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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 185

185 Whereabouts of Victory and Defeat


Come to think of it, couldn't they just like conjure up a tornado? I almost blurted that out loud.

(Seeing as that managed to overwhelm those goblins, wouldn't that work with these bees too?)

No point in asking now, and they did said that those bees could dodge all, so it must not work too.
I can read the room. It's better not to dwell on the past.

"What do now? Should we continue now that the issue is gone?"

Our race hit a snag but thanks to Serena's magic, we can resume right away.
However, Shurin gave a negative.

"No, I don't think there's any point anymore. I admit defeat. Or rather, it'd be weirder if I didn't after shown that."

Shurin readily said that. All while giggling at my nonchalant attitude.
With that we should leave this place, but then Serena asked for permission to strip the mats.

"We could make good spears out of these many Frenzied Bees. Their paralyzing toxin can also be used for traps and such. Milord, would you give your permission?"

"Ah, let me help. We'll get this done quickly. Thanks to him, the crisis turned into an unexpected boon instead. Thank you."

I was struck dumbfounded at Shurin's unexpected gratitude.
I gave the permission to Serena.

"How'd it get to this..."

I only said that as a grumble, but Shurin took that as me asking how the bees got here.

"Due to the magic beast rampage the other day, Frenzied Bees' territory saw a huge shift. And I got caught in one. I'm truly sorry. It was naive of me. I really still have got much to learn. I'm ashamed to be called one of the Strongest Five."
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I thought that title itself was embarrassing, like a chuunibyou, but opted to keep that to myself. We're in a different world, they won't get what 'Chuunibyou' means.
It'd be annoying if they asked back instead, 'Eh, is that a sickness?'

Once they were done with the stripping and putting the mats in the magic bag Serena brought with her, we hurried on back.
It'd be light out if we don't get back soon. And if it gets to that, they'd likely postpone the match till tomorrow. I want to be done with this mess by today.
Serena took the lead with me and Shurin following. We could have sent one ahead to inform the village, but the elf that ran off earlier might bring reinforcement. Thus, to prevent us missing each other, we're going back together.

We guessed right as around 15 elves came from ahead and checked our well beings.

"Are you two alright!? Any injury? You're not bringing those Frenzied Bees with you, are you?"

Yes, these elves only asked two. They don't care about me.
That's just how wide the trench between elves and humans is.

(Welp, they probably still won't listen even after I beat the five. Heck, even if they do, it would likely be a fruitless endeavor.)

"Milord, let us go on. There is no use wasting our time here."

Serena read my thought and proposed us to go ahead. We're still inside the forest. I'm confident I'd get lost. No, I definitely will by myself, it's as sure as burping after drinking cola.

(I managed earlier thanks to the tall tree being my landmark. I was lucky. But there's nothing like that on the way back, it's even got a barrier.)

The elven village is protected by a barrier that keeps humans away. Even if the path to the village is a straight road, it will feel like a maze that gets you lost.
Thus, I'll never get close to it unless I'm together with an elf from the village.
In essence, I would have lost in this match regardless of anything.

(I mean, it's clear as day this discussion won't work either way. Gadd, and Daria was it? The guys who were cheering for them must not think well of me.)

I did consider losing on purpose. Naturally. I will for sure get lost on my way back. But Shurin has admitted his defeat.
I could naturally lose with the excuse, 'I couldn't get back to the village thanks to the barrier' and ran away.

"Oy, hold it you bastard. You end here. Die!"

That word became a signal as the 15 elves enclosed me.
Their action proved my guess. Remove outsiders. This cinches it.
At the end of the day, people like this will never accept it unless I beat them all or even all the elves. No, these types will never accept it even after I did that as they function on emotions alone.
In short, people you just can't reason with exist everywhere.

"How dare you toward milord, do you not listen to elder's decision!"

"Did the elder order this? Or did he not?"

Serena was enraged, while Shurin tried to confirm things as his bald head shone.

"Hmph! Who cares about five warriors. Losing to this feeble human? You're all a disgrace. Forget about that and just make a mince meat out of him with sheer number in this wood. Elder? Who's gonna listen to that decrepit fool?"

"Don't you feel a hint of gratitude to him for saving Serena's group? I do, and being a human is no reason to look down on him."

I was dazzled by Shurin's nature. And no, I don't mean the sunray reflected by his head.

"Gratitude? Ha! It was their fault they got caught. They reap what they sow."

Wonder if they know about the magic tool. Even putting that aside, these guys don't seem to have any empathy toward their own kind.

"I take it you are all doing this on your own then? Let me be your opponent here."

"Your sheer impertinence toward milord... shall be paid with thousand deaths!"

Serena's loyalty is skyrocketing so high, I feel like it's at 'too far to go back' level now.

(...Thousand deaths' just way too much okay? Let's take it easy here okay?)

"Ah, let's not get hasty here, killing your own is bad, don'tcha think? Besides, doing that is just gonna turn this into an even bigger mess. Serena, stand back. You too Shurin, come on now."

Once the two backed down, I grabbed a sword myself.

"Sheesh, I guess trash exists no matter the race huh. Doesn't matter if it's elves, or humans, this is a wake up call for me. There are good and bad people everywhere. It's all the same. The only difference is an insignificant one in outward looks. The insides are identical."

"You inferior breed! Don't you dare getting cocky! Die!"

Two of them came attacking.





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