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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 31

Chapter 31 Blast! New Finisher


And here's our destination. A slightly large room. Protruded rocks scattered here and there, with around 10 Lostshrooms enshrined within the room. Yep, they're not walking around. Wonder what this means? However, this is just convenient for roasting them. My remaining MP is about half after several battles with intermittent rests. Tama-chan's and my HP are at max. I carefully get closer to them until I'm within the range.

And activate! The last ranged magic for today!!

"Fire Storm!"

Bwoosh, blazing flames swallow the Lostshrooms again into a whirlpool. Burn, buuurn.
After confirming that they've turned into cinders, I undo the magic and approach them to check out the drop items.


Usually the bodies disappear into light particles and leave drop items behind, but one of them isn't this time?


A purple-like thing spread out of the blackened lump that should have been burned down and then I got blown away.

Owowow. What just happened? I was completely caught off guard. It fortunately hit my breastplate and didn't give that much damage.

The black part of the Lostshroom that should have been scorched cracks, I can see something purple underneath. The crack gradually spreads to its entire body, and fall off, eventually a purple Lostshroom that's one size smaller is looking at me. Not like it has eyes though.

D Lostshroom Lv11
HP:30/45 MP:6/12
Mutated form of the dungeon-born walking type fungi class Lostshroom. An evolution of a specimen that had a certain amount of mana and underwent a period of blank mind. It is capable of cutting off its weakness, fire element, by sacrificing its outer skin. It also has more attack variety, a completely improved version of the species.

What's with the D?
The D Lostshroom launched its attack while I was thinking that. Hold on, it's already within attacking range even though I put a distance when I got blown away!?

ZUO, its arms lengthen out to attack me. Wait, it can stretch both its arms. How bothersome, that'll make it hard to grasp the timing.
Is the D from a certain traveling Indian fighter or something? It's not going to teleport now, is it??

Wait, there's no room to think about stupid things. It's surprisingly fast, it's hard to charge in.
I grasp the timing to attack back while parrying with Defense Form.
1, 2, and 3, now!


Eh? My timing should have been perfect... or rather, the D Lostshroom who was right in front of me disappeared!?
Where'd it go... Eh, behind me?


Right when I tried to get away, something that seemed to be mist attacked me from behind.
Damn, I couldn't make it in time even though Tama-chan went and informed me.
It's sticky and smells bad. I quickly chanted Dry and made it evaporate.

However, how did it even manage to get behind me? Can it be, can it really teleport....

I got the answer soon after.


I parried the stretched arm and took some distance away this time. Then, the D Lostshroom's stretched arm caught a rock behind me, and then it moved its entire body to where the rock was when it restored its arm. What a brute force way.

Then how about I take some distance and shoot it with fire. I shot four fire arrows in succession and only one hit. Moreover, the part where that one arrow hit turned black and scrapped off, not giving it much damage.
What an exceedingly annoying evolution. Huff, puff.
What's this, I'm losing breath. Pretty sure I didn't move that much though.


Kuh, it's not giving me times to ponder huh. And then my eyes got blurry. Why now of all time.

My movements obviously became duller afterward. What the heck is this. I quickly check my status, just the summary's fine.

Name: Nobusada Izumi - Gender: Male - Race: General Human?
State: Lethargic Poison

Poison! That mist earlier was a poison mist huh. This is the first I've heard Lethargic Poison, but it probably a poison that slows you down. That's one troublesome poison.

"Cure Poi..."



The D Lostshroom launched fierce attacks, not allowing me to use detox magic. Worst of all, my iron sword was flung far away. Damn it, I've got no choice but to ask for it, though I'm uneasy about it.

--Tama-chan, help. keep it away from me just for a little bit.

After I sent the SOS signal to Tama-chan who was hiding behind a rock, a small green mass stood before a queer creature. I'm sorry, I'll cure myself quick, so bear with it...

"Cure Poison."

