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Okami wa Nemuranai 13.5


"I have a few questions."

"Go ahead."

"I thought Red Potions and <Recovery> don't work on poisons, am I wrong?"

"Now this is a surprise, never would have thought I'd get that question from an adventurer, especially a hardcore one like you. But yes, I have the answer to that. Red Potions temporarily work on poison. <Recovery> is also effective on poison, in most cases."


"Red Potions erase the symptoms of a poison for a period of time. But not the poison itself, thus those symptoms will bounce back before long. If it's only a weak poison, Red Potions can cure it."

"I see."

"<Recovery> can work on most poisons besides those that originate from mineral and foreign objects inside body. Explaining the technical stuff would be difficult, but unlike Red Potions, <Recovery> can be used successively with a fixed interval. How effective it is on a type of poison depends on the level of <Recovery> used and the mana put into it."

"Fumu. Think I've got the gist of it."

"And I have no idea what's what."

"Practically speaking, if you want to get rid of a poison with <Recovery>, don't cast a strong but short <Recovery>, but do a repeated casting of <Recovery> over a period of time."

"I see."

"Oh, I got it now."

"Well, weak <Recovery> won't catch up to strong and quick-acting poisons though, so generally speaking, you don't use <Recovery> to treat poisons. But if you're an adventurer, you'll get your hand on green potions. At the end of the day, there's simply nothing more effective than green potions for detoxification."

"Got it. Next about the marquis, did they not give him Red Potions, or cast <Recovery> on him."

"I believe they did. Red potions would simply fall on laps of powerful houses like the marquis, and they had several <Recovery> users on stand by. There were even upper level intermediate users. However, Red Potions and <Recovery> barely have any effect on aging bodies and the pain that accompanies. Thus, my mother became a special existence."

"Got it. Also, I need information on Goncourt House, anything of use on the possible action they'll take toward Eda. Why are you making house calls to Goncourt House, Norma. What's your relation with them."

"Like I told you, Prado-san is the father of my mother. However, I only found out about that after the passing of my mother and my return to this town."

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"After father had passed away, I received a request to make a house call at Goncourt House. That was when Jinga told me about the connection between Prado-san and my mother."


"I went to Goncourt House and performed examination and treatment like I always did, then once I was done they asked me to periodically make house calls there. They never mentioned anything about me and my relation to Goncourt House though. Neither my grandfather or my cousins came forward about it. But I believe at least Prado-san, Zepus-san and Kanner-san the butler are aware of it. I could feel it strongly from their attitude toward me."

"That's probably the truth if that's how you really feel."

"Goncourt House treats me politely. Not like a common-born medic, more like an upstanding one."

"Are they trying to maintain their connection with you, their family, by asking for your expertise?"

"Unn. It doesn't feel like that though. This is coming from me and all, but the knowledge and ability I have on medical treatment is on a pretty high level."

"It's true"

"Yep, definitely true!"

"This town houses five noble houses besides the town lord. Ah, wait, I guess it's four now that Avanklein's left. Among those four, only Goncourt House lacks an intermediate <Recovery> user. As such, calling someone capable and knowledgeable yet with very little mana and low level <Recovery>, that is me, isn't really that weird."

"Isn't it because they're expecting you to manifest <Purification>?"

This question seemed to have caught Norma off guard, her eyes opened wide before she got lost in thought.

"That never even crossed my mind. But, I see now. My mother also only had little mana and could only cast even weaker <Recovery>. Then one day she woke up to <Purification>. Uuun. I see. I can't say that they may not bear that expectation. Though the chance of that is unbelievably slim in reality."

"With that in mind, the non-high handedness of Goncourt House makes sense."

"True that."

"Goncourt House is aware about your mother's <Purification>, correct?"

"They are. Though he was saying that in a roundabout way, Prado-san definitely knew about it."

"I see. So let's get this straight, what will Goncourt House do to Eda?"

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