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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku Chapter 16-23

16-23. Land King's Subjugation Fight


Satou here. Directions in a play are important. Viewer's impression change greatly depending on the way one presents the play. Doing everything yourself, though rarely happen in tv shows and such, will have the opposite effect when found out, so you can even say that it's a forbidden move to take.

"Master, it's dangerous, perilous so I report."

Light particles have gathered in the open mouth of the Land King.
That's probably a preliminary stage of the Breath. Its aim must be the royal palace.

"You're right. Let's go help them."

I take the girls to the top of a tower on the line between the palace and the Land King.


Liza warned me with a tense voice right after we teleported.
She's looking at the middle head of the Land King that's just about to fire its breath.

Liza clads her magic spear with magic edge, ready to shoot out an extra large magic edge cannon anytime.
Nana has also begun to prepare for her force art, a magic circle is shining on her forehead.

"Leave it to me--"

I draw the [Golden Sword Heraruoph] I collected from the sand sea earlier.

The sword itself is about as powerful as the divine gift holy swords that heroes have.
The grip is carved with a holy verse, apparently it's read [Glory to God Heraruon] in a language from the age of gods.

I don't really care about that stuff, but let's try using it for now.

『Glory to God Heraruon』

The Sun Gem on the base of the sword shined brightly when I loaded the sword with mana and recited the holy verse.
It seems to have buff effects as it's giving me reaction speed up, physical ability up and such buffs.

That's fine and all, but--.

>[Golden Sword is demanding Life Force]

--Something dangerous shows up on the log and there's a Yes/No option below it.

I don't mind if it's simply using the health or stamina gauges, but not if it's draining my life and soul.
I promptly choose [No] and decide not to use the [Golden Sword Heraruoph]'s true power.


The land king fired a dark red beam kind of breath.

"Secret Art--<<Sun Slash>>"

I shouted the special technique those swordsmen were using out loud and unleashed the copy-by-eyes version of it.

Golden blade of light shot out of the sword, clashing with the Land King's breath mid air.
The blade of light intensely scattered sparks around, bisected the breath vertically, and reached the Land King's forehead.

The light that was dampened by the breath broke through the Land King's barrier but it only managed to make a small wound on its forehead.

The breath that was divided by Sun Slash are coming toward us and the capital.

"I guess a shell-type skill isn't suited for countering a continuous-emission type skill after all."

I position the sword level to my eyes and cut down the breath into harmless particles.
It wasn't a Sword Skill but the space magic [Isolation Wall (Deracinator)] and [Dimension Slasher].

From outside perspective, it should like the [Golden Sword Heraruoph] I had ripped the beam apart.

As a proof of that plan's successful result, people at the palace and those who took shelter on the high ground raised shouts of joy.
Now that enough people's eyes have gathered on me, let's do a performance to increase their faith on God Heraruon.

"My name is Pendragon! With holy sword 『Golden Sword Heraruoph』 bestowed to me by the authority of God Heraruon, I will destroy this ancient monster Land King!"

I made it so that it would reach Sania Kingdom people's ears through amplification magic and wind magic.
While I was at it, I also used light magic to make the Golden Sword shine for stage effects.


Cheers loud enough to shook the earth resounded in the capital.
Getting my name wrong is fine, at least it doesn't look like anyone gets the god's name wrong.


The Land King roared in anger though I don't think it has anything to do with the cheers.
I thought it was going to use earth magic to attack, but it appears to be dedicating the magic to support its defense for the time being.

The Land King makes a step forward with enraged eyes.
Thud, thud, transmitting vibrations that shake your stomach with a gap at each steps.

"The port is cracking nanodesu."

Tama and Pochi who have taken refuge behind Nana are looking at the disastrous scene of the port sadly.

Since I'm fully prioritizing on clearing the [Trial of God] this time, I've decided not to mind about property damage, though human damage is another thing.
I plan to give the material from Land King as the repair fee.

"Master, it's coming."

The sea anemone-like thing on the Land King's back extends its tentacles and swings it down while drawing an arc in the air.
Its shadow is falling on the place we are at.

"Oh Jesus, nanodesu"

Tama and Pochi who're looking at the attacking tentacles that are several meters long in diameter sound ambiguously happy.

"Spread out!"

The girls jumped off the place with my instruction.

A few seconds later, the place we were standing on is pierced by the tentacle.
The tower broke down yet the the tentacle didn't stop its momentum as it pierced the ground, even the tower behind it was tilting and barely standing.

In addition, several tentacles are tenaciously coming at me.

--This is bad.

There's a building sheltering people at a direction one of the tentacles is heading.
Unfortunately, it's at the opposite direction of where I'm running to.

"Nana! Block it!"
"Entrusted with Master's order so I report."

Nana ran out while saying a line resembling a killing machine from somewhere.
She arrived with enough time left by the combination of Physical Reinforcement and Twinkling Movement, and blocked the tentacle with 15 [<<Flexible Shield>>] and a force art rivaling advanced level force magic [<<Flexible Wall>>].

The ground Nana stood on wasn't that sturdy though, it caved in with tremors, tilting the ground and buildings around her.

