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Okami wa Nemuranai 55.1


The 200 horse-riding Knights of Mashajain rushed toward the enemy base creating tremendous sounds along the way. 100 of the 200 knights have spearsmen riding along their back. The horses would be bearing a huge load each carrying a heavily fortified knight and a spearsmen, but Jinga decided to go with it regardless. It's a way to defend against magic. All the spearsmen are equipped with <Spears of Toron>. The spearsmen would jump off the horses once they get close enough. They have been trained in this tactic.

Lecan took his specially made Mana Restorative. It would be indispensable in the upcoming fight.

"<Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>!"

Lecan hit his back with <Gust> to propel himself forward.

2000 steps until enemy base.

There are around 200 people surrounding this base with around 50 in the core center. The ten individuals in the center back must be the supreme commanders and his aides or the elite. These ten are situated just right on the <Highway of Death>.

The area around <Highway of Death> here is that of a sprawling meadow with a good view and only some bushes and thickets here and there. From the point Daryra led them to the enemy base is a relatively level plane with short grass. It's the perfect spot for an ambush.

The enemies are all on foot. Great Forest might be impassable on horseback, or perhaps they simply don't have a horse riding custom.

Even after they had noticed the ambush, the enemy's base was unperturbed. They calmly and orderly positioned themselves to face Mashajain Knights' charge.

The enemy's base is located a good distance away to the right from the <Formation of Ishas>'s <Whip>, while the main enemy force, <Fang> and <Pincer> are fighting with Zaka Kingdom's unified army. Both the <Fang> and <Pincer> are on foot as well.

The 100-strong archer unit is running to the right. Their target is not the <Tail>. By the time they are within <Tail>'s range, the knights should already engage with it. Archer unit's job is to stop a portion of <Fang> and <Pincer> from trying to help <Tail>. Archer units are usually accompanied by another arrow supply unit but they don't have one this time. However, all the quivers Mashajain Archers carry on them are <Boxes>, with each storing more than 100 arrows inside.

Archer unit commander is knight Pulcus Gawein. A gallant man with the dexterity to swiftly move around and the strength to draw his bowstring to its limit, he may look young, but he's someone that's been active together with Jinga since Jinga's prime.

Mashajain Knights and their horses ran through 500 steps in the blink of an eye before raising their speed even further.

1500 steps until enemy base.

Lecan felt like he could hear a shrill sound of a whistle.

He had been experiencing a peculiar sensation for a while now. The same sensation he had when he first met Zoltan.

(It's there!)

(Among the enemies ahead.)

(An adventurer from my world.)

Yet for some reason <Life Detection> didn't display it like it would Boudou. There are several enemies with enormous mana pools matching Boudo's. Yet none is like Boudo's.

"<Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>!"

Lecan was initially leading but now those knights are 100 steps ahead of the him. That's fine. The knights will cut open a path for Lecan to charge straight at the Supreme Commander.

Mashajain Knights advanced on as they trampled on short grass leaving cloud of dust behind.

1000 steps until Enemy Base.


(Even if the <Whip> is lurking in the forest behind that enemy base.)

(They ain't gonna make it.)

Just when Lecan believed that their plan had gone well, the enemy's front line pulled back, replaced with a line of 20 beastmen who greatly inhaled and pointed their faces to the sky. They're dog and wolf-type beastmen.

And they barked.


Eerie voices echoed on.

The volume was incredible despite it coming from merely 20 people, the space around Lecan was occupied by their howls, it felt as if the world itself was rattling.

His body felt numb.

He twisted his legs and tumbled down.

With the effect of <Guardian Jewel of Miko>, the numbness immediately went away, and Lecan managed to stay on his feet.

But all the knights around him fell down at once.

Horses that were running at maximum speed also tumbled down, flinging them down the ground at full force. The knights must be suffering bruises due to their heavy armors from this.

Lecan stood up in shock.

The howls continued on.

Jinga and all Mashajain Knights are equipped with curse and poison resistant equipment. They also have <Spears of Toron> with them, so most magic attacks shouldn't work on them.

Then what was that numbness anyway.

It's the beastmen's unique skill.

A voice-carried attack that's neither curses, poison or magic.

"<Purification>! <Purification>! <Purification>! <Purification>! <Purification>! <Purification>!"

Lecan turned around and saw Eda rapidly casting <Purification>. Eda had been riding behind Jinga's aide on a horse, that horse hadn't fallen down. Neither did Jinga and his horse next to them. The archer unit running to their right were unaffected, likely due to the distance.

(I see!)

(That Eda.)

(She wrapped Jinga, herself and their horses in <Purification>.)

Eda's <Purification> barrage recovered all the knights and spearsmen near her, letting them back on their feet. Eda's <Purification> honed in Yufu did not only heal the bruises from falling down, but even dispelled the mysterious numbness caused by the beastmen howls.

"<Purification>! <Purification>! <Purification>! <Purification>! <Purification>! <Purification>! <Purification>!"

Eda cast <Purification> on the horses.

The beastmen stopped howling.

Lecan could feel the nausea wrapping his body vanishing.

Knights and spearsmen who didn't get <Purification> started to stand up as well. The numbness has disappeared with the howls it seems.

"Drink Red Potions! Take up your position! We shall charge again!"

Jinga gave his command.

This was when <Life Detection> caught hundreds of red dots coming in at an unbelievable speed from behind the enemy line.

Running at this speed in the forest is simply impossible.

Lecan strained his eyes.

It's the sky.

Somethings are flying in the sky.

A great many number of them.

Lecan felt a chill down his spine when he realized what it was.

It's the beastmen's air force.

The beastmen army's <Whip> was an air force unit.





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