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Okami wa Nemuranai 53.14


Afterward, Lecan consulted with several retainers in charge of his wedding ceremony.

They had to confirm many things with Lecan as well as take his measurements, in the end it took them that day and the whole day after to finish. Though most of it was just him saying, 'That's fine', 'Yeah sure'.

The following day, 22th of month three, Lecan departed Mashajain.

He gave Manfrey Great Flame Dragon's magic stone and leftover leather before leaving. The man had done a lot to him, and the wedding ceremony couldn't possibly come cheap. That said, the act of Lecan suggesting to shoulder the cost would probably seen as an insult to Manfrey. Hence he opted to go with magic stone and leather. Manfrey looked taken aback when he saw the magic stone but it soon turned into a grin. Looks like he hit upon a way to make use of it.

"Ah, yeah, Lecan. You mentioned you're heading back to Vouka after this."

"Yea. Gotta gather some herbs and make mana and stamina restoratives."

"Do you have any plan of going to Dungeon Daina?"

"Daina? Ah, you mean <Dungeon of Death>. One of these days yeah, but no concrete plan yet. I just went through some tough battles so I wanna take it easy for now."

"I see. That's good then."

"Some trouble at Daina?"

"No. The situation is still ambiguous as of now, thus any word I speak would be mere conjectures, I should refrain."

"Hmph. Ah, right. You got some tasty fruit?"

"Hm? Is this related to gifts for that Longarm Ape you mentioned before."

"Yea. We got another Longarm Ape, see. So that something something fruit back then did the trick but not enough for two."

"I see. We have something just right for them. It's a fruit from the south called Shurengo, humans find them tasty but they're Longarm Apes most favored food or so I heard. It was a present from Marquis of Tarisgia. There were originally a thousand of them but during the trip to Tarisgia then to here, the majority went bad and only 42 pieces were left by the time it got here.  They are tasty indeed. I believe we have three more left. They are yours."


"However, they won't last long anymore. I think you have ten days left. Pass that, they will start to rot."

"Got it. I'll make haste."

"By the way, will you not tell me which dungeon you got your hands on that God Cure?"

"Nah. I don't plan to tell anyone about it."

Thus Lecan left Mashajain.

He dropped by Chaney Company at Vantaroy, and Chaney was luckily there.

Lecan obtained one <Sword of Toron>. Chaney wouldn't let him pay for it, so he gave him half of the Solid Sacred Silver ore he got at Yufu. He plans to give the remaining half to a certain someone.

He arrived at Vouka on the 26th.

One of the Shurengo fruit had started rotting. But he's still got two left.

He went in the annex of Goncourt Mansion but Jericho and Yurika weren't there.

Butler Kanner came to the annex from the main building.

"Welcome back, Lecan-sama."

"Yea. I don't see Jericho and Yurika, any clue where they've gone off to?"

"The two fo them are currently out training."
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"Yes, they would sometimes go out on their own. Norma-sama informed me. That it was for training. It is to my understanding that they wish to get stronger."

What are they gonna do getting even stronger than that.

Rather, where and what are they fighting anyway.

"When are they coming back."

"They usually don't return for 10 to 20 days whenever they are out training. As they had just left yesterday, I believe it won't be for quite a while."

Shurengo would go bad by then.

"W-what seems to be the matter. To drop your shoulders like that."



"Here, for you."

"And these are?"

"Fruit called Shurengo."

"I heard of them. So then, these are. What an appetizing fragrance."

"One's for Prado, and the other's for you."

"You are too kind, Lecan-sama. Thank you very much for this rare gift."

Lecan decided to give the Shurengo to Prado and Kanner. It feels like it'll be his lost if he eats it himself.

Afterward, he fully devoted himself in medicine making.

He first gathered the raw materials.

He had gathered lots of Tago Grass, Nichia Grass already. Same with Zahad Moss and other herbs.

Next he went to collect Shiarigi Sprouts. He gathered some from Shira's garden as well. As Jericho and Yurika had been tending the garden, he managed to get some really good quality herbs.

Then after some preliminary preparations, he went and made a huge amount of Stamina and Mana Restoratives. He had some Kyumis Grass from last time. Stamina Restoratives aren't actually consumed that intensively relative to Mana Restoratives, but there's no harm in having a lot of them on him.

He also made Wound Salve, Remedy, Cold Medicine, Potpourri and Antidote. So he wouldn't forget how.

Goncourt Annex without Norma around didn't feel that nice. It's not bad per se, but there's just something missing. It hit Lecan hard how that comfort came from Norma. Besides, whenever he's talking to Norma, he feels like he could gather his thoughts together and dispel away the haziness. He hasn't seen Norma for quite a while. 'I wanna see her', Lecan thought.

Jericho and Yurika came back in the meantime.

Lecan could feel that they had become even more monstrous. They were startled when they saw Lecan as well.

Julius came. Apparently he had visited twice before. They practiced together.

He left Vouka and went to Mashajain.

It was the 17th of month four by the time he got there. Of course he's with Julius.

Eda was there.

Eda had already heard about Lecan's right eye situation from Manfrey, but she was overcome with emotion when she saw Lecan for real and kept saying, 'Thank goodness, thank goodness' with tears falling.

Lecan whispered to her, 'Sorry'.

'Uun, un', Eda shook her head and hugged Lecan.

They stayed like that for a while until Manfrey called out.

"Lecan. I have sent a messenger to Vouka, but it seems you didn't meet them."

"Messenger? For me? No clue."

"They must have missed you just as you left. Well, all that matters is you're here. Forgive me to ask you this when you've just arrived, but I need to see you at the office."

His eyes were dead serious, his tone was stiff. There's an unusual mood about him.

This man had never shown himself with this atmosphere until this point.

"Yea. Can Eda come too."

"Mwu. Umu. It should be fine."

In the office, Manfrey sat down on his chair, turned his gaze at the sofa and immediately spoke without a preface.

"Beastmen Empire has invaded our kingdom. I am asking you to lend us your strength."



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