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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 29

Chapter 29 If I Can't Use Weapon Skills, I'll Just Make One


The fact that I don't have the disposition for Weapon Skills is shocking, but I'm not giving up.

"Well don't worry about it. To begin with, everyone worked out their own techniques before Weapon Skills and martial arts came to be y'know. Then you should just make one yourself. You can use magic, right? Combining that with your techniques, and creating a way to fight exclusive to you have a potential to be far stronger than those."

As expected of master, he's largehearted. His logic feels Marie-ish somewhat. <TLN: Not sure which Marie he's talking about or if the author really means 'Marie' here.>
However, currently it's unclear whether I don't have the disposition for the skill or for the weapon skill itself. Perhaps, I can't acquire it since I'm an outsider from another world. With that in mind, I really should better do a variety of trials and errors just like master said.

"Furthermore, I'm curious to see what kind of techniques you will work out. It looks like it'd be fun."

Oufh, it's completely a mere curiosity. But sounds like working out a technique while listening to master's experiences will be many times faster than not. He's cooperating this time, but I'd even beg to get him teach me.

"Then father. Let me make our breakfast."

"N-no wait, Eleanor. I'll do it... okay, okay."

Master's complexion turned pale at once. Faces can really turn pale this clearly in reality huh.

"Father, you have to train Nobusada-san, don't you? Let me make it as it's been awhile."

"W-wait I said..."

Mumumu, looks like master would really rather avoid Eleanor-san's cooking no matter what? Ah right, I made breakfast already, completely forgot about it.

"Ah, then would you two like to have these food I made? I thought I should do this much at least as thanks for allowing me to learn here."

"Is that so! Since you've gone all the trouble of making them, we cannot let them go to waste!!"

Master made a thumb up while saying that outside of Eleanor-san's view. Looks like I did a good job.

"I've made it easy to eat outside, let's spread a mat and enjoy it here. The weather's fine today and all."

"R-right. My apologies, Nobusada-san. Looks like we've caused you trouble."

"Please don't worry about it. I like to cook myself, you see."

I spread a mat and put out the food I made.
Honey toast, deep-fried bread, walnut jam, custard cream, fruit juice and also some fruits. I've peeled the apples into rabbit shapes.
Master and Eleanor-san sound impressed when they see them.

"Well well, these look solid. You can open a store with these."

"These might be even better than the store bought ones."

"Please help yourself while they're still warm. Here's the honey toast. They're good as is, but putting jam and cream on them are also nice on their own."

"Hou hou, then I'll go with this."

"I'm getting this one."

Master picked the deep-fried bread, Eleanor-san bit on the honey toast. And then they let out indescribable smiles with one bite. Umu, seeing them making those smiles makes me contend making these.

"This crunch is quite nice. And the egg and ham inside ooze out some nice flavor too. I'm never gonna get tired eating this."

"Waaa, this bread is so soft and good. Adding this jam here also gives nice flavor to it. Why are you an adventurer when you can make food this good?"

No well, I learned to cook out of necessity. It's also a kind of obsession. I mean, might as well eat something tasty if I have to make them right.

"Since I was living alone with my grandfather, I naturally ended up taking charge of our food. But it's only for our own shares. I won't be able to play if I turn it into work."

They're disappearing fast while I'm talking. Their eating pace is seriously fast! There's only a few remaining even though I made more than enough shares for three people.

"That was really good. I'm completely satiated."
"It really is... Nobusada-san is better at cooking no matter how you look at it, as a woman I..."

Eleanor-san's voice got quieter and I couldn't hear the latter part, but she seemed down about something. Ah, right, I've gotta feed Tama-chan too.

"Tama-chan, house!"
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
When I said the call I taught her yesterday, Tama-chan bounced toward me like poyon poyon.
I created water with magic and pour it into a cup where Tama-chan went into and soaked in.
Huh? The two look stunned? Is Moss Ball unusual?

"Nobusada. What is this?"

Master asked while pointing his finger at Tama-chan.

"Eh? It's my tamed monster I met yesterday. She's Tama-chan, a Moss Ball. I've registered her as a Tamed Monster so there's no problem taking her into the city, you know?"

"M-Moss Ball, as a tamed monster? I've been in the guild relatively long, but this is the first I've seen one..."

"So do I. I know some beast tamers, but no one tried to make Moss Ball their tamed monster. In the first place, we don't even know how to have a mutual understanding when these things don't even let out a voice."

Well, it was due to specific circumstances and skill in my case. I just went with the flow and she was my Tamed Monster before I knew it.

"Putting that aside, Eleanor. Shouldn't you go to the guild right about now? You have work today, don't you?"

"Eh? It's this time already!? I-I've got to hurry."

Eleanor-san fiercely dashed back into her house, got out in her uniform in a few minutes and ran to the guild. I mean, she's fast. She's already out of sight.

"Fhuu, considering her age, she'd do good to calm down a bit."

"I think she's doing well at the guild. Well, the usual Eleanor-san is nice and fun too."

"Haahaahaa, then how about making her your wife?"

"EEH!? I still haven't got steady earning yet, so that kind of thing is still to early."

"I'm joking, joking. Now then, I can only accompany you for one more hour, and since we've got a topic now, wanna try working out a technique? First of all, what kind of skills do you have?"

Master is looking at me with excited eyes like that of a boy. Looks like he's looking forward to see how many techniques I could make. I'm hoping for this myself too. I might be aiming too high, but it'd be nice if I could materialize one or two techniques here.

"I am not sure how much should I unveil, but since it's master, I'm willing to fully disclose it. Please point it out if you think there's something amiss. For combat skills, I have Swordsmanship Lv3, Grappling Lv1, Two-handed Spear Lv2, Throwing Lv2. As for magic, I have Sacred Magic Level 2, and all elemental magic Level 3."


The second stunned master today.

"Wait, why a vanguard, with that many magic... Fumu, that many skills, there must be peculiar circumstances. I get that skill composition in that case..."

He's confirming the situations while muttering. He got that far even without me saying anything huh.

"Fumu, well, there are classes like Magic Warrior and such after all, it's not that odd in itself. However, the amount of skills is unbelievable for a beginner. You might get in a scuffle about invitations and stuff if you stand out too much. If you don't want that, might be a good idea to search your own party members."

"For the time being, I'll be solo... No, I'll work it out together with Tama-chan. If fate allows, I'd like to make a party, but I'm still a greenhorn in regard to combat skills and such..."

"That might be a good stance to take. Still, elemental magic leve 3 huh. Let me see, try shooting at that wooden dummy."

Guess arrow type is fine for now. I shoot fire, water, wind and earth arrows in succession.
I looked at master with a 'what do you think' face but he urged me to use more magic. Aren't you enjoying watching magic this closely too much, master?
I'll use magic I can use one by one as requested for now. Or rather, wouldn't fire storm or wind storm bother your neighbors? Just don't blame me if they come complaining about their laundry catching sands, okay?
After having used several magic, master speaks.

"Nobusada. You're already outside the norm."


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