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Okami wa Nemuranai 45.11


"Hyo hyo. I see I see. But you're aware that you might be barred from ever setting foot in Palcimo if you go with me."

"I got no more business with this town and dungeon once we conquered it."

"Hyo, hyo, hyo. Excellent."

Lecan grinned as well.

Then he recalled something.

"Oh yeah, I heard having you along will fill the role of one and a half people."

Jiza fell silent for a while. Then she asked with an oddly low voice.

"What does that mean. You, what do you know."

"Era Morfes supposedly received two gifts from Mazara Wedepasha. One is a wand, and the other is a masterwork made with the help of Yacklubend. I wasn't told what it is."

"Who did you hear that from."

"My magic teacher."

"What's their name."

Lecan paused.

This elderly mage would likely go seek out Shira if he spoke her name. She'd definitely find out how Shira is an apothecary that lived in town of Vouka who was also said to be the Herb Saint's master. Knowing that alone isn't really a big deal, but it'd be obvious to Jiza that Shira is closely related to Mazara Wedepasha. Which could turn into a clue that leads to the fact that Shira is a detested undead.

"I'm not sure if I can disclose it."

"How is this master of yours related to Mazara-sama?"

Can't exactly tell her they're the same person.

"Right, my master told me. I'm to tell you that I've been initiated in <Rush Flare (Gailvey)>."

"What'd you say!"

Jiza looked surprised for once.

"Lecan-chan, did you learn <Rush Flare> from this master of yours?"


"You can use <Rush Flare> then, Lecan-chan?"

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"Oh my goodness."

"What about it."

"Era Morfes-sama was bestowed the art of Ancient Word Magic by Mazara-sama."

"She did huh."

"Era was unable to wield Modern Word Magic passed down in Morfes Household well despite the enormous mana she possessed, but once she learned Ancient Word Magic, she gained enormous power. Era would then completely immerse herself in the world of Ancient Word Magic."

"I see."

"One day, thus spoke Mazara-sama. 'Don't get too crazy on it. Yes it's true that many spells of Ancient Word Magic are powerful, but Modern Word Magic also has a lot of handy spells. It's all about how you put them into practice. Don't narrow your world view now, you hear me?'"


"Era talked back. 'But there is no Modern Word Magic spells that can surpass Ancient Word Magic in term of firepower.' And Mazara-sama said to her, 'That's the narrow mindset I'm talking about', and demonstrated an example of powerful Modern Word Magic in the form of <Rush Flare>. As Era had been fighting dungeon monsters all her life, she never entertained the idea of going up against an army. Era was awfully fascinated by <Rush Flare> and entreated Mazara-sama to teach her the spell. But she was unable to learn it."

"What? That's weird."

"No matter how much she practiced, the most she could cast was only 200 <Fire Arrows> at once. According to Mazara-sama, it could not pass as <Rush Flare> unless she could cast thousands if not tens of thousands <Fire Arrows> at once."

"Didn't seem like she was lacking mana or something."

"Apparently not. According to Mazara-sama, it was because Era was the type who used logic and reason to cast magic, whereas <Rush Flare> requires its user to cast magic instinctively and with extremely precise mana control."

"Ah. Yeah, sounds right."

"And now you are saying you have learned to cast <Rush Flare>?"

"Got a passing mark at least."

"Would you show it to me once."

"Fine by me. Here and now?"

"You plan to burn down this whole forest? The townlord's soldiers are going to arrest you and you can forget about dungeon diving. No, let's save it for another occasion."

"Got it."

Jiza must head back to her lab and make preparations. She needs to inform their to-be companions too. But the board of directors might notice what Jiza is plotting if they don't move fast here. Hence they would go inside the dungeon in one day time.

"Okay then, I'll walk around the town instead of diving in today."

"Yes, do that. Ah, right, Lecan-chan. There's one thing that's been bugging me. Is the necklace hanging around your neck perhaps a <Necklace of Intuador>. And a specially made one at that. Could you let me have a quick look on it?"

Lecan took off the necklace and handed it to Jiza.

"I knew it. Lecan-chan. Would you tell me how this comes to be in your possession?"

"We were ambushed by Jaira, an adventurer party, at Dungeon Ninae, they almost got us, but we won in the end. That was when a retired adventurer by name Jade entered the scene, their lives were spared thanks to him. The following day, they sent six platinum coins and this necklace as an apology."

"They went and did all that, huh. You see, this necklace was my creation."






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