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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 187

187 Use Dependent


Jeers and booing swirled inside the elf village.
It eventually quieted down as someone seemingly took the lead.
Then around 30 elves came out of the gate with all kinds of weapons in hands.

"This has nothing to do with the elder! We're going to beat the living out of you and turn you into forest compost!"

The other group of elves caught up from behind, surrounding me from both sides.
That was when Shurin interrupted.

"I declare my defeat! Please stop with this meaningless fight. I'll be your opponent if you insist on taking him on."

Thus Shurin came to my rescue, which I declined.

"No uh, you stay out of this. Heck, don't butt in. They're gonna use you as an excuse when they lose."

"You won't run that mouth off for long! Men! Get him!"

I've heard that same classic line so many times already in this world. I never laughed at it, but this was an exception for once.

"Bahaha! Man, hearing that in real life sure is surreal. It's all so laughable. How'd you expect me to retort to that."

Mad at me laughing at them, the elves drew their swords and rushed at me.

But how many times would this make? I feel dumb for taking these people seriously.
Nevertheless, that doesn't mean I should wield my power carelessly and send these elves to the afterlife.
Doing that in retaliation is not exactly a mistake, but that would bring the elves' impression on me to the lowest.
Which is fine by me since I don't plan to interact with these people any more after this, but I think it's a good idea to avoid gaining enmity needlessly.
Thus, after entering 'Acceleration', I'm being careful as not to hit their vital points.

===  ===  ===
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I very lightly prick the shoulder of all the elves coming at me. That's it.
Even the slightest touch to vital points could end up in death when I'm in this state.

(This is no power control, but a discretion.)

I've given up on controlling this power during this state.
Instead, I am being very careful where to hit in order to minimize the end result.
In this case, I merely 'touch' the shoulders and nothing more.

(And now I just gotta observe how they end up like after undoing this state.)

So far, the results always betrayed my expectations or went beyond my imagination.
This is an important touchstone for the future.
Thus I undid Acceleration.

===  ===  ===

An interesting spectacle came into my view. And that would be.

All the elves coming at me got blown away all together in a figure skate pose.
This magnificent scene that would turn even a figure skating medalist pale put a smile on my face.

(Alright! All blown away in harmony. Let's go with this strat from now on.)

They crashed down the ground and nobody attempted to stand up.
Convulsing and twitching. Seeing they only passed out, I was gonna strike a triumphant pose but went against it.
That would just pour more oil into fire.

"Oy! Anybody else got a complaint for me? I'll take on anyone! Come on out!"

The gate opened and a crowd of spectators formed to watch the elves I beat up.
But all of them looked dead pale.
Seeing more than 50 elves got done in instantly came as quite a shock it seems.




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