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Okami wa Nemuranai 12.22_23_24


A carriage was waiting for them.

Not a simple utilitarian one like stagecoaches or carts.

It was a grand luxurious one whose coachman donned an outfit of the finest quality.

Which means it's a carriage sent by a noble.

Eda went inside along with Norma, but it was impossible for Lecan.

Hence, he followed after it.

True enough, the carriage entered the district where nobles live.

It passed through the district gate and went into a mansion from the front gate. In other words, they're treated as formal guests.

An old man in butler uniform welcomed them.

"Norma-sama. We're humbled by your presence."

"Pardon our intrusion. How is Prado-sama's condition?"

"There have been some ups and downs, I suppose."

"Is that right."

"His appetite is a bit..."

"I see."

They were led to a guest room and served tea. Norma handed over a small jar to the butler.

And then a plate with steaming towels on it was brought in.

"Lecan. Eda. Wipe your hands thoroughly with these towels."

"Is it customary in this house?"

"No. I requested it. I come here once every month, and my hands absolutely have to be washed with steaming towels before examination."

"I see. This Prado is your patient then."

"Prado Goncourt. Present head of Goncourt House."

"I see."

Lecan is unfamiliar with the house name. Thus hearing it did nothing to him.

To begin with, the only house name Lecan knew in this city was the lord's.

He tried to recall what that name was, but he couldn't.

(Well, whatever.)

Eventually, the butler came back and led them to the present head's bedroom.


"Is that you Norma-dono."

And elderly man sleeping in bed muttered as he turned his face toward the door.

Lecan found it weird.

The present head of a distinguished house could definitely call a medical practitioner to their home.

But adding <Dono> suffix to refer to her is unusual.

Which means, Norma is perhaps a noble by blood.

"Please pardon me for my long absence. I have brought two people who can deploy <Recovery> with me today. They're Lecan and Eda."


It's clear that the elderly man is emaciated just by looking at his face.

There are dark circles around his eyes, shadow of death is hanging over him.

"Excuse me."

Norma turned over a soft-looking coverlet, took out her wand and started examination.

"It looks like your entrails have stabilized."

"No need for consolations."

"I've also brought the usual medicine today."

"The thing that keeps me alive until now."

"I wish it was more effective though."

The elderly man shut his eyes and fell silence.

"Now then, Lecan. Eda. Several of Prado-sama's entrails aren't working right. Hence, his body doesn't take in food well. Additionally, his body also lacks power to purify bad things on the inside. As such, he's been severely weakened physically."

Lecan and Eda listened in silence.

"Your <Recovery> should be able to temporarily gives off a huge effect. Which should help his body regain strength and appetite back. If you can make his body stronger and suppress the illness, his condition should then improve."

She made it sound like she was talking to Lecan and Eda but it was probably for the patient himself, Lecan thought.

"I asked both of you two come, however judging from Prado-sama's current condition, Eda would be the best fit."


"Take a stance with the wand Shira-san gave you."

Eda readied her wand.

"Clad it in light mana, then examine his whole body centering around chest to stomach."

Eda is starting to understand the way to examine patients. She thoroughly examined his whole body.

"How does it look like to you?"

"He's emaciated. And there's a glut of poison inside."


Pardo opened his eyes wide. Norma promptly responded.

"By poison in this case, she means bad things produced in your own body. These bad things your own body produced ended up being harmful."


Prado shut his eyes once again.

"Well then, first of all, flush out all bad things in the entrails. Then raise the vigor and health of every parts of the body. Can you do it?"

"Yes. <Recovery>."

A green light sphere that wraps not only the tip of her wand, but her entire arm including the wand got produced.

Prado opened his eyes wide in surprise.

"Oh? Oh?"

The green light sphere slowly got sucked into Prado's chest.

Then as if cotton given water, it soaked in his whole body.

"Ooh. Ooh."

Prado groaned lightly. Not out of pain, but involuntarily from the comfort he experienced.

Green phosphorescence wraps the entirety of Prado's body inside the dim room.

That phosphorescence won't die out even after some time.


An even bigger light sphere was produced.

However, it was not of green color, but blue.

A beautiful translucent blue light.


It was Norma who murmured that.

Eda is concentrating on the treatment.

The blue light turned into the shape of a water drop that fell on Prado's chest.

That drop slowly wraps his entire body before permeating in.


A voice born from un-suppressible sensations.

Prado's mouth hangs semi-open as if trying to keep sacred air going out of his body, his eyes are wide open like he's trying to ascertain the miracle befalling on his body right now.

After quite a long time, the blue light vanished, leaving only Prado's sound breathing as he slept with a happy look on his face.

Norma pointed her trembling wand toward Prado and examined him.

"I can't believe it."

Norma put coverlet over Prado slightly roughly before turning around.

Her eyes are directed toward Eda.

Strong emotions dwelt in those eyes, but none could decipher of what kind.

"Lecan. Eda. We're heading back."

The butler entered the room then. An employee carrying a food cart followed after him.

The butler was going to say something but Norma spoke ahead of him.

"We're done with the examination and treatment. Prado-sama has regained his full health."


"We still have many more house calls today. If you would please excuse us."

"Oh wait. Please take your time. We will prepare your reward while you enjoy your tea."

"We're really in a hurry here. Save the tea for next time. Please deliver our reward to the medical center."

"Very well. Your carriage shall be taken care at once."

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Once they got back at the medical center, Norma didn't immediately go for the next house call.

Lecan had a hunch as to what happened, but he asked another question instead.

"That old man must be rich. Couldn't he just buy up red potions and drink them."

"He bought them. Drank them too. For the umpteenth time even. He had been taking in Large Red Potions for two years now."

"And that wasn't enough to cure him?"

"It was. Even regained his full health once. But not long after, his illness re-emerged, worsening his condition once again."

"What? Why would that happen."

"Because the root of his illness stayed on. Red potions do completely erase symptoms of illness. It also restores physical strength and health to their almost perfect states. However, red potions won't remove roots of illness. Not even <Recovery> could cure roots of illness that have taken root that deep!"

Silence ruled the place.

Eda broke it.

"Err. Did I make a mistake somewhere?"

"Mistake? No, not at all. That was far from mistake."

"It was <Purification> wasn't it? No, more like <Purification> contained within <Recovery>."

"The chant was that of <Recovery>. However, that was true <Purification>, no matter how you look at it, Lecan."

[Episode 12 Medical Practitioner Norma] End/ Next Time [Episode 13 Abduction]

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