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Okami wa Nemuranai 46.11


They had a short break on floor 84.

Lecan gave everyone their share of Stamina Restoratives, and for Jiza, Ui and Eda also Mana Restoratives. He took them as well, believing these pills would be necessary in the coming battles.

"Speaking of, Arios."


"Julius is barred from learning magic, why's that."

"It is because it would throw his Psyche into disarray. To Lecan-dono, attacking your opponents with a sword and with magic are entirely separate matters, are they not."

"Of course."

"Yet when one treads the path of swordsmanship, they will come across segments that are not unlike magic control during their time of learning."


"One swings a sword by means of their muscle strength, however one cannot unleash sword moves lest they control their muscles and bring about strength beyond the limit."


"By controlling your breathing, you draw strength from deep within your body, circulating this power in your body will reinforce and amplify it and granting your sword sharpness beyond what it's capable of."

"I don't get it."

"We call paths where such power flows 'Psyche Veins'."


"But the paths your mana take when you're amplifying and releasing it within your body are very much alike to these Veins. The way you concentrate Psyche and Mana are also quite similar."

"I'm getting it."

"When a swordsman who has yet to master Psyche Veins attempt to wield a magic sword, they will end up trying to pass their mana through Psyche Veins. However, these Veins and mana paths are not perfectly in line with one another. As a result, their sword moves will be thrown into disarray."

"Not sure if I get it, but got it. So you're saying, you'll have no problem wielding magic swords so long as you've mastered those Psyche Vein things."

"That's about the gist of it. In fact, one of our clan's secret arts involves learning the way to wield magic swords. One cannot take up the mantle of Clan Chief if they have not perfected their controls of Psyche Veins and Mana."

"What about Julius."

"Julius is currently in a period of explosive growth. All thanks to Lecan-dono. We must not add any superfluous components during this period until it has settled down."

"I see now. Just like how you can use magic swords but not magic."

"Yes. It is the same reason. Learning magic can potentially disturb one's sword moves. As such, I may have learned how to control my mana enough to wield magic swords, but I do not dabble in magic itself."

"Umm, Arios-kun?"

"Yes. How can I help you, Eda-san."

"Iris Clan is a clan of swordsmanship, right?"

"Yes. That is correct."

"But then, you need mana to learn the clan's secret arts?"
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"But like, can you really ensure all newborns born with mana?"

"Eda-san, you're quite sharp."

"Am I really. Ehehe."

"That is correct. Hence, the spouse of clan's chief is expected to be a woman with an abundance of mana."

"Ah, right, Arios-kun's grandma was this really amazing mage, wasn't she?"


"So, Julius-kun's mom is an incredible mage too?"

"She wasn't exactly incredible as a mage, but she did have a plentiful of mana."


"She has since passed away."

"Ah, I'm sorry."

"Oh no, please don't worry about it."

"Now then, break's over. Let's go."

The group stood up and entered their own allotted shaft.

Then they gathered again at the exit of the shafts. The floor boss room is right in front of them.

"Well now. Time to go I suppose."

After muttering that, Jiza surveyed all members present.



"Here, take this with you."

"This is, a <Necklace of Intuador>."

"That it is. You will need that."

"I understand. I will be borrowing it."

After ascertaining that Arios had the necklace equipped, Jiza took a wand out of her <Free Box>.

It's a very long wand. About twice as tall as the small Jiza herself.

The tip is curved with seven thorns protruding out of the curved part.

No, they're more horns than thorns. They look like knives.

"T-that's the Artifact of Morfes, the <Seven Headed Blue Wand>!"

Ui gazed at Jiza's wand with a deeply emotional look.

"Lecan-chan. Make sure you get in the room with me. Otherwise you might just miss the show."

"Got it."


Once Jiza recited that short spell, one of the horns on <Seven Headed Blue Wand> produced a sound and shined red.


The next horn emitted a faint pink light with the next word.






With each Jiza's words, the horns came alight one after another; yellow, green, light blue, blue, and purple. And once all the horns unleashed their lights, a thunderbolt came down in the spot, releasing intense sparks everywhere.

They're reacting. Each of the horns is repulsing and amplifying each other's power. Eventually the entire wand got clad in a blue light.

An unimaginably enormous amount of mana is flowing into the wand. The rushing torrent of mana unleashed by the small elderly lady almost looked like it would blow everything around her away. Lecan who was standing next to her was overwhelmed by this torrent of mana, it felt like his body would get swept up in it.

Jiza's clothes fluttered uncontrollably as her hair swayed wildly as if it were alive.

Jiza took a step inside the shaft.

Lecan followed her.

The other members entered at the same time as well so they won't miss a thing.

Jiza's activation spell resounded the moment they were inside.


Thus, hell advent.




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