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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku Chapter 16-24

16-24. Sania Kingdom (4)


Satou here. Cleaning things up is unexpectedly troublesome. Simply cleaning things is simple, but you've to pay attentions when you're trying to uphold the spirit of [A bird does not foul the nest it's about to leave].

"Hmm, looking at it like this, it really is huge..."

I muttered while looking up at the body of the Land King sinking at the center of the sand sea.
The Land King who had stepped inside the capital got pushed out to the sand sea in the middle of its fight with me.

"Master, I've retrieved the magic core."

Liza comes back with a magic core that's taller than her on her shoulder.
A red magic core whose grade seems quite high, it's already a fortune itself. It's practically the same size as the Great Monstrous Fish Tovkezeera's core.

"Master, I have secured the crystal body at the head so I report."

Nana reported while shouldering an amber colored crystal.
I wasn't planning to get this one, but since I rescued Haifa through a peculiar mean, I took it anyway to hide that.

"Thank you--I'll store it right away."

I lengthen the magical psychokinesis that is the force magic [Magic Hand] toward the gigantic crystal and put it in the Storage.

"Now then you two, let's have a triumphal return to the royal capital."

Tama and Pochi have returned to Shiga capital after the battle, so there's only us three here.
I walk on the sand toward the port together with Liza and Nana who gave their affirmation.

The port's facilities have turned into mountains of debris after getting crushed by the Land King's feet and stomach.
Reconstructions will probably take a considerable amount of time and money.


We could hear a huge cheers from the soldiers at the port.


Looks like someone have spread my name, people who call my name wrong have decreased sharply.
That's fine and all, but it didn't end with just them calling my name as they began to stand before us, asked for my handshakes, hugged me and said their blessing.
I don't mind getting hugged by young beauties, but please just spare me from the rowdy men.

As I walked toward the palace while waving hands to people who called my name, a wagon stopped in front of us.

"Sorry for the wagon, but come and get on it! I'll get ya straight to the open space in front of the palace!"
"Thank you, it really helps."

Now I can avoid the machos' hugs and handshakes with this.

I thanked the soldier and got on the wagon with Liza and Nana.
The wagon's frame creaked when we got on it since the Land King's magic core is gigantic.

The route on the way to the palace is filled with people who went out of the shelter, extolling the god's name [Heraruon], and shouting [Pendragon] house name.
Good chance as any, I raise golden sword Heraruoph up high to reply them and let it shine golden colored light.

"Heraruon!" "Pendragon!" "Heraruon!"

Since the golden sword looks quite showy, the reaction is remarkable.
With this much praises from people, I'm very sure that the [Trial of God] is cleared.

However, not everyone was speaking good things.
There were some who reproached [Clan of Sword], or said something like, [It's good enough as long as the true owner of Heraruoph, Pendragon is here] or 「We don't need 『Clan of Sword』 and 『Clan of Wand』 anymore].

There were also men who seemed to belong to the [Clanf of Sword] mixed among the soldiers, looking at me with bewildered and loathsome expressions on their faces.
I never planned to sow seeds of discords in this country, so let's deny it when I found a good timing.

I continued the golden light performance until we arrived at the open space before the palace.

"Sir Pendragon! You did well to subjugate the Land King!"

When we reached the palace, Sania King who brought the prime minister with him greeted me at the gate.
But they're not the only ones here.

"Apostle Pendragon! Good job accomplishing the 『Trial of God』!"

Head Priest of Heraruon Temple wearing a gaudy robe also greeted me in front of Heraruon Temple that faces the open space.
I don't mind you taking high ranking priests and miko(s) with you but please stop with the [Apostle] thing.

Now then, this situation is like when you're presented with the option [Which is it!] in a GP match.

Walking to the head priest here would be the correct answer for my objective, but I turned toward Sania King first.
Sania King breathed a sigh of relief, the head priest had a sour look on his face.

"King of Sania, I have killed the Land King as promised."

