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Okami wa Nemuranai 47.1


On the fifth day of month nine kingdom year 118, Lecan and Eda arrived at Mashajain.

The journey from Palcimo took about a month.

Quite long considering Lecan's normal pace, this was due to them taking it easy along the way.

Palcimo and the capital may be connected by Dungeon Highways which are regularly maintained, but there's a mountain range situated just before Palcimo, so even a stagecoach will take you 30 days. Lecan and Eda were on foot, and they would sometimes move in the wilderness while camping out and hunting, they would have a chat whenever they took the highways, it's actually a wonder it only took them a month.

Lecan was going to return <Rainbow Pebbles of Happiness> to Eda during their trip. But Eda said this back.

"Please keep those with you. As It's my happiness to have you be blessed in good fortune."

At Mashajain, Lecan dropped by Wazrof Mansion as usual. Then he handed over Argent Flame Wolf's pelt to Manfrey, asking him to make a leather armor out of it.

Two days later, Manfrey reported back.

"Lecan. Forgive me, but it seems our house lacks the capability to turn this pelt into an armor. In the first place, where does this pelt come from anyway? No well, it is obvious that it's a pelt of a wolf-like beast. However, none of our appraisers were able to discern what kind. And our leather craftsmen were unable to make a cut on the pelt. They have never witnessed such a mysterious pelt."

The armor Heles wore back then was made of Diran Silver Steel and Great Flame Dragon (Ulbanzam) materials. Lecan still has no clue about Diran Silver Steel, but Great Flame Dragon is a higher order dragon than Petitfire Dragon. High ranking marquisette must be experienced in dealing with all kinds of materials. And yet, not even such a high ranking marquis like Wazrof could appraise the Argent Flame Wolf's pelt.

"They couldn't appraise it?"

"Umu. Our house's master appraiser passed away two years ago. His successor still lacks experience. There are more skilled appraisers in this town Mashajain, however, asking them would risk leaking this pelt's information."

"Ah, I see. You didn't get it appraised outside to keep it confidential. Good thinking. This is Argent Flame Wolf (Srubanje)'s Pelt."

"Come again? I'm sorry. Could you run that by me again."

"Sru-ban-je's pelt."

"...Does that thing exist in reality? And even if it did, could anyone beat a Divine Beast?"

"Dungeon Palcimo got to be called <Dungeon of Wolves> because Argent Flame Wolf is the town's guardian deity, so the thing probably showed itself up in the past. Hence it showing up again is no mystery."

"I cannot grasp your line of thinking."

"Our party consisted of the best possible members this time around. That made it possible for us to go toes to toes against Argent Flame Wolf. But to tell you the truth, it doesn't feel like we won. Just when we were about to land a clean hit, the wolf vanished, leaving this pelt behind. Think it's our prize for putting up a good fight or something."

"...Does Argent Flame Wolf shed their old skin?"

If even Marquis of Mashajain, Wazrof Household cannot turn this pelt into armor, it's unlikely any other craftsmen in some random towns would be able to.

(Guess I gotta ask Shira.)

"Alright, Eda. Let's head for Vouka tomorrow."

"Lecan. I would like to do something else on my own for a while."

"Hm? Where you going."

"To the capital."

"Ah, Heles's place huh."

"Yes. I have been told I haven't had enough training yet, so."

"Hou? Well, go ahead. Go and learn how to make lots more good food."
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"Haha. That's a wonderful smile. Allow me to be frank here, Eda-dono, you've truly grown into a fair lady."

"Only here. Her mannerism's gonna back to old one whenever she's journeying with me."

"Such a feat is a proof of her having grown into a fair lady. By the way, Lecan, when will your wedding ceremony be held?"

"Wedding ceremony?"

"Oy oy. Aren't you engaged to my cousin. As well as to Eda-dono. Obviously, I'd ask when are you getting married."

"I see. So you get married if you're engaged."

"I fail to fathom your train of thought at times."

"This ceremony will be at a temple I take. So Vouka's Ceres Temple huh."

"Regarding that matter, could you perhaps consider holding the ceremony at Yuminos Temple of Mashajain. Wazrof will take care of all the toilsome preparations."


And just when Lecan thought all the bothersome preparations needed for the ceremony, so this offer is enticing.

"That'd be great, hold it, right, have you investigated on Yuminos Temple yet?"

"Ah. About that matter is it. I have. A <Purification> user has emerged at Yuminos Temple."


"They wanted to ask Eda-dono for her advice. It appears that they plan to make use of a well known <Purification> user in Eda-dono as a veil over that new user boy, so he won't attract attentions."

"I see. What's the best course of action here you think?"

"I believe you should let the temple owe you a debt here. Accept God Yuminos's blessing as well. Although some bargaining is in order to prevent Eda-dono from being taken over."

"Then let's do that. You fine with that, Eda?"


"I'm not going. You keep Eda safe."

"Naturally. Our House Aide and best knights will accompany her. Fret not, Yuminos Temple shan't dare to pick a fight with Wazrof. Not to forget words from <Herb Saint>-dono as well."

"Is Skalabel doing well?"

"Very much so. I have heard his work on the records of the talk at Vouka, which you participated, is nearing completion."


"Is that referring to the records of the talk with Shira-sama, Marquis-sama?"

"Haha. That it is. Our house is a sponsor. And thus we will receive a copy for that. Wazrof Househould should be the first to be granted a book."

"A copy! So that means the talk we had back then will be turned into a book?"

"Of course, Eda-dono. I am not privy of the content yet myself, but it's a well known fact that the talk was packed full of knowledge from the information leaked by the priests in the entourage."


"I see that you have absolutely no interest in this matter."





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