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Okami wa Nemuranai 13.12


With a Sacred Solid Silver still in his hand, Lecan walked off without looking back after saying 'let's go'. He can tell Eda is tagging along behind him even without looking.

As they went down to second floor and continued deeper inside instead of going down to the entrance, five men rushed out toward them.

That said, they're clearly amateurs despite holding weapons. They way these men moved were amateurish, getting in the way of each other.

"<Flame Arrow>."

Five <Flame Arrows> were shot out of Lecan's left hand, landing on the weapon-holding hands of the five men each.



The five screamed as they let go of their weapons before passing out.

Even Lecan couldn't bring himself to kill such weak foes.



"Didn't those <Flame Arrows> just bend?"


Now that she mentioned it, ever since he learned <Fire Rush> spell that necessitated magic bending, he's now capable of bending <Fire Arrow> without thinking.

"I didn't know you could do that. That's our Lecan for you."

This is indeed a very usable technique.

Perhaps <Flame Spear> can be bent too. Which means he can use it to defeat the opponent lying in his blind spot.

"Wait, wait! Put your, please put your hand down!"

It's Kanner the butler.

Kanner stood in Lecan's way.


"Lecan-sama. Where are you planning on going?"

"Master's room."

"What are you going to do to our master."

"Delivering retribution for depriving someone of their belonging."

"Our master has been kept completely in the dark about this whole incident."

"When a robber killed someone with a knife, do you put the blame on the knife?"

Lecan isn't gonna believe such an absurd explanation as the master having no idea about this abduction, but even if he is, as the master of this house, he must be held responsible for the stuff members of this mansion have done.

"I'm very much aware of what you're saying, Lecan-sama. But please if you would hear us out. Oy."

Kanner spoke to a nearby male servant.

"Bring Zepus-sama to master's room. Hurry it up!"

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After seeing off the servant running off, butler Kanner bowed to Lecan.

"Allow me to lead the way."

There's a luxurious door leading to a room at the end of a passage they took. It's the master's bedroom.

A man is standing in front of it. A swordsman. And quite a skilled one at that.

With a sheathed slender sword hanging on his waist, his right hand is steady on the grip, ready to draw any time.

"Kanner-dono. You're not telling me you're going to lead that man into this room, are you."

"Arios-dono. I must bring Lecan-sama to master. There, master shall explain the situation, Lecan-sama will surely come to an understanding"

"I cannot let someone with such bloodlust step into this room."

"Please try to understand, Arios-dono. This person here is Lecan-sama <Overlord in Black> who has conquered Golbul Dungeon twice. This house will fall into ruin were we oppose him."

Arios did not reply to Kanner. His eyes are looking straight at Lecan.

As Lecan took a step forward toward the door, Arios showed no sign of letting up.

This man has an unusual presence about him. He could very well be the most skilled swordsman Lecan has ever faced since he arrived at this world.

However, Lecan is an adventurer before a swordsman. He's excited for a thrilling fight, but he doesn't feel like playing a duel right now.

"<Flame Arrow>"

As Lecan nonchalantly recited the spell name, about 100 <Flame Arrows> manifested over his left hand. The swordsman, Arios surprisingly managed to dodge most of the flame arrows that suddenly emerged at a point-blank range, however several arrows pierced his shoulders, belly and legs and exploded. Lecan bisected Arios with his Sacred Solid Silver sword the moment Arios stopped moving. No, Arios was supposed to have been split in two.

There was a weird feedback. Arios seems to be wearing some sort of extremely durable protector under his clothes. Something that wouldn't have allowed the slash to pass through were it not for Sacred Solid Silver sword.

That something still failed to defend against a Sacred Solid Silver sword, but the slash that should have cut Arios in two only left a deep wound running from his left shoulder to his right waist instead.

In any case though, it's a fatal blow. The practically dead Arios fell back due to the momentum as he sprayed blood everywhere.

Lecan took the sword Arios's hand was still gripping tightly and put it away in his <Storage>. It's an undoubtedly nice sword. It belongs to the victor of this match, Lecan. That's what he thought at least.

The missed <Flame Arrows> left not an insignificant damage on the walls and floors. The wall right behind Arios especially, it's burning and full of holes. As Lecan went into the master's room, the mansion's employees tried to put the fire out, but Lecan doesn't care even if it's burning.

Kanner opened the door.

"Master. Please pardon me. I am here with adventurer Lecan-sama."

"What was that sound. What's going on."

"Arios-dono drew his sword at Lecan-sama despite me begging him not to. As a result, he died."


Lecan shoved Kanner aside from the entrance while he was still talking to Prado. With a drawn sword in his right hand. Eda followed after him.

"Lecan... And Eda, was it. I am really in your debt."

"And abducting Eda is your idea of returning the favor?"


"Please. Please wait a moment, Lecan-sama. Master. Zepus-sama has escorted Eda-sama to this mansion. Against her will. And Lecan-sama is"

Lecan thrust his Sacred Solid Silver smeared with Arios's blood before Kanner's neck.

"Lying to relax her guard then knocking her out with a magic tool before abducting her is this house's idea of escorting huh."

"I have no excuse."

"W-wait. Please wait. I'd be grateful if you could spare Kanner. But then, abduction. It can't be. There's no way he would do such folly."

There's a commotion outside the room. Someone is screaming out loud.

"What in the world happened here. Arios-dono? Just what!"

Kanner glared hard at the open door and shouted out loud.

"Zepus-sama! Please get in Master's room."

A man at his prime holding a fine-looking sword in his left hand entered the room. This man must be the present master's grandson, and the heir to the house, Zepus.

He's got a pompous beard.

"Kanner. I cannot believe you would let a thug in master's bedroom"

Prado who had raised his upper body in the bed interrupted his grandchild.

"Zepus. Is it true that you kidnapped Eda... dono?"

"That is not true. I took her under my protection."


"Yes. I'm protecting a talented young girl beloved by gods from the tyranny of an outlaw."

Lecan's vision was dyed red in rage after he heard him. Everything within his view must have looked like the color of setting sun at this point. Or perhaps the color of dripping blood.

He's still got something to say. However, his anger clogged up his throat, he couldn't speak. Thus he decided to kill this man instead.

Right as Lecan was about to make his move toward lopping Kanner's head off, Eda who was standing diagonally behind Lecan spoke up.

"After our first meeting and parting, I went to look for Lecan. After our second encounter, I really used everything I had to look for him. Because I believed Lecan was the one who would save me, the one who would show me the way."

Zepus turned toward Eda with a haughty look on his face.

"On our third encounter, Lecan taught me a lot of things. Did you know that my <Recovery> is one of the things he taught?"

"I had no idea."

"You're Zepus-san, am I right."


"Your messenger lied to me about having something to talk about with Lecan while another used some kinda tool behind me to knock me out. You never attempted to hear me out, not even one word, so of course you wouldn't know anything about my situation or how I feel."

Lecan's mind calmed down as he listened to Eda telling Zepus off. He's still boiling inside, but he's got his cool back.

Someone's here.

Someone is lurking above the ceiling.

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