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Okami wa Nemuranai 12.20_21


Girls quickly crowded around Eda when she and Lecan came to the orphanage.

And Lecan had a line of kids waiting for his piggyback.

However, today the vice temple head had given her directive to only let three kids get on him at a time. Lecan could use his <Float> and <Move> to catch the kids even if some tumbled down when he carried five, but none of the staff members here know about that. Since Lecan had no interest in disclosing his abilities, he chose to obey the directive given.

As for Eda, she's using all her ten fingers to create shapes like birds and animals. The girls are really into it. They can't seem to mimic Eda's amazingly dexterous fingers however.

Lecan introduces a game where you try to drop nuts put on a stake with a ball made of rounded up ivy to the kids. Distances and stakes differ depending on the kids' age groups. They were playing by the rules at first, but then they started hitting the ivy balls against each other midway through. Lecan was the last target standing in the end. He ended up running all over the place to avoid the balls as he couldn't exactly hit back.

After lunch, Eda drew on the ground with a stone. She was unexpectedly really good at it.

Seeing her, both the girls and the boys started drawing on the ground as well.

"You were a great help today Eda."

Back at home, Lecan said his thanks to Eda while drinking liquor after dinner.

"But wow, you're really popular with children, aren't you Lecan."

"Even I didn't expect 14 year old kids would be that ecstatic to get a piggyback."

The oldest kids there were aged 14 year old. There were two girls and two boys in that age range.



"They have to leave the orphanage and start working once they turn 15."

"Yeah, so I heard."

"No matter how hard things are at work, or even if they get fired, they can never go back there."


"So this is the last chance for them to act spoiled."


"And, maybe."


"Most of the kids there never know how their parents look like."

"Seems so."

"They probably imagine that's how it feels like to have a father."



"How old were you when your father passed away."

"It was when I was ten."

"I see."

Thinking again, Eda is the same age as the oldest group of kids at the orphanage.

Normally, Eda is still at an age where she depends on her parents.



"Wanna hop on?"

"No, I don't."

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"Ha ha, it was a disaster. We had emergency cases carried here looking for you two even though we were closed yesterday."


"What happened to them?"

"I gave some pain relief to one and asked him to go home. His chronic illness acted up, but honestly, there was nothing I could do to that."

"My condolences."

"The other one suffered injuries. I gave him an emergency treatment and referred him to the temple."

"You can get treatment at the temple?"

"Where were you born, Eda?"

"A small village near Boyd."

"What's the village's name?"

"I don't think it has one."

"It should have one though. But I see then. No temple would be built in somewhere more rural than Boyd."


"All temples offer treatment for the sick and wounded. And they charge a fee for their service."


"Medicine and herbs mostly make up the cost of treatment employing them, so it's not too expensive."


"However, Temples despise the idea of treatment solely by medicine. They strongly encourage the usage of <Recovery>. Cause well, <Recovery> are divine acts of gods to temples."

"Is it expensive?"

"It is. Even the lowest class of <Recovery> costs five silver coins per casting. Though it's effective on all kinds of diseases and injuries, only the most skilled practitioner is able to fully heal a patient with a single <Recovery>. Meaning, it often needs twice, thrice the casting. They would even demand gold coins if two priests work together to cast <Recovery>."

"Buying a red potion would be cheaper by the sounds of it."

"Where'd you buy something like that?"

"Don't they sell those?"

"I've never seen red potions in store shelves here in this town. Some noblemen and the wealthy did manage to get those potions, but for great prices I believe. Wait a minute."


"You two are adventurers, aren't you. A top one even in Lecan's case. Could it be that you've got red potions with you? I'd like to purchase a few pieces of small red potions if so."

"I do. But none a small red potion. Only mid to large."

"Oh I can't afford mid ones. That's a shame."

"I don't need money. We are in your debt. I'll give you all red potions I have."

"No no no. Those won't be for me to use on. And I've got to charge money if I were to use those potions on my patients. Charging less than the market price is bad."

Lecan had no clue what's so bad about it, but that's probably true if Norma said so.

"OK then, I'll get you some small red potions during my next dungeon expedition."

"That'd be helpful. But make sure you use some for yourself when you need 'em, you hear me."

"Small red potions are practically useless on me. Even the large ones hardly do anything."

"What? Something like that... could only possible if, Lecan, you're... I see. That left eye, it's"

"Norma-sama. Your ride is here for you."

"Ah, it's that time already huh. Well then, Lecan, Eda, let's go visit our patients."



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