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Okami wa Nemuranai 44.11


Just as Lecan had anticipated, the Petitfire Dragon began swelling up its throat to shot a fireball.

The dragon moved its neck as it opened its mouth wide, unleashing a fireball.

From Lecan's point of view, the dragon looked to move sluggishly, the shot fireball also flew slowly. However, its firepower is quite something.

He easily dodged the fireball. It landed behind him, causing an explosion.

Petitfire Dragon swelled up its throat and shot out another fireball at Julius. Of course Julius also easily dodged that.

The dragon started charging up for another fireball. As both its legs are full of wounds already, it must be using fireballs to buy time and wait for its legs to heal, making use of dragonkind's astounding natural healing factor.

Lecan and Julius moved to the sides while maintaining their distance from the dragon.

Its fireballs are loaded with a lot of mana to afford their firepower. That amount of mana is not insignificant even for dragons. Its mana would diminish if it kept shooting fireballs. As it mana lowers, it will slow down and get less sturdier. In short, they're adopting a strategy to peel off the dragon's mana and enable their attacks to go through.

A fireball was shot at Lecan. He was going to dodge it, but Eda was just behind him currently. Lecan used <Shield of Wolkan> to flick away the fireball.

The rock below Lecan's feet crumbled down at that point, stumbling him.

This little blunder is nothing to Lecan. He can easily regain his balance and <3D Perceptions> constantly monitors the enemy's location anyway.

But it looked as if he was in a dire crisis from an outside perspective.

Petitfire Dragon took a giant step forward and attempted to attack the fallen Lecan ahead.

That was when Julius lunged forward and cut off the Petitfire Dragon's left leg with his <Gale Sword>.

'Ah', Lecan was surprised inwardly.

The slash was a sigh to behold.

The entire swing of the sword looked as if it was shining.

That's just how terrific that slash was.
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The dragon tumbled down.

Julius dodged the falling dragon with minimum movement, then he was already behind the dragon's neck just as the thunderous falling sound echoed, and cut the neck clean with an overhead slash.

That was the decisive blow.

"Yay! You did it, Julius-kun!"

Eda elatedly approached.

As for Julius himself, he's staring in blank amazement at the sword both his hands are gripping.

"What was that move. What's it called?"

"Name? Move? No. I did not utilize any technique. I just swung my sword as hard as I could."

It clicked with Lecan at this point.

Julius is a prodigy. But not a versatile type like Arios, he's a swordsman whose talent specializes in slashing attacks.

Arios must have noticed his son's latent potential. However, refining that potential with Arios's knowledge and techniques will not let it develop beyond Arios's knowledge and techniques.

Hence why he let him study under Lecan. Lecan doesn't teach forms. He doesn't know any to begin with. By letting Julius get stimulation in real combats along with Lecan, Arios was looking forward for the day Julius breaks out of his shell on his own.

At any rate, that was a splendid stroke of blade.

The overhead slash he made afterward to cut the Petitfire Dragon in one swing also boasted terrifying sharpness.

Considering his sword being one of the finest, and Julius himself being an adventurer who has reached Dungeon Tsubolt Floor 120, his foundations have always been sufficient. The last step he needed was to harmonize his mind and techniques.

When you think about it like that, the half-baked feeling Lecan had been sensing from Julius was like that of a bird who was suffering from its own indecisiveness to take flight.

Julius has learned how to fly now. With his enormous wings.

(Looking forward to Dungeon Palcimo's expedition even more now.)

Lecan cut apart the Petitfire Dragon's body with a Solid Sacred Silver sword, and put them away in <Storage> before taking the magic stone out.

"Julius. This magic stone is yours."


"It's a commemoration for your dragon slaying feat. Well, just sell it off if you're tired of the thing."

"T-thank you so much, master!"

"I'm so glad for you, Julius-kun."

"Yes. I owe it to Eda-neesan too."

"I'll sell the rest to Chaney later. The money will be split down the line, no objection I take it?"



"Now then. This dungeon is going dormant. We're done with this town."

Lecan, Eda and Julius left the dungeon, then Town of Rotor.

The last time they conquered the dungeon, the town had a huge commotion they couldn't take it easy. It would likely be a repeat this time. They have food anyway, so they're camping tonight.

The night at the camp was a fun one.

The grilled meat and heated liquor tasted sublime.

Eda made really good soup. Apparently Eda learned how to make use of uncommon spices and ingredients during her stay at the capital, and the ingredients she stocked up at Mashajain came in handy right away.

After meal, Julius practice swung his sword in the darkness of the night forest. His sword had a different sharpness to it compared to yesterday.

Lecan enjoyed the sounds of a sword cutting winds.





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