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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 30

Chapter 30 Tama, Mushroom and Me


"As a magician that is."

Master, please don't drop me down after lifting me up.

"You're obviously better as a magician. Bearing four elements. In addition, no-chant and chant shortening are stuff that even professional magicians might not be capable of. Even then, the firepower is lower. And yet, that doesn't seem to be the case at all for you."

I'm sorry, I didn't even know that chant exists. I might be a BS existence for people who study magic the honest way.
After confirming those stuff, we begin the technique development. Now then master, bring me your unreserved opinions.

--30 minutes later

"How's that. So when you're combining them, wait for this timing and do it like... this and that."

--One hour later

"I see, I see. Then the loss would kept at a minimum if I change it like this when invoked right?"

--One and a half hour later

"Niice. Then turn this one..."

Master's and my secret move development went way over the time. Master's subordinate even came to pick him up since he was way late, the guy was really mad. Eventually, the subordinate dragged Master with him with teary eyes when he said, 『Eh, just forget about that』. I'm sorry Mr. subordinate.

There's no training tomorrow, thus I'm gonna accept a quest and train in the dungeon.

Tama-chan's with me after all, if there's some quest that can be done inside the dungeon, might as well do it while leveling up.
I'd also like to test my new techniques and our coordination. Now that's decided, to the guild.

Adventurer Guild 10 AM. It's packed with people unlike the sparse times I've been here up until now. I mean, several parties are overrunning the quest board, I can't see anything!? Kuh, being short is hard.

I somehow managed to get in front of the board by slipping through the gaps between the adventurers. Wh, who the heck touched my butt?

Wonder if there's a good quest around~?

<< Rare Mushroom Gathering >>
Please gather 『Eggplant Mushrooms』 (smooth elongated mushrooms) dropped by 『Lostshrooms』 in Dungeon Fonbran. Get as many as you can.
Reward: 1000 mani for each
Date: Evening of the third day
Client: Solomon's Pavillion innkeeper
※Please bring the requested item to the client directly and ask for the completion mark.

It seems the client is Donur-san. For now, I'll decide after checking this quest's details. But still, is it an eggplant or a mushroom, what an unclear ingredient.
Err, and Eleanor-san is... Ah there she is, I'll line up at the queue in front of Eleanor-san's quest counter.

15 minutes later.

"Thank you for waiting. Next one please... Wait, Nobusada-san. Are you accepting quest?"

"Actually, I'd like to decide after knowing more about this."

"Eggplant mushrooms? I think Nobusada-san would be fine on 2F as long as nothing unusual happens. However, you have no choice but to leave the drop to luck. Do you have a map? If you do, I'll mark the place where they group together for you."

"Oh! I do, I do. That'll really help. Then I'll take this quest."

"Yes, I've ascertained it here. Be careful okay."

I even got informed of the places they swarm, must be a good omen. Awright, Tama-chan, let's do our best.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

We quickly walk toward 2F once we get into the dungeon. Going straight on 1F will get you to 2F. There's really a lot of beginner adventurers on 1F. Or rather, I'm one of them. Oh right, got to set my first class to Thief. Kinda feel like it'll increase the drop rate somehow. Please go up, I'm begging you. My second class is still Otherworlder. I'd love to gain a bit more MP for the magic and technique development.

Sounds of my footsteps echoed in the quiet dungeon. And then a Pawn Dog is standing tall on a passage with no obstructions.

Pawn Dog Lv 3
HP:15/15 MP:0/0

"Wind Bind!"


Here's a mutt whose hind legs are tied up by a ring of wind and cannot move. Fuhahaha, you shall be become nourishment for Tama-chan.

"Tama-chan, go!"

Tama-chan hurls herself at the mutt with my signal. Do your best Tama-chan. Its mouth and forelegs can still move, so be careful.
Afterward, Tama-chan beat up the mutt while I re-invoked the Wind Bind every time it was about to run out.
And then, Tama-chan was right below the mutt's chin when it started to stagger.

"Tama-chan, uppercut!"


I called it uppercut and all, but it's actually a whole body blow. Well, it's all about feeling. The mutt's HP finally turned zero with Tama-chan's body blow. Good job, Tama-chan.
I kindly pat Tama-chan. She's shaking like she's feeling good as I pat her. What's this lovely thing, I wanna take it home. ...Oh right, I did.

Teretettette~♪ Thief leveled up
Tererete~te~tentettere~♪ Tama-chan leveled up

The fanfare's different than mine for some reason! This stuff is way too elaborate, Levellit-sama.

