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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 101

Chapter 101 Sea Vacation (1)



We're currently having our honeymoon right now. Two days one night, us newlyweds are vacationing on the sea of dungeon 7F.

It's been a month since that event.
After that moment on, [Shut-in Lamia] changed into [Izumi Store]. The store's mascot character is naturally Tama-chan. With a bare-footed Mandoragorua drawn next to hers.

Our store's main attractions are medicine and skin lotions. Unlike Dornuko-san's store, ours mainly deals in the expensive ones. As for the sub ones, our catalog lists stuff I made for test runs. Even though I'm not satisfied with those items, Sefi-san and Eleanor-san told me they were good enough to be displayed in the store. It's mostly rings adorned with enchant magic. Well, digging up silver and all kind of metal is easy with a modified magic I created by combining Search Metal and Earth Wall, it's practically natural resources. How it's all free besides the enchant magic catalysts is so wonderful.

How did I, an amateur, end up making all these new medicines anyway. It's all thanks to Sefi-san's guidance and Discerning-sensei. People will consume those medicines after all, the fact that I can confirm its efficacy, quality and safety without a clinical trial speeds things up by a lot. Of course I didn't leave everything up to Sensei. Once I've confirmed that my creations seem safe, I test them on myself before putting them up for sale.

Due to this and that, and the unexpected popularity of our products, it ended up taking longer than expected until the situation at store settled down.

And once it has, we got here.

A vast ocean stretching out as far as eyes can see in the great hall we ignored during our first outing here.

This vacation is supported by a wide-ranged barrier I learned from Futsuno-san to create a safe zone for us.

The how to is quite simple, you there, take note.

1: Put juust enough mana for a long lasting wide ranging barrier to cover from the beach side to the depths of the ocean. And since I ain't gonna let my honeys in their swimsuits be seen by other adventurers, I mix in Space Camouflage to turn it into a special barrier.

2: Can't let the monsters prowl around in the sea so go ahead and shoot out one huge lightning magic to round them up together.

3: Gather item drops from all the monsters that floated up on the ocean to secure ingredients for our lunch, nice.

So, what do you think? Come again, that wasn't helpful at all?

HAHAHAHAHA, I mean yeah whaddya expect, Michael.

Whoops, got too excited for a bit there.

For the time being, I'll put up a sign outside the barrier that says, [Reserved spot. Protected by a barrier, do not enter]. Not a lot of people come here to begin with, but in case there are, I put that sign up so they won't report to the guild about an invisible camouflaged barrier they found. The guild has been informed of this through Eleanor-san too though.

"...Nobu, how do I look?"

Whoops, Mitama is calling.
Okay okay, what's up, OH, amazeball.

That white bikini is too dazzling. The perfect symmetric of those physical objects directly assaulting my eyes.
Their elastic flexibility that leaps and bounds every time she moves turns me into a captive. How her tail is moving around due to her good mood is cute meow.
How do I put this, even though my impression of her consists of her sleeping and eating, Mitama's got the healthiest body of all.
Ah, we brought these swimsuits at Maniwa-san's store.

"You look really good. Not sure if I can hold back from attacking right here and now."


Yup, I'm aware. I'm only enduring cuz of my steel self-control.

"Nobu-kun, Nobu-kun, how 'bout me?"

"Aahn, don't forget me Nobu-chan~"

"U-umm, compared to the two I'm... B-but I've tried changing as well."

I turned around and... Futsuno-san in a provocative black micro bikini is emphasizing her breasts toward me on purpose.
She's crouching to show off her cleavage, with upturned eyes. What a frightening girl! I mean, they're spilling out.

Sefi-san is wearing a swimsuit with a pareo, less exposures than the two. Her straw hat completes her summer vacation version. Her completely untanned skin sure brings about a slightly amorous feel to her.

Eleanor-san is in a racerback-like swimsuit. It does look really good on her slender body. Her healthy charm that makes her look like she's about to set a new record is overflowing.

As they lean on my back, twirl around my arms, come from the front, trying all kinds of strategy to appeal, if you're looking for one particular person, she's.

"Ah, milord~. Why am I the only one like this nanoja~?"

Kagura-san is the only one in a school swimsuit, in her little girl mode. The tag name on her chest has big 『Kagura』 written. Classic, just classic.

As it turns out, Kagura-san cannot float up due to her low body fat percentage. Strictly speaking, everything except her breasts can't float. It's weird how her breasts alone aren't muscley with how much muscles she packs, but that's one mystery of woman's body. It's tayun tayun, fuyon fuyon. I suggested her to change into her little girl mode as a potential solution, and it worked. I also made her a swimming ring made of Swimming Viper's leather which has low water resistant just in case.

"It's cause you can't float. That's dangerous in the sea. Besides, I think you look cute like that too, you know?"

"Gu-gunuu. 'Tis the sea after all, I shall endure being able to sort of swim since I cannot swim for real."

Whoosh, Kagura-san ran up to the sea. She dived in together with Mitama. When I asked if the girls could swim, they told me they would usually swim in rivers and stuff during summer (except Kagura-san).

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After swimming for a bit myself, I was relaxing in a handmade hammock when I sensed a presence behind me.

"Nffuffu. Nobu-chaan. Just what are you doing relaxing alone leaving your lovely wives behind~"

"'Rite 'rite, gotta punish this sinful husband!"

Fumoa! Melons are assaulting me in a pincer attack!
What a blissful way to go!
I'm happy and all, but maybe you wanna give some room.
I'm tellin' you, I can't breathe, for real...
Oh crap, feels like I'm seeing things now....

~~Oval Office inside Nobusada's brain~~

President Nobusada "Gentlemen! I love boobs!!"


President Nobusada "I love droopy fruit I could hold in these palms! I love massive twin hills! I love lethal weapon-like mountain ranges capable of sending you flying! I love sheepishly covered smallish rotundness! I love every one of them!!!"


Nobusada 0083 "President! How about lolita?"

President Nobusada "That will be a nay! Definitely nay! Immature mind and body are just way too much for your president! At least until they hit the marriage age limit of Japan, absolutely not!"

Nobusada 0080 "President! How about loli BBA?"

President Nobusada "That'd be a yay! And it may not be that rare here with long living people like elves and such around."

Nobusada 0093 "So then, what if Kagura-san comes at you in her young girl mode?"

President Nobusada "It should be a yay, but since I'm not sure how my son will react then, let's not go there forever. Hm? What's wrong Nobusada 0079?"

Nobusada 0079 "President! I love boobs, but I also love ass!"

President Nobusada "That's another yay! Your president loves boobs the best, but that doesn't mean he dislikes other parts. Eleanor-san's tight hips are a sight to behold, no?"

Nobusada 0079 "Yes!"

President Nobusada "Well then, gentlemen. Let me hear your voices! Repeat after me!"

President Nobusada "Hail oppai!"

""""HAIL OPPA~I!""""

President Nobusada "Hail boin!"

""""HAIL BO~IN!""""

President Nobusada "Hail chippai!"

""""HAIL CHIPPA~I!""""

President Nobusada "Hail hips!"

""""HAIL HIP~S!""""

President Nobusada "Hail bod!!"

""""HAIL BOD!""""


Uwoooh, no no no. I almost limit broke myself to Nirvana due to the extreme bliss there.

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