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Okami wa Nemuranai 46.13


They got down to floor 85 and began preparing for lunch there.

Lecan took out firewood, Eda lighted them up.


"There is no preliminary casting. It comes out so quick. And yet it's so precise and accurate."

"Eh? Ah, I wasn't taught how to do preliminary casting when I studied magic under my teach. So I'm clueless on any magic's preliminary casting."

"I see. All members of Magic Research Institute are capable of Cast Omission. I am unable to."

"Eh, is that true."

"I was supposed to be taught that in earnest once I get formally accepted as Obaba-sama's pupil. But I had been prohibited from learning most magic after I got accepted into Magic Knights. I believed that was for the best. Magic Knights are shields that protect the mages, and swords that defeat the White Magic Wolves. But one day, a mage said this to me. 'What a waste of such a large pool of mana'. But it's not like I didn't want to study more magic. I am unable to."

Eda couldn't reply to that.

After a moment of silence, Jiza spoke.

"And that's why Lecan-chan is frustrating you."



"That she is, Eda-chan. An adventurer who never trained in magic despite having guide-class pool of mana."

"Eh? Eh? But Lecan trained really really hard on magic, you know. Or rather, I've seen him training magic here and there but never with a sword."

"That's just how it looked to Ui, Eda-chan. Lecan-chan is dressed like a bona fide swordsman with nary a wand on him, isn't he?"

"Well, I guess he is."

"And yet, the <Flame Spears> Lecan-chan cast with Cast Omission boast incredible power and speed. He could even make those spears meander after shooting, a feat only Guides capable of. And that <Move> he showed to fetch that magic stone was truly something else. Even I have never seen anything like that before. Ui completely lost her confident after seeing that."

Silence ruled once again.

Arios was the one breaking that.


"Eh, what can I help you with, Arios-dono."

"Do you still wish to learn magic if you are given the chance to?"

Ui looked downcast. But after a while, she spoke with a resolute tone.

"I wish to."

Lecan pondered Jiza's style of combat while listening to this conversation in the background.

Starting from floor 81, Warp Room's Magic Wolves boast offensive power and speed incomparable to any wolf that comes before it. Mages with their reaction speed would be easy preys to them. Hence she uses up her mana to activate her magic before entering the room and unleashes the most powerful attack the instance she's inside. Considering all that, her tactic is actually quite sensible.

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"What's your move when you're up against Pure White Magic Wolf?"

From floor 81, Pure White Magic Wolves that are immune to magic could spawn. Not even Jiza and her powerful magic can defeat those.

"I whip out my specially made <Magic Quivers>. I developed those things for one such moment after all."
<TLN: Was translated as Magic Arrow Pipes previously.>

"Hou. I see. Oh yeah, Eda."

"Eh? What is it? Lecan."

"You didn't use <Sleep> when you fought floor 81's boss."

"Ah. I forgot."

She would have a much easier time in the expedition had she remembered sooner. However, thanks to her not using it, the experience should prove as a good training regime for both Eda and Julius. Hence it's not exactly a bad thing she forgot.

"Give it a try next time."


After a relaxed lunch, they got in floor 85 shafts and fought Warp Room's Magic Wolf. Eda <Sleep> was effective, turning the fight into a complete joke. Ui was shocked to witness the range of magic Eda afforded.

Afterward, they kept going until floor 90. Thus ended day 5's expedition.

On the sixth day.

A Pure White Magic Wolf spawned in floor 92's warp room.

Naturally, Eda's <Sleep> wouldn't work. Lecan shot a barrage of <Flame Spears> to check out how his magic would do against it.

It's completely immune to the magic spears but the heat and impact produced by them still have some effects. The heat from <Flame Spears> would slightly burn the wolf's fur, and the impact force would knock it back.

Lecan knew this was how it would turn out. However, he couldn't get a good grasp on it before seeing it in person.


(It's not repelling nor absorbing magic.)

(Like it's undoing the magic itself while leaving the destructive force alone.)

Once he had enough, Lecan defeated the wolf with <Demon Wolf Cutter>.

A Pure Black Magic Wolf spawned on floor 98. Even though they're only supposed to start spawning on floor 101, this would be a good opportunity to test out its physical immunity.

It was a weird sensation. Slashing at it with a sword didn't give back the right feedback. Some sort of fluffy invisible film enveloped the Magic Wolf, this film would absorb all forces of impact it seems.

However, sword slashes aren't completely useless as it's possible to stop their charge or change its course with one. Lecan gave <Shield of Wolkan> a go, and it was surprisingly effective.

Hence they reached floor 100 that day.

Eda's <Sleep> was no longer effective from floor 90 down.

The Magic Wolves are getting tougher. At the same time the group's coordination is also getting better.

Ui would order Boruk to attract Magic Wolf's attention. Lecan stopped the wolf with <Shield of Wolkan> and Arios would hinder it with a swift barrage of attacks. They would deploy <Demon Wolf Cutter> against White Wolves, and Jiza's magic against Black Wolves. Eda crushes their eyeballs, Julius is in charge of assists, and Ui guards Jiza. <Purification> would fly off anytime anyone got hurt.

They should be able to fight on much lower floors considering these results.

Tomorrow would be the seventh day. They're finally going to take a step into the depths.

The depths, floor 101 and below can only be accessed from floor 100.

From floor 100 and below, reciting <Floor> spell would display floor 1-100 as well as one floor from 101-150. This displayed floor is completely randomized. Once a floor has been displayed, you must either conquer that floor or wait several days before you can warp to another depths' floor besides the displayed floor.

If members in the same party aren't joining hands when each of them recites the spell <Floor>, they each will be shown different floors from one another. As such, it's theorized that the destination floor is only selected when one recites the <Floor> spell.




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