Since it's a body blow, Tama-chan also receives damage depending on the enemy's and Tama-chan's defense. Her HP decreased a bit since she hit some bad part, so I used Heal on her just in case. I wasn't sure if it would work on a monster even though it was a Tamed Monster, but I was relieved to see that she healed just fine.

Afterward, Tama-chan hunted a Pawn Dog that appeared along the way and we went down to 2F.

2F doesn't look too different than 1F, but the atmosphere feels heavier somehow. And it's a bit dim. Since it's the first time I'm on this floor, I put Tama-chan on my shoulder and advance cautiously.
Fortunately, I reached the place where the quest monsters group together without any encounter along the way.
Looking around. ...There they are! Mushrooms as tall as a kid, walking around. It's the kind with limbs that's common in stories. However, there's no face, I don't know how to distinguish the front and back. And, one, two, three... Seven mushrooms huh.

Tettere~♪ Discerning Magic Eyes leveled up

Lostshroom Lv6
HP:24/24 MP:2/2
Dungeon-birth fungal genus lost mushroom Lostshroom. They don't have eyes, but they will come attacking you if they detect you. They can link between themselves within a certain range, be warned. The Lostshroom itself is not a food, be warned. There are also specimens that spread poison around.

The info is more detailed than ever, maybe because Discerning Magic Eyes-sensei leveled up. Still, scientific name? or rather, they can link. It probably means to say that Link will turn inactive monsters into active ones if there are same specimens inside the combat range. I assume that Discerning-sensei displayed the info in a way that's easy to understand for me. Still, link-type huh... It'll be bad if it turns into a train of monsters.

Since the Lostshrooms are looping their movements, attacking when they're far from us and drawing them here sound like a good plan.

"Tama-chan, wait."

Tama-chan stands by diagonally behind me. I'll have her evacuate behind a cover if she needs to.

I'm gonna use pure magic without modification this time.

"Fire Arrow!"

Bwoosh, with that sound, a fire arrow flies toward one of the Lostshrooms. It hit a Lostshroom nicely. Just as I thought, the hit rate is higher than the modified one.
Not sure how to find out how much damage to death when it doesn't even show it, it's coming straight here either way. I grab my iron sword and ready myself. Unlike before, my posture is that of the Attack Form/Kata.


The Lostshroom is charging here while roaring weirdly, where does its voice even come from.

Lostshroom Lv 6
HP:8/24 MP:2/2

Mumumu, the damage is higher than expected. Perhaps fire element is its weakness.
I just need to finish it after this much damage. I change into Counter Form/Kata and measure the timing. Right when the Lostshroom is about to headbutt me, I swing my sword toward it. The Lostshroom that was nicely cut in two disappears into particles. With no drop, aphew.

Fire element is their weakness.... Then maybe I can kill them all in one fell swoop using Fire Storm? If not, it's highly possible that I can create high temperature blue flame through image modification. Alright, let's give it a try once there's only a few of the separated ones left.

I beat the Lostshrooms one by one along with Tama-chan. When there's only three left, it's experiment time. By the way, the total killed so far is four. One gave red magic stone, and one gave Hen-of-woods (maitake). Guess I'll make some maitake tempura next time.

I got right outside their sensing range to measure the fire storm range. Doing so had gotten easier since I somehow understood the effective range after Discerning-sensei's level up.
Then I invoke the magic once the three Lostshrooms have gone inside the range.

"Fire Storm!"

Torrent of flames roast the mushrooms. I cancel the magic once they had been burned to cinders. The fact that the Lostshrooms cannot move from the swirling fire was a nice miscalculation.
The 『Filth sterilization!』 plan is very possible with this. In short, I'm just going with <<Search and Destroy>>.

I turned the cluster grounds into scorched earths as I went around the places Eleanor-san marked. Hahaha, filth sterilization! How sad, this is really extermination.
Whoopsie, I got too much into it again. But it feels like I just have to inspire myself like that.
I mean, the eggplant mushroom aren't dropping at all. I've burned more than 40 shrooms now, yet just why. Well, I got myself Hen-of-woods, shimeji mushrooms, Fly Agaric and magic stones though.... hm? There's poisonous ones mixed in them.

The time is nearing evening already. I also need to tread the way back, guess I'll end it after the next cluster ground.
By the way, apparently, Tama-chan receives experience point even if the enemy is killed by my magic. She's growing up nicely. I think she can most likely win against a Lostshroom in a one-to-one fight.

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