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Okami wa Nemuranai 12.12_13_14


After the eighth house visit in the afternoon, the three went back to Norma's house.

Since the <Recovery> Eda cast on Norma before noon was very effective, Norma asked Eda to do it again just as they arrived at her house.

"This feels so nice. Like every corner of my body is getting cleansed, purified. It takes away my fatigue and brings my internal organs up to snuff."

Norma muttered something before suddenly standing up.

"Do you two even need this training at all? Even without any knowledge about illness, wounds or even patient's symptoms, your <Recovery> would just make everything right anyway. And you've got unlimited mana to boot. I mean you can even cast magic without a wand."

"We're adventurers. In a dungeon, we tend to come across situations where <Recovery> needs to quickly heal wounds more than accurate <Recovery> that requires understanding on the cause and symptoms. However, considering all possible situations we could find ourselves in with <Recovery>, knowledge on symptoms and causes of an illness is also important. I believe Shira sent us to you with that in mind."

"Humm. When you put it that way, I suppose such knowledge won't be a complete waste. Rather, you're a big help to me, and especially to my patients. With you two, we could likely treat patients considered untreatable or those suffering from long term illness."

"We will leave it to you to decide whom to examine and treat in general. We want to learn how to do treatment under your instructions and tutelage."

"I got it. Let's take a break tomorrow. The day after tomorrow, you can watch me treat people at the medical center. You two probably won't have a chance to use <Recovery>. Alright then, make sure to come by the day after tomorrow. Ah yes, we'll prepare your lunch for you."


"So we're takin' a break tomorrow. Lecan, what's your plan?"

"To the orphanage."

"Ah, that's nice."

"Forgot to mention, I went there already, yesterday."

"Ah, you did huh."

"It was tiresome."

"I still can't believe they'd ask Lecan to take care of children."

"I don't get what that vice temple head is thinking either."

"But, that's weird. I don't think they'd ever ask you back after you went there once."

"That's what I thought. Why would they want me back and for many times?"

"Who knows?"

"Well whatever. I'm heading to fetch some flowers in the forest now."


"Got a promise."

"OK then, I'll continue the cleaning and prepare our dinner."


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"It's uncle wolf!"

"He's here~"

"Don't let'im get away~~"


The children rushed off to encircle, cling on and stop Lecan from moving. He'd crush them if he moved.

"Y-you're so popular, aren't you?"

Eda was perplexed.

"Bend down, uncle!"

"Bend down, bend down!"

"Bend down~, bend down~"



It's now a customary for Lecan's coming to equal a piggyback march.

The older kids are apparently out gathering firewood right now, so only 18 children of 10 year old and less are here now. But their voices sounded like a yell from hundreds of infantrymen to Lecan.

"All right. Five children a time. Who's first."




"Me first."

"The order has been decided!"

Once Lecan declared that, the children who had been yelling their lungs out quieted down all at once.

"Smaller children get their turn first. Everybody, line up according to your height, shorter first!"

'Waaa', the children formed a line. But some would try to crouch down to make themselves look shorter and go to the front.

"Straighten your legs! Straighten your back! Those who try to cheat won't get a piggyback!"



"Boo boo boo."

The children formed a line even while complaining.

"You five at the front, come."


"I'm first~"

"Bow down, hurry hurry."

"I'm taking the head. You get on the shoulders."

"I'm head~"

The clamoring children mercilessly grabbed on Lecan, rode on his head and shoulders, clinging hard on Lecan with their arms wrapped tightly on him. The kid on the left couldn't cling on Lecan well with his small arms, so Lecan grabbed that kid with his big left hand.

The kid clinging on his head is slightly bigger than the other kids. Two other kids are clinging on Lecan's head on both sides.

"Our destination today is the stone steps at the temple's entrance!"

"Uncle, are you going to break god again?"

"How'd you know that."

"I mean, everybody's talking about it."

"I didn't break it because I wanted to."

"Then why did you break it?"

"Simply because I was stronger, that god just broke by itself."

"No uh, Lecan. That doesn't make sense at all."

"This onee-chan. Uncle's lover?"

"Course not. Must be his daughter."

"Did he kidnap her?"


"Keep it down! We're commencing the march!"

Lecan slowly walks forward with five children riding on him.

However, even though Lecan considered it slow, the children following him had to keep up the pace.

"Wolf Unit, march on~"

"Trample down all bad guys~"

"Trample down~"

"One, two. One, two."

"All hands, march on."




Eda was struck dumbfounded as she watched Lecan leading the children as a pack.

"He's a complete natural..."

Afterward, Lecan gave flowers to the girls.

Eda taught the girls how to play with thin strings to create animal and plant shapes.

Lecan amused the boy by playing a catch and throw with a big ball created from ivy.

The older kids came back before noon, then they took a nap together after having a meal together.

The vice temple head dropped by just when Lecan showed the children his skill at shooting down thrown nuts with <Flame Arrows>, he got scolded by her. The children cheered the vice temple head for being stronger than Lecan.

Lecan had a strong liquor when they got back home. Eda made some food.

"You really can cook."

"Ehehe. Thanks."

The dishes were simple and modest, but they tasted good.


"What's wrong?"

"It was Shira-baachan who said I'm good at cooking."

"She did."

"Said she knew from seeing me do things in the campground."


"But, I've never camped together with Shira-baachan, you know?"


"So then how would she know?"

"She must have heard it from Nike."

"Ah, I see. That makes sense."

"Must be it."

"Wonder where Nike-san's at. I sure love to go on an adventure with her again."

"Hope so."


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