I smiled and lightly bowed per Shiga Kingdom's custom.
And of course, there is no such promise.

I ignored the king who was walking to me with both arms open and turned around toward the people.

"Everyone! Listen well!"

With the aid of Amplification skill and Deception skill, I announce to the surrounding people that Sania King requested me the subjugation.

"The 『Land King』 which played a part in the destruction of the world led by the 『Dog-Headed Evil God』 once has been destroyed by the power of great God Heraruon and divine sword Heraruoph!"

For now, I told them that the pillar of light reaching to heavens and the gigantic golden sword shaped from it were all god Heraruon's power.
The people who have gathered here seem to believe that, they're unanimously chanting god Heraruon's name.

Alright, the [Trial of God] should be good with this.

"However! Not everything was accomplished through the power of God and divine sword!"

After I said that, people begin to repeatedly call my name after God Heraruon, that's not it.

"Before I fought the Land King, the 『Clan of Sword』 and the soldiers stood on the front line to drive back the Land King's familiars, the <<Desert Scorpions>>, then the 『Clan of Wand』 and other magicians came rushing in to rout them."

For the time being, I'll praise the [Clan of Sword] and the [Clan of Wand].
Sania King had a grim look on his face, the expressions of people of [Clan of Sword] and [Clan of Wand] softened.

Additionally, the Sand Demon Scorpions being the Land King's familiars is just a setting I made up on the spot, I don't know if it's true or not.

"Furthermore! The one that protected the powerless capital from the Land King's attack was the King of Sania's 『Protection of King』!"

In fact, the shock wave from the breath attack I blocked would have destroyed quite a lot of the capital's buildings if it wasn't for the protective wall Sania King erected using the [City Core].

"By the words of God Heraruon!"

I shouts out while lighting the [Golden Sword Heraruoph] golden like its name.


I forgot to praise the priests who helped healing people evacuated from the front line.
But it'd be awkward to retrace my speech here, I'll give donations to other temples besides Heraruon Temple too later, forgive me with that.

"『Clan of Sword』 and 『Clan of Wand』, take each other's hands, and together be the shield that protects Sania Kingdom and the glaive that destroys invaders, shoulder Sania Kingdom, devotes yourselves to Sania Kingdom! Without forgetting your gratitudes for God Heraruon who watches over the kingdom, live well!"

I don't think this will make everything goes well in this country, but it'd be nice if it helps people facing toward a peaceful future even a bit.

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After the performance at the open space, I returned the [Golden Sword] Heraruoph to Sania King and visited Heraruon Temple.

Just like the time I received the trial, I reported to God Heraruon through the [Oracle Miko].

『--Splendid. I bestow you my mark.』

God Heraruon's words were really simple.
I think he should have said something more, but since I've completed the [Trial of God], my objective here, I'm not complaining.

>Title [Heraruon's Mark] Acquired.
>Title [One Approved by Heraruon] Acquired.
>Title [Heraruon's Saint].
>Title [Heraruon's Apostle].

Un, I don't need the last one.

After the short meeting with god, my consciousness returned to the temple.
Lights pouring down from heavens gathered into particles of light and turned into one slim dagger.

I catch the dagger that's slowly falling.

According to AR reading, it's called [Golden Dagger Heraruseph], seemingly a kind of [Divine Gift Holy Sword]. Just like the [Golden Sword] Heraruoph, the blade is golden colored, made of orichalcum with a small Sun Gem embedded on it.


The miko who had come to sounded surprised to see the dagger on my hand.
The other miko(s) and priests who are helping with the ceremony also look shocked.


Miko-san eyes couldn't see, could they.
In fact, light isn't reflected in her eyes there--then it hits me that she's seeing the divine gift dagger through me who's connected to her with mind magic.

Her cheeks are flushed red as she looks at the dagger like a maiden in love.

As a miko serving God Heraruon, a dagger granted by God Heraruon must be special to her.

"It appears that God Heraruon told me to give it to you."

I present the dagger to the miko as I say that.

