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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 28

Chapter 28 Nobusada, Shocking Truth


I've gotten the quest complete signet from Sefi-san when the sun has completely set and immediately head to the guild. That was more profitable than I thought. Some stores were still open on the way there, so I bought some ingredients. Next, I simply need to register for tamed monster and report the quest completion. Ah, gotta claim the goblin ears too. Even though they're ears, they're not animal ears, let's dispose of them quick.

"Oh, I see you're back in one piece dearuna."

Ah, Ranba-san's still here. It's quiet inside the guild. Most adventurers have probably started drinking at various places.

"This is the completion report. And also, I've killed three goblins, if you'd please verify their subjugation parts and purchase the Soul Stones."

"Fumu, acknowledged dearu."

Ranba-san did the procedure in five minutes like he'd gotten used to it.

"Three goblins are 150 mani, and the Soul Stones are reasonably well so they're 70 mani each, that will be 360 mani in total dearuna."

"Oh and also, I'd like to register this child. Here's the temporary card."

I pointed at Tama-chan on my shoulder and requested for her registration.

"Hohou, Tamed Monster dearuka. So you were a Beast Tamer dearuna. This is the first time I see a tamed Moss Ball dearu. The registration fee will be 400 mani then dearuna."

I received a plate-shaped tamed monster registration card that's a size smaller than the Guild Card from Ranba-san.
He also told me various things. Like you have to update your tamed monsters' info once a year. Otherwise, the registered data will be erased and you have to re-register back. Additionally, you can participate in tamed monster competitions with this registration card. Such competitions are held in various places, brimming with varied and quirky stuff. By the way, there's not going to be one in Gramada city for a while.

Might be interesting to train Tama-chan and aim for the strongest Moss Ball.

"Oh right, this herb gathering quest has changed into a quest personally for you dearu. Now you will get payment directly from the client, so you get to hold on to the quest form here dearuna. With this, the guild will acknowledge the quest completion whenever you get a completion signet nodearu."

Oh, Sefi-san has changed the quest to be like so huh. I should gather herbs whenever I have time. Kinda feels like a nice side job to have.

I thanked Ranba-san and went back to the inn.
After finishing the dinner, I asked Donur-san for a little something through Minerva-chan. Since I got his permission, I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning already.

Come to think of it, what does Tama-chan eat again?

She should be fine as long as there's mana, water and light huh... wait, photosynthesis!? I filled a glass with water using magic and then she dived into it. Tama-chan absorbed the water, looking very satisfied all the while. According to her, it seems to be the 『First rate thick mana water she's been waiting for』. I'm just glad it's to her liking. I don't want Tama-chan getting crushed in my sleep, so I let her sleep in the glass and go to bed myself. I've got to practice before dawn tomorrow, gotta get to sleep quickly, night.

Today's revenue and expenditure, 313,110+3,500+360-400-500(foodstuff)=316,570 mani.

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Good morning, Nobusada here.
It's still before dawn, I'm currently preparing ingredients at the corner of the Solomon Pavillion's kitchen.
As thanks for Master and Eleanor-san, I'm thinking of making a little handmade surprise. Let's make honey toast and deep fried bread with the flour I bought yesterday. By the way, since sugar and honey can be found as drop items in the dungeon here, although slightly pricy, even commoners can buy them. Both are 10 mani per bottle.
Let's also make walnut jam and custard cream as options for the honey toast. I put ham and scrambled eggs in the deep fried bread. Should be no problem even if Master doesn't like sweet things now. Let's make mixed fruit juice with the pears and apples I picked yesterday. But since there's no glass bottles here, I put it in an earthenwares. You often see mcs in some light novels profiting from making glasses but unfortunately I don't know how to make glass myself.

I asked Donur-san and Rakog-san to sample the food I made and they really liked it, enough to ask the recipes. Since I gladly agreed, it shouldn't be long before I can eat them in the inn. Improving food culture is a nice thing to do.

I put the stuff I made into the rucksack and immediately run to Master's house.
After running through the sparse street, I arrive at Master's house where Master and Eleanor-san are already working out.

"Good morning."

"Oo, is that you Nobusada, sorry about yesterday. Duke Asbel got something to discuss with me and I couldn't make it in time."

Master reacted and looked at me. However, the two continue on without stopping.
I hurriedly activate Discerning Magic Eyes and firmly engrave his movement in my brain.
Master has enough leeway to turn his attention to me, while Eleanor-san is frantically attacking him. Eleanor-san who was that frightening yesterday is being toyed with like a child easily. Really sinks in the huge gap in ability.
Eleanor-san who's unleashing a barrage of punches and kicks while moving like flowing. Against, Master who's moving unbelievably fast yet precise belying his huge build. He parries at times, block at other times, and when he counter attacks, Eleanor-san is forced to take some distance away. I'd lose the two if I relax even an instant. Even if I wholly concentrate myself to watch them, I can only faintly catch what's going on at most. My eyes keep chasing the two while doing stretches.

I see, so that's how you do counter, that should be applicable with weapons, I'm simulating in my head.

"Alright, that's it for now."

Ooh, looks like the two have finished their practice. I put Tama-chan down on top of the rucksack and run up to the two.

"Good morning, Nobusada-san. How are you feeling?"
"Good morning, Eleanor-san. I'm in perfect condition, and my body has been warmed up I can go anytime."
"Fumu, then let's get right to it. Now then, come at me."

Uho, against Master right from the start huh. But that's exactly what I'm waiting for, I'm ready for a honorable defeat.

After we bow at each other, I immediately take the attack stance/Kata.

"Hou, that's a good posture, better than I expected. I see that Eleanor taught you well."

I kick the ground and rush in. Overlapping Eleanor-san's movements earlier with mine. I took Master's held-back attacks that sometimes came at me, with the guard stance/Kata. Amazing, he held back enough to the level of attacks I could somehow block. I'm amazed he could regulate it this well even though he didn't see my training yesterday. I've blocked for several times already, but I still don't get the timing for Counter stance/kata. When I try to counter attack, I ended up losing the timing and letting out flimsy attacks and even taking some punches sometimes. It's exceedingly difficult.

I give up with the wacky attacks and focus on basic attacks instead. My clothes were wet with sweat when I was beginning to lose my breath.

"Alright, let's take a break here."

I crouch down and gasp. And then someone holds out a towel to me.

"Please use this. Your movement has improved so much it's hardly distinguishable from yesterday's."
"Thank you very much, gasp wheeze."

It's gasping, not arousal okay.

"(Hohoho, looks like they get along better than expected. Hiding the new pupil's identity to make it a surprise was worth it)."

Kinda feels like Master is looking at us warmly, let's just ignore it. It somehow feels like he's plotting something, or is he?
That reminds me, I've had this something in mind forever, but never got the chance to ask someone about it. Might as well ask now, given the chance.

"Um, I'd like you to ask you two something."

"What's the matter?"
"What is it?"

"I've seen an acquaintance and Kyle using Weapon Skills before, how do you use those?"


The two looked shocked and then their expressions changed to that of pitying. Eh, did I say something wrong?

"Nobusada, you don't have any one-hand sword Weapon Skills do you? Having that question must mean that you haven't learned even one Weapon Skill."

"Y-yes. Is that a bad thing?"

"Nobusada-san. Weapon Skills are something that you somehow learn one by one whenever your skill level increase if you have the disposition for it."

...A shocking truth!? In other words, that huh, is that it huh!!??

"I-in other words, I don't have the disposition for Weapon Skills, maybe?"

"You got that right!"

Uhoo, he went and said it out loud! So clearly to the point of refreshing! Even blew away my feeling of getting down.

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