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Okami wa Nemuranai 13.7_8


Their discussion lasted until late in the day.

Norma repeatedly offered them dinner at her place, but since Lecan's head was full of things to think about, he declined her invitation and left the medical center with Eda.

They stopped by a diner on their way.

Lecan's portion is several times Eda's. Lecan ordered many dishes on the menu, eating while gulping wine on the side, Eda was putting food in her mouth with a blissful look while frequently snatching some from Lecan's plate.

"Uun. This boiled vegetable's got this super dense flavor, it's so good. Wonder how they made it like this."

Asking Lecan about cooking is pointless, he knows nothing of the topic. Lecan ruminated the knowledge he learned from Norma that day while giving back random responses to Eda.

The information about <Recovery> and Red Potions is extremely important for dungeon delving. In that day alone, several points that were unknown or misunderstood have been made clear. That alone reinforces his desire to keeps studying under Norma.

Thinking again, there are some differences between <Recovery> he cast on himself and <Recovery> cast on him by someone else. He's got to ask about that. The more he ponders the more questions pop up.

"So like, we've gotta buy a deeper pot after all, Lecan."

"Yeah, you're right."



"What was I gonna buy again?"

"...What was it again?"

"Geez! You've gotta listen when people talk to you."

"You're the last person I thought I'd heard that from."

As Lecan said that, looking back, Lecan realized he had seen nothing but success at establishing conversations with Eda during the past several days.

Previously, she wouldn't listen to what he said and keep rattle on and on about what she wanted to say instead. Despite of that though, she would weirdly catch on and remember anything that she wants to hear and is positive to her.

But that's not the case now. She listens to what Lecan says, thinks about it and gives back proper responses.

Her way of speaking is completely unlike before as well.



"Are you really Eda?"

"Huh, what do you mean by that?"

"Like that, the way you speak is dubious."

"This is how I originally like, you know?"

"That's not, the Eda I knew."

"I told you, that was me trying too hard to be like an adventurer."

"Why would you change tone just to be an adventurer."

"Cuz' I wanted to change myself."

He's heard about it already. She wanted to live strong.

"So you strained yourself huh."

But then, how did that result in her tone and behavior.

"But now, since you told me not to force myself and all."

Lecan was bewildered when he realized he's oddly missing that rough tone of hers and her random topic leaping.

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"Say what? She cast <Purification> during a house call?"

"Yea. Yesterday. She cast <Recovery> on this old man, Prado, present master of Goncourt House, but it radiated a transparent blue light. Norma said that was the very <Purification> itself."

"My goodness. No doubt about it, Eda's talent is the real deal."


"And I'm impressed how you could laugh at that."


"Norma told us to leave this town for a time being. She'd watch over Prado's condition for the next ten or twenty days and think up a plan afterward. She told us to go ahead and leave when I mentioned about going to a dungeon."

"I see. The patient is aware that Eda recited <Recovery> spell. But he would realize that it was nothing like the usual <Recovery> after several days. She's gonna try and mask it as an advanced level <Recovery> huh."

"She said she would make use of the results of her research to demonstrate that as one possibility."

"Oh yes, I'm sure Norma will manage convincing them with her words. In that case, I guess it's fine, going to a dungeon and all."

"You don't mind?"

"Just go. Being later than planned would've thrown a wrench into our next herb gathering, but there's no problem if it's earlier. Do you know the way to Ninae?"

"I bought a map, with no road drawn. I'll just ask around along the way."

"Adventurer Society sells maps with roads. Only maps to nearby locations though."


"Town lords forbid the sales of maps with roads drawn, and maps with prominent buildings marked. It's a practice that started long before this country was founded. However with Adventurer Society, many quests require you to know your way around to destinations right? Hence, they've been given a special exempt to sell such maps."

"I see. Learned something new."

"Well, you're the type who completely passes over anything that doesn't pique your interest after all."


"That's not something you should be proud of. Got that roadless map with you now?"


"Lemme have a look."

