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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 161

Chapter 161 Strongest Sage, Digs Out Dragon Vein


"...It should be around here."

I stabbed the dungeon wall with a pickaxe as I said that.
It's the same magically enhanced pickaxe I used to gather mithril at the Second Academy.

Since we're not making barrier this time, I dig out the wall at a quick pace.
And then--a few minutes after I started digging.
Mana gushes out of the dug wall.

"Here it is. This is the great dungeon's Dragon Vein."

"W-what incredible mana..."

Ruli muttered while gazing at the huge amount of mana gushing out of the wall.
At a glance, it only looks like an ordinary rock wall.

But those who can detect mana to a degree will immediately notice that there's a vast amount of mana lurking inside this wall.
And those who have gotten a bit more used to detecting mana should also notice what lies inside.

"Umm... Don't you think this mana kinda feels like demons?"

Looks like Ruli noticed.

"It's cause the demons' mana is mixed in it. ...That said, the majority of it doesn't seem to have been from a recent interference."

"Not recent? ...You mean it's old?"

"Yeah. It's 100 year old at the very least. This amount of mana... It's probably the work of a powerful enough demon at the cost of its life. The demons in this time are only doing the finishing touch."

The reason why demons haven't destroyed mankind as soon as possible is probably because they're waiting for this to activate, in addition to their power decline.
I mean simply activating this should cause a great disaster huge enough to wipe out the present humanity.

"More than 100 years ago... but since it needs a finishing touch, that means we can still stop it right?"

Ruli turns toward the Dragon Vein.
Looks like she's braced herself.

"That's right. For now put this magic circle for communication in the Dragon Vein... Afterward, interfere with the Dragon Vein while consulting with me! If you make a mistake in the control, it will explode and cause Mana Disaster, in the worst case scenario, this entire city could be destroyed, so be careful!"


Telepathy magic won't work with Disqualified Crest at a distance.
Thus, we're using the Dragon Vein as a medium for it.

If it's only for relaying info, I don't need to get too close to the Dragon Vein at its present state, thus it's an effective mean of communication inside the dungeon.
I've taught her how to make magic tools to control Dragon Vein after all.

"You two, I'm counting on you to guard Ruli!"

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"I understand!"

After confirming Alma and Iris's reactions, I dive down the floors.
Due to the demons tampering the Dragon Vein, the floor structures seem to have have changed from yesterday.

『Ruli, any change in the Dragon Vein's fluctuation?』

While progressing through the dungeon, I touch the wall with my hand and communicate with Ruli.

『Yes! It kinda feels unnatural somehow!』

Just as I thought, the demons have started the finishing touch.
This is the perfect timing to interfere with it.

『Interfere their Dragon Vein control! Use any rank 2 Magic Tools you want!』

『I understand!』

Rank is a number that indicates the scale of the effect a magic gives to the Dragon Vein.
Magic doesn't have that kind of classification though, it's just me saying 『This is rank 1, this is rank 2』 on my own.

Since among the magic I taught her, there are some that could cause a great disaster if used carelessly.
Pointing out which magic to use or not to use at times like this will take too much time, thus classifying them into ranks would lessen the work.

While giving pointers like that--I reached a floor that's so obviously different from a natural dungeon.

Right now I'm on floor 31.
Normally, the dungeon should have been much deeper.
However--there is no path that leads beyond here on floor 31.

"Now then... The real thing starts now."

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