I've decided to give this dagger to Heraruon Temple as thanks for helping with the trial.
I hesitated a bit to give something I got from someone else, but God Heraruon himself didn't say that it was specifically for me, thus there's a chance that it's for the miko I'm with. That probability is low though.

I do hold a slight interest to research the small Sun Gem, but that's it, I'm no really interested in the thing besides for that.


I smile back at the perplexed miko.

"I'm only able to clear the trial because of your help and Heraruon Temple's cooperation. It is only right for you and the temple to keep this sacred treasure."

I'm good with just the mark anyway.

"Now, please take it."

The miko timidly reached for the dagger and reverently received it.
After admiring the look of a miko in love hugging the dagger, I leave the temple.

"Hee~, so that's the Land King's body~"

Arisa and Mia who are standing on a high ground at Sania Kingdom voiced their impressions while looking at the sunk Land King's body at the sand sea.
After finishing the work at Sania Kingdom--Greeting the king and transferring the right of Land King's body to Sania Kingdom, managing the dispute with the master swordsman, Zanza boy and Myufa siblings, holding a meeting with the head of [Clan of Wand], the father of the problematic girl Haifa, donating a large amount of money to other temples besides Heraruon Temple, and fulfilling requests to distribute food at the slums--I go on a tour with the girls.

The damage isn't that severe besides on the port and the sand marine facilities, so there's no shortage of places to tour around.

"That's Land King of the Dog Head's Four Devas.... I'm really glad it didn't come out in my active years."

Hikaru said that while trembling.

"But Land King should have been sealed in the 『Sandstorm Labyrinth』. I wonder who unsealed it?"
"Ah that's--"

I answered Princess Sistina's question.

The girl who caused the trouble at the Land King's seal, Haifa took a secret ritual handed down among the [Clan of Wand] with her, therefore she's apparently going to be executed per Sania Kingdom's law.
However, since it's a scandal that would shake the country if they told the truth, they'd tell people that the seal was undone by demons.

Well, if I wasn't happen to be here by chance, not only Sania Kingdom, the surrounding nations would have also been destroyed for sure, thus I don't have any objection against the atonement miss Haifa has to take for the mess she caused.

"Next time, let me fight against a strong opponent desuwa."
"Nn, agree."

Lady Karina and Mia said some meatheaded thing.

Lulu, Hikaru, Sera and Princess Sistina are warmly looking at the two.
Looks like those girls aren't that interested to fight against strong enemy.

"Satou-san, the priests of this kingdom are really active aren't they."
"Yes, that looks like so."

Sera gave her praise as she watched priests giving out food at an open space nearby.
They're probably actively trying to gather believers because I've made generous donations.

"This is! Nanodesu!"

Tama and Pochi sniffed the drifting aroma and pulled my hands toward the source.

"Pilaf, totally delish~?"
"The goat meat skewers here are superb nanodesu."

Tama and Pochi who arrived in front of a store gave their recommendations to the girls who saw it for the first time.
Since Zena-san is in the middle of her journey to Seryu City, those girls are Arisa, Mia, Lulu, Hikaru, Sera, and Princess Sistina.

"Master, do sand fish live inside the sand?"
"Yes, that seems to be the case."

While replying to Lulu, I look for the sand fish swimming in the sand sea, and project them on my palm with space magic.

"Ichi--Satou sure is skillful."
"Satou-sama's magic is always wonderful no matter how many times I see it."

Hikaru sounded a bit tired, Princess Sistina spoke with a longing look.

I relished Sania Kingdom's specialy products together with the girls, and in the end, we took a stroll on camels' backs in the arabian night-like night desert along with a caravan.

Sipping on a cup of sake while gazing at the moon on a shaking camels in the desert was quite something.

Now then, I managed to clear the first trial though with an over production.
I set the airship's route toward the [Garleon Union] on the western edge of the continent in order to take the next trial.

Wonder what kind of trial would God Garleon give me.

I lean my back against the airship's seat while feeling slightly anxious.

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