I erase the poison and also heal myself in a hurry. This is bad, Tama-chan's HP is decreasing fast.
I can't exactly run out and grab the iron sword now.
That said, Tama-chan might get dragged into it if I used magic. There's no time to open my rucksack either.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

The offenses and defenses continue, but she's obviously at a disadvantage.

--Tama-chan, it's fine already, get back!

When I told her that, Tama-chan received a blow from the D Lostshroom and got flung in the air. Tamachaaaaan!

"The hell you done to our kid, you shitty piece of funguuuuuuuuuuuuuus"

I'm, enraged. Can't control my emotion. I'm gonna beat you to a pulp now.

I rush toward the D Lostshroom that has stiffened for an instant after hitting Tama-chan.
It didn't really go well during practices, but I've got no choice here. I'll make use of the chance Tama-chan gave and finish this thing off!

I concentrate mana on my right hand and formulate the image. Modified Earth Wall. Turn clay wall into a wall of rock. Sharp, brutal, with lots of thorns!
I'll hit the stiffened D Lostshroom with a surprise blow from the Attack Form. This is the combination of magic and skills!!


I launch my right fist from a slightly crouched down position with an added twist toward the seemingly side stomach part of the D Lostshroom. At the same time, the magic I imagined manifested on my fist as rocks clad around it, and in addition, several thorny rocks wrapped it. Each thorn is about 5cm long, and they've pierced the D Losthsroom deep.

Not yet! It's not over yet!


All the thorns went inside the D Lostshroom along with an explosive sound. The added formula is like a zero distance shotgun blast. I have added fire magic in the magic composition, so the power should increase. The recoil on my right fist is absorbed by the remaining rock wall... or it should have been, it's quite painful still.

Yup, it's more powerful than expectation. Even though the D Lostshroom barely survives, its upper half body where I drive down my fist has been shredded into pieces. This technique is too powerful for interpersonal combat, it could make things turn real gross. There's many rooms for improvement still.
Afterward, I take out an iron spear from my rucksack and thrust the D Lostshroom with it at once. The D Lostshroom's HP turned 0 before it disappeared into particles of light.

Ah, is Tama-chan alright!?

Tama-chan is lying slightly away from where I am. She still has 2 HP remaining. Oh good. And I'm sorry Tama-chan. It's completely my mistake this time. I apologize to Tama-chan while healing her.

shake shake

Don't mind it huh. Thank you Tama-chan. I quietly pat her body.

Tereretettette~♪ Thief, Otherworlder Leveled Up
Tettere~♪ Acquired Composite Magic
Tettere~♪ Grapple Leveled Up
Tettere~♪ Magic Modification Leveled Up
Tettere~♪ Thief has Leveled up to 10, 『Treasure Hunter』 Class has manifested.
Tettere~♪ Tama-chan's Bond has turned into Deep Affection, Differing Soul Telepathy Leveled Up.
Tererete~te~tentettere~♪ Tama-chan Leveled Up. Reached Moss Ball's Level Limit. Met the requirement to Class Change.

And that solemn mood is wasted by the NoGoddess's fanfare. Read the mood, dangit.

Either way, that's a lot of increases.
But still, so Tama-chan can class change!? Who would've thought that this kid's hard fight would be rewarded this way!

When I imagine tapping Tama-chan's Class to see the reaction, there's only one possible Class Change.

『Super Moss Ball Lv1』 <TLN: Super Marimo in Japanese.>

...Is it all right in various ways? She's a Moss Ball after all, there's no problem right? I set it at once since there's no other choices.


Tama-chan's body is immediately wrapped in light. Then the lights goes down... Looking closer, her glossy fur has improved, and the mofu-ness also gets nicer when I touch her. Her soothing level to me has risen indeed, but what about her fighting strength? Guess it needs future inspections.

And when I look around again calmly, I see two purple things lying on the ground. Yes, those things I've been searching for.

"Eggplant Mushroom, gotcha------------!!"

I inadvertently raised them high up on both hands and shouted out loud.

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