She could have blocked it more easily if she used the hidden [Fortress] and [Castle] capabilities on her equipment, but I haven't given the permission to use it.

Since the opponent's level is just 88, Nana who's amply supplied with defensive skills and magic should be able to defend against it easily.

"Ooo! Awesome!"
"Who's that beauty."

The people who were saved by Nana praised her in high tension after narrowly escaping death.

"Escape while you have the chance now, so I inform."
"O-ou! Gotcha!"

Urged by Nana, the people she saved ran out of the building toward the castle.

This should be enough attractions.
The high ground behind me has been broken off by the tentacles, and the way ahead is blocked off.

"--Now then, about time to go on a counteroffensive."

I shine the sword in golden colored light with light magic.

Two tentacles are coming to attack me diagonally from above.

"Secret Art--<<Sun Slash>>"

Since the technique imitating the secret art is weak, I cut the tentacles with space magic [Dimension Slasher] the moment the golden light hit them.


The Land King screamed.
Looks like having its tentacles cut is painful even with that huge body.

I wave my hands at the people and rapidly shoot out the fake Sun Slashes.

The people cheered out loud every time I cut off one of the Land King's tentacles.

The cut tentacles fell on the downtown, breaking buildings and raising dense cloud of dust around.
The foul smelling blood of the Land King seems to be a strong acid, buildings that have been bathed in the blood are burning and raising white smoke.


The Land King's roar echoed in the capital's sky.
Hidden behind the dust cloud and white smoke, the Land King shots out its beard clad in red light toward me.

"Beard Slasher~"
"Won't let you, nanodesu!"

Tama and Pochi chased after me and cheerfully intercepted the beard.
I'll leave the beard for the two to handle.

"Let's go, Liza."

While appealing to the people with the golden light emitting sword, I jumped to high grounds with Liza and ran toward the Land King's head.
I could hear a mix of cheers and screams from the people behind.

With those on our backs, we jump from capital building's roofs to roofs toward the Land King's head.
Tentacles and breaths assaulted us many times on the way, but we eliminated them all the same way we did earlier.
Since the sacrificed buildings are increasing geometrically, I'd better provide temporary dwellings and food later.

"Even rollercoaster is put to shame nanodesu!"

I heard Tama and Pochi's voices passing overhead.

Pochi and Tama who latch on the beard are going along it toward the Land King.
The Land King are swinging its beard around with tremendous speed, but that seems to be no different than an attraction to those two.

"Oh that looks nice."
"I-is that right?"

Liza tilted her head at my words.


A Land King's tentacles are coming toward us while roaring.
It's coated its tentacle with earth magic in an attempt to counter my blade of light.

"Liza, let's make use of that to go above the Land King."

We evaded the tentacle that pierced the ground by jumping, kicked the air and landed on top of the tentacle.

The heavy tentacle doesn't seem to be as agile as the beard.
I ran past the tentacle along with Liza while it was still stuck on the ground. What a thrill.

Other tentacles and beards were coming for us, but the Land King seemed to have miscalculated our speed, we didn't even have to evade them as we ran past them.

"Liza, attack the Land King's back."
"Leave it to me!"

I jump down the tentacles after telling Liza that.


Rolled up sands on the Land King's feet is coming toward the its head like a tornado.
It's probably trying to get rid of me like removing bugs.

I deploy Magic Armor to defend against the sand tornado.

The Land King is swinging its head around, but it's not a problem since I'm holding on with [Magic Hand].


The Land King screamed.
Liza is probably rampaging around on the Land King's back with Magic Edge Cannon and other finishers.

It seems to be in agony, the three heads have begun to randomly shoot out breath.

The breaths tear through the sand sea, annihilating mountains and islets on the sand sea.
I'm casually blocking them off, but there's no doubt that Sania Kingdom's capital would be in danger if it was hit by those breaths.

I arrived at the Land King's head and went to the forehead where the gem casket was located.


I tried calling Haifa who was embedded in the Land King's head, but of course, there's no response.

I could have used Primeval Magic if I wanted to be doubly sure, but I don't feel like going that far for Haifa's sake.
The usual space magic should be good enough.

"--Teleport, there."
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
I used forbidden spell of space magic [<<Aport Any Object>>] and took Haifa out of the gem casket.
Looks like she's still alive, but her condition doesn't look too good.

With Miasma Sight, I see that there's a curse-like magic line connecting Haifa and the Land King.
I produced holy edge on the tip of my finger and cut off the magic line.

Next, sprinkling elixir on her head below should be good enough.

After finishing her treatment, I teleported Haifa to the outskirts of Sania Kingdom like with the others.
I'm sure someone would nurse her there.

"Hm? What'st that?"

A wand with Sun Gem attached on it is left behind in the depth of the gem casket.
It's probably the wand Haifa had.

I took it with [<<Aport Any Object>>] like with Haifa and put it into the Storage.

--Crisis sense.

A yellow gem near the place where the wand was emits a dark yellow aura that's extending to me.
It seems to be called [Yellow Gem of Soul Bind] according to AR reading.

