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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 164

Chapter 164 Strongest Sage, Predicts Moves


『The 14th is ready!』

『Roger! If you see a weird reaction from the Dragon Vein, immediately activate it!』

I resumed my attack after Ruli reported she was done preparing.
This time I'm not attacking with a sword, but hitting fast by using magic on myself and on the ground.


The demon evaded it while sounding irritated.

--He's acting.
In fact, I'm attacking in accordance to this demon's plan.

As a proof--there's a trap that the demon has prepared beforehand on my feet now.

Since it's installed inside the Dragon Vein, the trap is hard to find and powerful.
Of course, I step on it because I've predicted it.

And then the demon attempts to activate the trap on my feet just as I predicted.
If the demon activates the trap, Ruli's magic will nullify it and I'll hit the demon with the real attack during that chance.

『Hold it, don't be lured by his trick! Defense magic!』

The demon got a message through magic right before he activated the trap.
Hearing that, without hesitation, the demon immediately stopped the activation and deployed defense magic.

....I see.
Reading moves is the job of the demon giving the instructions huh.

『Lure, does that mean... He found out about the Dragon Vein magic?』

『No, I doubt he could find that skilfully hid spell art in the middle of this fight. ...He must have guessed something because you were acting suspiciously.』

I heard their conversation in the communication magic as I ceased attacking and jumped backward.

Looks like they haven't realized that I've detected the magic in the ground... The demon giving instructions seems to be well experienced in combat.
In fact, this demon did act suspiciously, thus even if I didn't directly find the trap, that was enough hint for the trap's existence.

『So the rumor that says Mathias Hildesheimr is the reincarnation of Gaias is true?』

『Impossible. The era is too far apart, and if he were really Gaias, you'd have long been dead, I'd have long been blown away by his magic too.』
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Such a rumor is circulating among the demons huh...
Well, the part about Gaias reincarnation is correct though.

...Still, does that means the demon that's giving orders here knows the past me. He's quite ancient if he really does.
Well, every demon that met the past me should have all perished after all, so it's probably something he heard from his fellow demons.

Either way, that demon is giving quite the accurate instructions, and it seems this demon here has been trained to follow those instructions.
However, that fact can also be used in itself.

Jamming their comm at the right moment will create an opening.
The comm magic that they use is a type that's easy to intercept yet hard to jam... But the magic I taught Ruli should be enough to block it for 10 seconds by disturbing the environment mana.
And 10 seconds are more than enough time.

『Ruli, prepare the 17th magic along with the 14th magic. Use the 14th when there's a change on the Dragon Vein, and the 17th when I tell you to!』

The 14th magic is for annulling the activation of the trap in the Dragon Vein.
And the 17th is a magic to disturb the environment mana, obstructing long range magic... especially comm magic and such.

Those magic have their own names but assigning numbers to them makes things easier in coordinations like this.
These two supports will help me smash the demon's defense magic.

And a few seconds later.

『It's ready!』

Ruli contacted me.
Now then... Let's break apart this anti Disqualified Crest magic plan.

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