serena closed in on the men in one leap.
Smoothly like that time with the bandit, but it wasn't actually fast.
It happened so abrupt like there was no start. She just got in between them.

Her right low kick crushed the thigh of a man standing ahead like it was made of twig.
A peculiar sound of meat snapping along with bones resounded.
She then twisted her body backward and swung her sword in the same motion, lopping the man's head off.
The three thugs who couldn't follow this series of events were still unaware that they were the 'hunted' here.

One of the men could only afford to turn his eyes at the collapsing man before he suddenly formed the shape of a shrimp in mid air with his head slashed open.
He was kicked by one of the elves. A kick so impactful, the man didn't get blown away, instead formed the shape of く, no, つ, in his spot.
The elf drew her sword in the same instance, splitting the man's head open.

Another man came to himself from the smell of blood but just as he shouted, 'You bastard', another elf smashed his head with a jumping axe kick.
She gracefully landed with her fluttering mantle and stabbed at the lying man's heart. A stab that seemingly ignored meat and bone as it stopped the man dead after a twitch. A pool of blood quickly formed on the ground.

One last man standing. He swung his sword around with a look of fear in his eyes.
Another elf stood in his way. She got in between the slash and stopped it by smoothly putting her left hand under the sword arm, and elbowed the man's solar plexus with her right.
As the man agonized in pain, she slowly went around behind his back and slashed. Reaping the man's life. A deep wound formed on the back like bones didn't matter.

I stood dumbfounded, completely captivated by each and every single one of their motions.




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