The real nature of the thing was made clear after I skimmed through its detailed info.
Apparently, Haifa attempted to rule over the Land King by using this.

It somewhat seems similar with the spell art that was put on Lalakie Princess I saved from the Sea King at the sugar route during the Divine Punishment. <TLN: Detailed events of this are on the light novel version.>
Since the spell art that was used to control the Sea King originated from the yellow skinned demon, this item was highly likely brought here by the same demon, or its followers.

"Gotta purge dangerous stuff away, purged you go."

I purged the [Yellow Gem of Soul Bind] with [Space Disintegrate].


The Land King screamed out loudly from feet to head.
The purged parts seemed to cover a wide area.

"Deyaaaa, nanodesu."

Tama and Pochi unleashed their finishers on other heads of the Land King.
Looks like the damage passed poorly since they're not equipped with their true weapons.

"Tama, Pochi, come back here."
"Aye aye sir~"
"Roger nanodesu."

Tama picked Pochi up with Shadow Movement and went to me.
Tama's ninjutsu is way too convenient as always.

"Secret Art--<<Sun Slash>>"

I shouted out loud, showed an even flashier golden light than earlier, and cut off one of the Land King's head with [Dimension Slasher].


The Land King screamed out loudly.

"Secret Art--<<Sun Slash>>"

I cut off another head of the Land King.


The Land King is swinging its head around to try to shake us off.

"Shake nanodesu."

Tama and Pochi hug my legs while screaming and having fun.
I contemplate a bit while patting their heads.

Only this head we're on remains.
Cutting this one off is simple, but I'd like a bit more drama for the [Make God Heraruon's authority widely known] part.

"Liza, I'm pulling you back here, okay."
『Yes, Master.』

I talked to Liza with space magic [Tactical Talk] and pulled her back with Unit Arrangement.
After telling Liza the plan after this, I teleport the three to where Nana is.

Left alone, I take the stance for the fake secret art for the third time.

"Secret Art--<<Sun Slash>>"

The third fake Sun Slash is a dummy that only consists of light.

I wrapped the Land King's body with purple colored light using light magic, and made it look like it guarded against the dummy Sun Slash.
Additionally, I restored two of the Land King's heads with advanced water magic recovery spell.

The Land King apparently is capable of restoring its heads to begin with, it's even adding more heads like Hydra of the Greek myth.

"Did I overdo it?"

That thought did cross my mind, but all is right since it accomplished my objective.
Now it should like like I'm in a pinch from the view point of people watching on the castle and high grounds.

Matching the timing of the Land King's head swing, I made myself get blown away to the direction of the capital.
Of course, I didn't forget to make the sword shine golden brightly to make it clear that I was blown away.

The direction is a bit weird physically speaking, but I think only a few would care about that kind of thing.

I crashed to a building like a cannonball, destroying several buildings.
Since I clad myself with Magic Armor, let alone injury there's not even a speck of dirt on my clothes, however I put dirt and clotted blood-like paints on my clothes for the sake of the performance.

『Master, are you hurt anywhere?』
"Yeah, I'm fine."

Liza asked anxiously through the still connected [Tactical Talk].
I'm more worried I'd make a mistake holding back and instantly kill the Land King.

"Oops, not letting my guard down--"

I blow away the falling debris and cloud of dust with one swing of my sword.
When I jumped from the collapsed building to the roof of a nearby building, cheers erupted from the spectators.


The spectators' cheers are heating up nicely.

"Now then, think it's fine to finish it off now?"

Sun Slash barrages are fine, but I'd like a more dramatic attack.

That reminds me, Zanza boy of the [Clan of Sword] mentioned something about a higher version of the [Sun Slash].
If I'm not mistaken--it's called [True Sun Slash] or something clichéd like that.

I'll borrow the master swordsman' lines while I'm at it.

"O God Heraruon, who witnesses from heavens!"

I expand golden light around me using light magic.
Of course I'm broadcasting my speech using wind magic the same I did earlier.

"O 『Golden Sword Heraruoph』! Eradicate the wicked apostle of demon lord with your radiance!"

I raise the sword toward heavens, at the same time, the golden light that wraps around me extends to the sky.
Furthermore, I change the shape of the simple light pillar that extends to the sky into the golden sword shape.


Looks like the performance went well.

For some reason, the Land King began to step back when it saw the illusion sword.
It might even go away with just a bluff at this rate.

"Secret Art--<<True Sun Slash>>"

I estimate the right time and swing down the sword while saying some embarrassing line.
Right when the illusion sword hit the Land King, I used the advanced level space magic [<<Divine Dimensional Blade>>] and cut the Land King's in two vertically.


The split Land King is sinking into the sand sea with people's cheers as the BGM.

"--Did that do it?"

I tried raising a clichéd flag, but it doesn't seem like it's rising up again.

This would have been the time for it to transform into the second stage if it were a demon lord, but it doesn't seem like the Land King, a mere familiar of a demon lord, has such regenerative capability, its corpse has been turned into an object on the sand.


I keep the light on the golden sword to respond the rooting.

Well then, wonder if this accomplished God Heraruon's order?

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