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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-53

17-53. Peaceful World, and--


※ The banquet scenes are quite long, those who can't be bothered to read them can jump from ■■■ to ■■■.

Satou here. I remember reading the line, "A period of peace after war is the time to prepare for the next war] in a novel. Well, I suppose that's what you get if you only have the state of war and peace, but I completely agree on the part of peace being hugely important.


We were greeted by the brownies at the Solitary Island Palace.

After dumping the [Outsider]--Bizarre Creatures' head honcho [Gold Bird Tree Fish (Chaos)] in the black hole at the center of galaxy, we made our way back at Solitary Island Palace.

"Should have been 『Welcome home』 there."
"I know, right. With the [e] part reversed of course."
<TLN: Reference to Gunbuster apparently.>

Arisa and Hikaru were exchanging such conversation.
I know the reference, but joining in there would leave the other girls behind, thus I ignore them.


After taking a short rest with tea the brownies brought out, Echigoya Firm's manager Elterina and Tifaliza came out of royal capital gate.
According to the panicking two, the moment we entered Nether Gate, demons along with demon lord believers that had been in hiding showed up and caused disturbances all over the world.

Can't believe there were still some around after all the clean up we did.

"Ichirou, want me to send out my familiars to exterminate those pest?"
"No, I'd rather not."

Collateral damage done by Kagura's familiars--the dragons would be far humongous than those demons and the believers would ever cause.

"Kuro-sama, that lady would be?"
"--Oh she's the Dragon God."

The grinning Arisa replied in my stead.

"Oh is that right, Dragon God--sama?"

After a bout of Manager screaming out and Tifaliza passing out standing, they were back to normal with recovery and mind magic. Magic is so convenient.

That aside, let's take care of the disturbances in the world.

I've obtained the entire world's Map while dealing with the purple towers back then, thus I know where these disturbances are occurring right away.
Fortunately, the locations I have connection with aren't suffering major damage.

Picking up spots that couldn't be handled by the local people, I made use of [Omnipresence] and quickly dealt with the disturbances as hero Nanashi.
Some guys even brought out [Floating Islands] from Lalakie's Civilization, but I seized those islands into my Storage, so they're toothless now.

"Kuro-sama, about the matter earlier, what should we do?"
"Oh I've dealt with it already. Didn't interfere at places where the locals could take care of it themselves though."
"Were Kuro-sama aware of the incidents already?"

Since Tifaliza misunderstood, I told them that I took care of it during our conversation just now.

"But then, just when did..."

I showed them two Satou right before their eyes as they didn't seem to get it, I also talked about how I acquired this power.

"--Ascended God?"
"Kuro-sama has taken the lowest seat of the pantheon..."
『False. Satou-sama is our lord. Humans must revere Creator God Satou-sama. Karion said so too.』
『I didn't. Urion should deliver Tenion's message first before spouting nonsense.』

God Urion and god Karion have shown up at the palace before anyone realized.

"Did something happen in heavens?"
『Heavens is peaceful. Aside from Garleon and Zaikuon fighting a lot, reconstruction effort is progressing smoothly.』
『Urion should get back on topic. Message is about human world. We are here to report about how we have imparted oracles because of disturbances all over the world. Tenion asked us to ask whether we need to directly interfere or not.』
『Karion is way too business minded. Replying to Creator God-sama's questions is important.』
"Thanks for the message. Direct intervention isn't necessary here."

After I said that, the two young goddesses vanished with lights.

"...Creator God?"
"I knew it, Kuro-sama has always been a god from the very beginning."

Tifaliza's misunderstandings grew even deeper.

Anyways, I told them how the world's problems are now mostly back in human hands to deal, and that I would like to hold a huge banquet to celebrate world peace before long.
Manager said, "Allow me to take care of arranging things", thus I left the particulars to her.

"Hey, master. You're not gonna revive Demon God?"

Arisa whispered in my ear once the two left.

Arisa told me she would offer her Authorities if needed.
Her glance is directed at the purple little girls.

"--Milord is over here, you know?"

The purple little girl who asked us to go to Netherworld took a pouch out of her chest pocket.
It looks like a magic bag <<Holding Bag>>, but AR readings tell me it's a sacred treasure with unlimited capacity, Inventory Bag.

The purple little girl held the bag upside down, its content fell out.


A baby came out of it, so I hurriedly caught it.

As I sighed in relief, a stylish lantern fell on my head.
There's a purple light confined within the lantern.

This is--a God's Fragment huh.

"This is?"
"I picked it up over there, you see?"

This can't be because of [Gathering] skill I gave her before we went to Netherworld, can it?

I saw Kagura grinning.
I see, it was her ploy huh.

