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Okami wa Nemuranai 46.1


As they all reunited at the shafts exit on floor 18, Lecan spoke.

"Alright. We'll take a rest here."

"Y-yeah. But who could have imagined we would get to floor 18 in half a day time just like that."

Ui seemed shocked.

Lecan took and began stacking firewood out of <Storage>.

"What are you doing, Lecan-dono."

"Making a campfire. This isn't your first time seeing it."

"We have no time to slack off like that. We ought to push further asap, just shove down some ration and water."

"Cool it. <Ignition>."

"You too Obaba-sama, please say something to this man."

"Hyo, hyo. What Lecan-chan said is right. You must calm yourself, Ui. Fight with all your might when you're engaged in combat, relax as much as you can when it's time for resting. Otherwise, you cannot unleash your full potential."

"But we reached floor 18 in half a day. We might really get to floor 30 in a day at the pace we're going."

"Hm? Didn't you say those with sufficient strength could get to floor 30 in a day back then?"

"People who have reached the depths working in a group could easily get such a thing done. However, those who have arrived at the depths have no reason to go back and take on shallow floors."

"The heck. Then, there hasn't been anyone who got to floor 30 in a day in reality."

"Of course not."

"Well, Eda, Julius and I have gotten to floor 80."

"It is Arios-dono's first time, is it not. He's truly incredible."

Ui looked at Arios with sparkles in her eyes.

Quite a contrast with her attitude toward Lecan. Though Ui was originally against Arios joining. But now that she seems to have a change of mind, the party's atmosphere has improved. That's a good thing.

Lecan cut small pieces of meat and grill them for Jiza.

"Alright. Done grilling the meat. Obaba, want some?"

"I sure do. Hm? This meat, could it be."

She took a bite, then her expression slowly turned into surprise as she was chewing.

"Goodness gracious, isn't this Petitfire Dragon's meat."

"Dragon! I thought it looked unfamiliar, does this meat really comes from a dragon, Obaba-sama?"

"It is for sure. And quite a high ranking one at that. Umu. Yum. Is this the dungeon boss of Dungeon Rotor?"


"Dungeon Rotor is said to have 80 floors. So it is."

"Here, Ui. It's done."

"Ah, thank you. I'll have it. So good! This taste is sublime. And it's got this nice consistency in the mouth. I feel like I've been reinvigorated."

Lecan laughed a bit. There's nothing better than meat that's just come out of the grill. This is the moment Ui yielded to the charm of campfires.

"Sheesh, Lecan is really super into campfires."

"He is, isn't he, Eda-neesan."

"Oh? Julius, you refer to Eda-san as Neesan?"

"I do, father."

Ui looked slightly quizzical when Julius called Arios 'father', but she kept on chewing the dragon's meat without saying anything.

"Campfires are the real champion of Dungeon Diving."

"Umm, hasn't the scale gotten way big?"

"Not at all. Warming your body up does wonder to you. Fighting tears your muscles, and breaks down your sinews without you realizing, and campfires have these astonishing effects on healing that. Campfires are good."


An especially big blue sphere of light emerged and got inside Lecan.

"So? How do you feel."

"Thanks. Umu, it's good. Eda's <Purification> is good."

"No need for campfires with my <Purification> around then."

"Those are separate matters. Campfires warm your mind. Adventurers restore their energy back by relaxing before a campfire."

"Lecan's gotten eloquent all of a sudden."

"Eloquent, that's some difficult word. Another fruit from your study at the capital?"
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"Yep, something like that."

"You're back to using 'atai' to call yourself. Your speech's back to old time too."

"I mean, we're inside a dungeon and all."


"Father, Master Lecan and Eda-neesan really got along well, don't they. All the more now that they have been engaged."

"Eh? Lecan-dono is engaged with Eda-san?"

"Yes! Master Lecan has been engaged to Norma-san too."

"That calls for a celebration."

"Engaged with two women?"

"Yes. Ui-oneesan."

Ui looked at Lecan like he was a filth.

Only noblemen are permitted to get engaged with multiple women. But that's only formally speaking, there are many cases of people with powers and money having multiple wives. Ui must believe that Lecan is one such kind.

Jiza showed a surprisingly hearty appetite, she chowed down many pieces of dragon's meat while grinning wide.

"Do you have more dragon's meat, Lecan-chan?"

"A whole dragon's worth."

"Hyo hyo. That's great. I have brought a lot of preserved food on me myself, but you know how flavorless those things are."

"Oh I've got vegetables too here."

"Hoo! Eda-chan you're so tactful. You're going to be a good wife."

"There'd be nothing but meat if I leave it all up to Lecan after all."





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