Shira took a pen and began drawing roads on the map. Then she orally informed Lecan hospitable villages, and mountains that could serve as landmarks along the way.

"Err. Lecan."

"What is it, Eda."

"Shouldn't we contact Nike-san?"

"What do you need her for?"

"What do you mean by what do I need. We're all in the same party, you know. Nike-san would miss us if she came back after we left, wouldn't she? And for a month even. I think we ought to inform her about this. Besides, maybe Nike-san could come with us to the dungeon if her schedule permits."

Lecan's sole left eye opened wide as he stared at Eda hard.

Shira too while blinking over and over.

"Eda, you..."


"You've acquired consideration for others."

"Lecan. Don't say it like it's some kind of skill she learned."

"You're looking quite surprised yourself there, Shira."

"Shira-san. When will Nike-san get back?"

"Eda-chan. Thank you for thinking about Nike. I don't know when she's going to return here either. But, you see Eda-chan, Nike can't go into a dungeon."


"We have our circumstances, see. Both me and Nike dislike dungeons."

"Oh I didn't know. Of course I won't let a senior lady like Shira-san come to a dungeon though."

"Oh my my. You're such a good kid, Eda-chan. Thanks again."

Despite feigning herself as a meek old woman, even Lecan probably can't triumph over Shira in a battle. And physically speaking, Shira is youthful. But of course Eda isn't aware of that.

This is the first Lecan heard about her disliking dungeons, however.

Lecan doesn't believe there's anything in dungeons that could pose a threat to a mage of Shira's caliber. All the more since she's also a master swordswoman.

Just what kind of reason that makes her unwilling to dive into a dungeon.

He's curious, but there's no way he could ask her. He probably will find out about it when the time comes anyway.

"Right. Shira."


"Perception type magic has this spell <Graph Making>. What kind of spell is that?"

"Oh that's one odd spell. If you're inside a building, that spell will create a simplified layout of the building in your head."


"It only shows one floor if it's a building. It can also show the layout of a whole town, but the insides of buildings will be excluded."

"Fumu. You mean it can't be finely adjusted?"

"Well, that's about it. I suspect that spell exist exclusively for usage inside dungeons."


"Using that in a dungeon will show you an entire floor's layout. Meaning, you can see where you need to go. It only shows the floor you are on however."

"Can't you recall it back later?"

"Once you leave a particular location, you can't see the layout of that location anymore."

"I see. It hit on me when I was at the temple. That it would be nice if I got an ability to learn the route."

"Eh? Don't you have one, a highly accurate spatial detection ability?"

"It only tells me where the walls and passages are. I can't take a route if there are locked doors."

"Lock? Why would you even fuss over locks."

"What do you mean?"

"You can use <Move>, no? Pair that with a high performance search capability. Won't that take care most locks out there?"


She's right.

"Um, Lecan?"

"What's wrong?"

"I'm going back ahead. I wanna buy a new pot, also our house still needs some clean up."

"Very well. Do what you must."

"We're heading off to the dungeon tomorrow, right?"


"Wonder how much food should I stock up."

"I'll take care of that."

"OK, it's up to you. Shira-san, I'll take my leave."

"Will you now. Come again anytime."

"Yes. Then. Jericho, I won't be seeing you for a while. Stay well, okay."


"Take these back if you're going home."

Lecan fetched <Bow of Ishia> and Eda's valuables from his <Storage>.

"Thanks. Ah, right, Lecan. Since we're gonna be gone for a month, you should inform the orphanage about it. Well then."

Two people and an animal watched as Eda left.

"There she goes."

"Umu. I was sure she was gonna throw a tantrum demanding to be taught a new magic when she heard us."


"She's lost her fiery disposition, like an evil spirit's been banished from her, calm as water now."

"To tell you the truth, I'm still processing it."

"It must be a recoil from her overexerting herself up until now."


"Hang on a tree and swing forward, your body will naturally swing backward right? It's the same principle. She'll eventually stabilize in the middle, so don't worry about her."

"I'm not worried or anything."

"Really now."


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