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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 180

180 Not My Thing


(Oy, how far do you lot intend to crush my dream...)

"Your next opponent... is none other than me!"

What came out was a woman in a full bondage costume like some sort of performer.
She's even got a whip. Looking exactly like a bondage queen. My image of elves is utterly crashing down.
And naturally being an elf, the woman is beautiful with sharp eyes that really fit the entire thing.

On the watchtowers, different elves from the ones who cheered Gadd earlier cheered, some from women, 'Daria-sama! You're simply wonderful~!' and several from men, 'Forget about that guy, lash your whip on me instead!'.

(...'Onee-sama' elves huh... There's some genuine M too, what's up with you elves...)

"Nobody can escape my whip! Ah... I'm so excited to lash this whip of mine not on some random magic beasts, but a human in the flesh!"

(Oy oy, this all looks more and more suspects by the minute... This woman's as bad news as she looks...)

This female elf called Daria was doing a monologue with an enraptured face before she started rambling in excitement.

"Magic beasts are such a bore with their wailing! But you, surely you'll give me nice screams as you beg for your life, won't you? At least let out a nice one for me!"

(...This woman's a bona fide S, ah man...)

"That Gadd and his stupid muscles are so boring too! He's way too sturdy, 'That's it? Hmph! I don't feel nothing.' he said, oooh, can you believe that?! Say that again after you dodged my whip once!"

She's not stopping and even starts getting irritated on her own. She's also been observing me from head to toe multiple times.

"Compared to him, your body has no excess meat yet it's not all bones either, really tender, looking flesh... ufufu... fufufu..."
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She smiled darkly like a carnivore at me.

(She's seriously bad news! ...Get me outta here!)

The loudest alarm bell rang in my head. It's not because I can't win against her.
It's a 'Sense of Impending Crisis' all living beings have, telling me to keep away from her.
But just as I was about to run, Serena gave her advice at the most exquisite timing yet again.

"Daria is a master of whipcraft as you may surmise milord. By combining her mastery with wind magic, it is practically impossible to read the trajectory of her whip. Please be careful milord."

Listening to her made me lose my chance to run away.

"Come now! Entertain me as best as you can! I'll whip lots and lots of cute screams out of you."

As she said that, 'hyu!', a sound of cutting wind was heard.





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