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Okami wa Nemuranai 54.12


It was the 19th of month four the morning after.

Lecan took the Great Flame Dragon leather armor and put it on.

To check how it feels worn.

It was comfier than expected.

At first he thought it would be heavy when worn since the armor is thicker on all the most important spots, and it did feel heavy when he picked it up, but once it was on him, it actually felt quite light.

Lecan drew Sword of Rusk and took some swings, he could move around unhindered.

He assumed the thicker part on the arm would get in the way of swinging his sword, but that wasn't the case either.

(So this is how the work of master artisans feels like.)


It even feels like power is surging out from within himself with the armor on.

As there's an opinion that eating dragon's meat will raise your mana pool, perhaps the vestiges of the dragon's mana and life forces grant its wearer some vitality.


(Should have put this armor on before we bolted.)

Eda were wide eyed as she kept praising Lecan, 'so cool, you look soo cool' over and over again.

Lecan grabbed the Argent Flame Wolf's overcoat, put it over the leather armor and tried swinging his sword and jumped around.

(Umu. Feels good.)

"Lecan. Both your eyes are open now, and you've lost your starving wolf-like expression from before, you look so grand and imposing, like a prince or a general. Ah, you are a prince."

They resumed their travel before eventually sensing extraordinary presences ahead of them.

Must be a group of knights. There are presences of strong mana too. Around 200 people. Lecan and Eda made a detour around this group of people.

Lecan and Eda arrived at Nikuya just before noon.

Mashajain Knights were still there.

Lecan was brought before Jinga right away.

(Who the heck?)

That was his first thought when he saw Jinga again.


Jinga has obviously been rejuvenated.

There's less wrinkles on his face. The skin on his face is no longer dry like an elderly man, but moist and brimming with vitality, elasticity and tenacity.

He carries himself with more vigor as well.

Jinga offered Lecan the seat of honor and bowed deeply.

"Lecan-sama. It is an honor to have you here."

His voice sounds springy as well. With power and composure.

As he lifted his face up to match Lecan's eye level, Lecan thought, 'Guy is Jinga alright.'

An unshakable light in his eyes. Firm gaze with unperturbed spirits. Strength and wisdom that comes from age. All of which are in Jinga's eyes.

As a matter of fact, Jinga had been receiving <Purification> all this time.
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By Eda and Norma.

During Lecan's struggle to conquer Dungeon Tsubolt, Eda would cast <Purification> on herself, Norma and Jinga, twice to thrice a day. Lecan saw that too after his return from Tsubolt.

How come Norma get to use <Purification>, it traces back to two years ago.

Nirfut, a spy and assassin sent by Boldrin Household stabbed Prado Goncourt with a poisonous needle in their ploy to take over Goncourt.

Norma and Jinga who noticed something off rushed to Prado's side who was just one step away from death's door.

Finding an antidote wouldn't make it in time.

Norma who was desperately wishing to save Prado manifested <Purification> at this point.

Prado's life was saved, Boldrin's ploy was smashed to pieces.

Norma informed Jinga of her awakening to <Purification>, and no one else. Norma's mother was put under a confined life to work forever once she manifested <Purification>. The sorrow and wound from having her mother taken away was still rooted deep in Norma even now. It was only natural she would keept it to herself.

However, as a medic, Norma strongly desired to grow her <Purification>.

She could save even dying people with this magic. Lecan is an adventurer. If Norma could master <Purification>, she could come to his aid in time of crisis. Of course, Lecan also has Eda, a <Purification> user by his side already, but there's a danger in having <Purification> cast by the same person over a long period. If only Norma could master <Purification>, the three of them could retain their youth for a long time.

Hence, Norma started her training in <Purification> in secret. Fortunately, as she was suspending her medic activities, she could focus all her mana into the training.

The issue is Norma's relative lack of mana.

The key to solve that lay in research memo left behind by her late father, Sasfrey.

Her father had discovered the mixtures of medical plants, and training methods to raise one's mana pool. Though the effect is only noticeable on those with little mana initially, and requires a continuous application over a few years before it takes effect. Her father had devoted himself in that research after the passing of her mother.

Over two years, Norma had ascertained that his father's research bore some fruits.

Norma's mana pool saw a rapid increase as of late. She could even cast <Purification> thrice a day now.

Norma is both an outstanding medic and extraordinary researcher, she has an exceedingly depth insight on the inner working of <Purification>. When such a person mastered <Purification>, it evolved into the most superlative kind.

That was the secret behind Jinga's rejuvenation and regained strength. The cause of him getting bedridden from waist and joint pain back then was the backlash from having his bones rejuvenated.




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