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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 318

Chapter 318 Strongest Sage, Confronts Demon


--A little while later.
After forming up a plan with Giruas and the girls, we got back to the lord's mansion.

"There's only... the demon inside the mansion. Guess we can go all out without worry."

Apparently the demon doesn't trust its human subordinates.
It's alone in the mansion now.

That demon... is on the second floor.
No matter how much it disguises itself, you can tell its location when you get this close.
As for its strength... Gotta see it myself before I could be certain.

After confirming that, I ask the four.

"Are you ready?"


"When you are!"

"Ready smeady, hell if a luggage carrier need to."

All looks good.
...The demon is letting its guard down at a room in the corner... Or so it makes itself look like, in reality it's closely watching over adjacent rooms.
We need to create a loud and dramatic diversion if we want to steal the [Coffin of Sealing].

This is where... Iris's turn comes.

"Alright, make it flashy."


As she said that, Iris kicked at the door to the lord's mansion.

Then... The door flew off.
Its hinges have been completely pulverized, splinters from the smashed door scattered everywhere in the mansion.

"Excuse me! I'm looking for a demon, is there one inside?"

While saying that, Iris randomly swings her spear around and kicks stuff everywhere she goes.
The mansion's luxurious interior is swiftly getting demolished into nothingness.

"Ooh! This is kinda fun!"
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"Don't break any pillar, it'd be a bother if the mansion collapsed."

"I got it!"

I joined Iris in this act of destruction while saying that.
She's right, destroying the building where our enemy lurks feels kind of exhilarating.

...That said, it's not like I'm doing this for fun.
We'd need to take an extremely long walk if we take the honest way toward the room where the [Coffin of Sealing] is seemingly being hidden.

So by destroying the mansion, we'd get the shortest... not the shortest route, but a much less longer one.
Iris's act of wanton destruction is merely a camouflage toward that end.
...Naturally, the demon won't put up having his house destroyed like this.

"Iris, above!"

A moment after my warning--the ceiling broke apart as a demon's claw tried to grab Iris's arm--no, it did.

"...This level huh."

I've got a grasp on our enemy's strength after seeing that claw.

This demon--is not an opponent I could hope of winning in a one-on-one fight.
Though it's not at the level of greater demons in the past era, it should be around mid-class.

With the support of the three girls, I could probably manage to put in some damage... But we would likely run out of mana before we could defeat it.
It's the next strongest demon after Zaridias in this era.

Claws of demons belonging to this class boast vastly higher hardness than magic metal such as mithril.
A slight graze from it would tear an arm off an ordinary human.
For ordinary humans that is.


Iris swung her grabbed arm, thrusting her spear at the demon along with the ceiling.
The demon dodged the attack... and stood between us and the hidden room.

"...I thought I sensed a weird mana reading, to think that was coming from such a monster. I suppose that's only right seeing you are here to steal that object."

Looks like it knows our goal of taking the [Coffin of Sealing].
I'm keeping an eye on the demon's movement while thinking that... then it opens its mouth.

"...I am the lord of this house... Giwald. You barged in here and started destroying everything... Your barbaric act shan't be forgiven. I will be calling the guards."

"A demon calling the guards? Is this a joke?"

I replied back to demon Giwald.

...Of course this demon has no plan to actually do that.
Its true goal is--buying time.

The demon may look like it's merely standing still, but it's really constructing a spell.
A spell for--material detection.
An advanced one that can even detect objects inside Storage magic at that.
I can't believe this demon is using that spell, makes things easier for me.

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