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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 166

Chapter 166 Strongest Sage, Defeats


『Plan B... Close-quarter combats with random movements is it.』

『Yeah. I won't give you instructions anymore, fight like I taught you.』


Looks like the demon plans to fight in close quarter combat.
Close quarter combat against a Disqualified Crest huh, they really underestimate me.

It's true that demons surpass me in pure magic deployment speed.
No matter how fast a Disqualified Crest in that regard, it hasn't even been 20 years since I reincarnated.

That's why they think that they have a winning chance by making random actions with some kind of tricks and remove all foresights, however--.

"This can't be, how are you able to cope with it!"

The actual fight is one sided.
The demon misses all his attacks, all of my attacks hit him.

It's not like I read the enemy movements ahead of time or something.
I simply deploy magic to deal with all possible patterns that can be predicted from the demon's actions and remove the unusable ones.
Of course that means always deploying four to five magics in any one time, but that much isn't that hard with the capability of short range magic control of the Disqualified Crest by decreasing the magic power.


The demon who keeps missing his attack begins to fret.
My sword doesn't have that much power because of having to deploy many magic at once, yet I'm whittling down the demon's health and mana little by little.
Judging from the fact that he's not changing his battle style after all this, these demons probably don't have any hidden cards left.

And then... Dozens of seconds after the battle started, I make a bet.
I squeeze down the multi magic deployments I've been doing up until now to one attack magic on my sword.
The sword this time is an order of magnitude more powerful compared to all the slashes I gave the demon.

When the demon begun the close quarter combat, his attacks had this confidence to win the match.
However, the demon right now doesn't have that.
He's begun to abandon the idea of defeating me.

There's no way he can maintain his focus in such situation.

I evaded the dispirited sword by taking a half a step backward.
At the same time, I crush a magic stone on hand and augment my sword with the 【Special Magic Enchant】.

『This is bad, evade that!』
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I could hear a flustered voice from the comm magic.
Looks like the commandeering demon noticed the power of this sword.

--However, it's pointless.
Giving orders through comm magic is too slow in this fast tempo combat.
That demon probably stopped doing so because he knew that.


The demon immediately tried to use a barrier to block my sword, but that level of barrier is practically nonexistent before a sword augmented with 【Special Magic Enchant】.
The sword easily penetrated the barrier and chopped off the demon's left arm from the shoulder down.

Of course, I don't have a reason to stop my attack with just this.
I crush a magic stone and augment the sword with the 【Special Magic Enchant】 again.
And then I swing horizontally, aiming at the demon's neck.

"Defensive magic--"

The demon tried to block it, but there's no way he can do that after losing his left arm when he couldn't in perfect state.
My sword easily lop off the demon's head.


『I killed the demon.』


『Amazing! I believed that Mathi-kun would win, but for it to be this quick!』

『I could beat it this easily thanks to Ruli's supports on the Dragon Vein. And the two guarding Ruli. ...Alma and Iris, are they alright?』

『Yes! It was bad when the number of monsters suddenly increased, but not even one monster came to where I am! They're fighting right now, but the two are safe!』

Looks like there's a sudden increase of monsters on the floors above.
I guess it's not odd for that to happen after all the interferences on the Dragon Vein.

However--The two will have to guard Ruli for a bit more.

『Ruli, don't leave the Dragon Vein yet... There's still something to be done there.』

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