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Okami wa Nemuranai 46.14


The group is relaxing after lunch break on the seventh day.

"Lecan-dono. You were quite vehement on checking the effects of your attacks on both Pure White and Pure Black Magic Wolves back then. Did you do that in order to prepare for the depths?"

"More specifically for the final fight. Ah right, haven't run you a lowdown on this dungeon's boss yet huh, Arios."

"By that, you are referring to the magic beast on floor 151, correct?"

"Yeah. It goes by the name <Chaotic Magic Wolf>."

"<Chaotic Magic Wolf>."

"This thing's apparently become immune to magic when you attack it with magic and to physical when it's hit by physical attacks."

"That sounds quite troublesome. But then, can't one simply attack it with both magic and physical at once?"

"Yeah, but apparently it's not easy. If the timing is even slightly off, the attacks don't count as landing on the exact same time. Our opponent can instantaneously switch its property to deal with either. Remember, the wolf spawns 50 floors down from here. Its size, ferocity, speed and destructive power must be beyond anything we've faced thus far. Perfectly syncing attacks against such an opponent should prove highly difficult."

"The act of aiming must be what makes it difficult. If you shower it with long ranged physical attacks like javelins, arrows and the likes while also having a group of mages attack it with magic, surely there would be some that hit at the same exact time."

"Arios-dono. In practice, you simply must not allow a huge group of people crowd around a <Chaotic Magic Wolf>. The more crowded it is the more openings there are for the wolf. However, your idea is close to the ideal."

"How should we approach it then."

"Launch an offensive with swords and spears while the wolf is getting continuously bombarded by magic attacks. And these days we have <Magic Quivers> as well."

"<Magic Quivers> is it?"

Jiza explained to Arios what those are.

"While <Chaotic Magic Wolf> can attack with magic and with its claws and fangs, it often opts to go with the latter."

"How often do people attempt to challenge this last floor's magic beast?"

"There were people who went up against it 62 years ago. That was also the last time anyone did."
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"However, there have been three parties who managed to grab the ticket to floor 150 during these last 62 years. Conquering floor 150 will open the path to floor 151. Every single one of those parties were adventurers from outside. Strength-wise, they were completely unprepared to take on such deep floors, but their feat afforded them huge gains. They sold the right to the Magic Research Insitute's Board of Directors."

"Sold the right? How so."

"If even one person managed to get floor 150 displayed, the entire party is then able to go to floor 150 as well. The displayed number persists for four to five days. They can just act as a guide there before heading back outside."

"Ah, I see."

"However, not even the Magic Research Institute have those capable of taking on the depths always be available at all time. They could dispatch at most one or two party of them. I took part in all three attempt myself, but never once did I manage to get to the final floor, either our party lacked strength to clear floor 150, or they exhausted themselves after conquering floor 150."

"Does that mean, you can't get to floor 151 even after you've conquered floor 150 once you've gone back to the surface?"

"Indeed. Floor 150 and floor 151 are connected as one floor."

"What happens if there's another person with a different displayed number in the same party?"

"Neither can warp."

"How many parties are currently exploring floor 101?"

"There are currently three parties tackling the depths over the course of several years. This Ui here is one among those challengers."

"And yet, none has managed to reach the last floor."

"They could pretty much reliably warp to floor 101 to 149. Only floor 150 has a very low rate of appearing for some reason."

"Only floor 150 is it. Fumu."


As Arios got lost in thought, Ui spoke to him. Her gaze was shockingly gentle.


"Arios-dono, your swordsmanship truly oozes elegance. Your sword strokes are also so much more masterful than any instructors I have studied under. Your thought process and actions are very composed as well. I find it hard to believe that Arios-dono is Julius's father even now. And you look so young too."

"I'm actually 40 this year."

"Eh. You're kidding."

"I belong to a clan of Longlifer, see. Please keep this matter a secret if you would."


Lecan was awfully surprised by this.

Arios's Longlifer status should have been a strictly confidential matter. And yet he so easily divulged it to Ui. She wasn't even pressing for it. Lecan couldn't figure out what Arios was thinking.

"Ui-san. Your swordsmanship was quite a sight to behold as well."

"Eh. W-what are you saying. You haven't even seen me swinging a sword--"

"No. I have. It was when Guide Jiza-sama instructed you to cut at Lecan-dono's barrier."


That's true.

Lecan thought the same thing as well back then. This magic knight's swordsmanship is surprisingly refined.

"After witnessing that, I'm convinced that you have truly sublimated the heart of our swordschool in your body and mind."

"I-is that true?"

"You have the potential to become a first rate swordsman."

That came out of the left field it appeared. Ui couldn't even muster up a reply.

"Now then, time to get a move on."

And with that one line from Lecan, the atmosphere shifted.

They are heading into the depths. The floor they step onto could be anywhere from 101 to 149. The closer it is to the last floor, the more ferocious the magic beasts will be. They must resolve themselves to that fact.

"We're aiming for floor 150. No telling how many days it's gonna take to get there. Regardless, we will absolutely put our feet firmly on floor 150 even if it takes us 100 days. Brace yourself."

Strong lights dwelt in everybody's eyes. This is where the real thing begins. It even feels like Boruk's emerald green eyes emitted lights.

"Now then. Link hands together. Are you ready? <Floor>."

All floors in Dungeon Palcimo turned in Lecan's head.

Starting from the highest floor, 1 to 2 to 3 and below are connected by a line. He focused and looked down further below. 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and then 100.

Lecan was at a loss for words when he saw the floor number below 100.

Floor 150.

"I-It cannot be."

Jiza groaned.

The door she has bet her whole life on to arrive at is finally open.




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