The baby appears to be a type of homonculus who only possesses a physical body without a soul.
Since it's genetically identical to me, it must have been created from either my or Demon God's DNA.

I'm not sure for what reason has this baby been created, but I can't just let him die like this.
Might as well grant it a soul.

"Unit Creation--『Demon God』"

[Demon God's Fragment] confined in the lantern-shaped seal went to the baby, reviving the Demon God.
Since the body is that of a baby, the revived Demon God remains a baby.

"Your name is Ichirou. Get along well with other gods, okay."

The baby nodded, floated up and began revolving around me.

He changed his orbit after I opened the gate to Realm of Gods, and went on to join other gods next to god Tenion.
Please make a new myth as [Eight Pillar Gods] from now on.


The purple little girls trotted away, chasing after him.
Realm of Gods are not like physical world, but being Demon God's familiars and all, they adapted to it without any problem

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◇ 【The banquet scene is quite long, feel free to jump to ■■■ if you would.】

"Cheers for Master's ascension!"
"Cheers for world peace!"
"Cheers for safe return!"


A huge banquet is held, sponsored by Echigoya Firm. It's been seven days since it started.
You can find gourmet food and delicacies from all over the world in the vast banquet venue which officials and VIPs from all over the world could enjoy.

The venue is at a [Floating Island] I seized during the uproar the other day, with gates connected to all over the world set up on it. It won't be permanent, but I've made it so anyone can enter the gate in the duration of the banquet.

At first, the banquet ended in three days with only the bigwigs coming, but from the fourth day onward, I made it into a masquerade party.
And yet I couldn't really enjoy the banquet until just now since I had been stuck dealing with sudden visitors and taking care of troubles in Realm of Gods.
But today, I'm gonna put everything off and enjoy things here.

Looking around I saw lines of people in front of a Colosseum-shaped arena.

I found a familiar face and walked up to him to ask about it.

"What are you all lining up for?"
"Apparently fer' a whole roast of 『Great Monstrous Fish (Tovlezeera)』!"

An explorer of Labyrinth City, Dozon-sama didn't seem to notice me with my disguise mask on.

"You ain't gonna get this stuff anywhere else, I'm lining up even if it takes days!"

Well, I guess you can't eat it elsewhere.
This food is made possible by Lulu who has become a familiar god.

Since the beastkin girls' dots are inside the arena, I concentrated there.

"This is good. Silver leather's chewiness is truly on a whole other league after all."
"Pochi prefers the soo~oft red meat herself nodesu! You bite on it like gafu gafu, it's the best nanodesu!"
"Tama likes both~?"

These girls are happily biting into kickboard-sized meat next to the head of a Great Monstrous Fish with no one else around.
There's big plates and tableware on the ground near them, but they seem to prefer biting on the meat directly.

Another person--another god is present there.

"Chomping this fish's whole head in one bite tastes super good too."
"Owh, greato~?"
"Pochi does that a lot with mackerel-san and sardine-san too nodesu! She faces up then do the a~n then chomp nodesuyo!"

Kagura--the little girl form of Dragon God Akon Kagura was gulping down a portion impossible for ordinary persons to finish.
She's eating small cut of meat in her little girl form naturally. "I prefer a more well done one", she said as she spitted fire to roast the meat a bit more, delighting Tama and Pochi.

I'd like to join in and eat together with Kagura and the beastkin girls, but even as the main guest, I feel bad cutting the line after seeing how many people are in it.
We've still got more Great Monstrous Fish, I can just ask Lulu to make more after this banquet is over.

Surveying the venue from an overlook, I see several spots where crowds gather.
Might as well see every one of those.

"I believe this is the mountain fruit area?"

Sweet yellow citrus, vermilion spring fruit, and dark gray solid fruit with fermented alcohol inside, all kinds of fruit get split in two, providing the flesh part and juice to people.
Every one of the fruit is two meter width, three meter long giant fruit, thus there's never a shortage.

"Masita, this one is sweet."
"Yummy. Masita, have some fruit too."
"Young organisms, that's your nose so I inform. You should make the a~n face and let me feed you, so I encourage."

Nana was together with the duchy capital's sealkin sisters at the Yellow Citrus area.
Other orphaned children from nurseries at Labyrinth City and other places are enjoying all the fruit they want near Nana as well. The majority are girls, perhaps the boys have gone to the meat festival corner instead.

"Masita, we brought honey with us."
"We got Ant honey, Lalagi-san's syrup, and Bear honey here."

Wingkin Shiro and Crow came over flapping their wings.

"Yaay, it's honey~."
"So sweet, so good."
"Bear-san's honey."

The children swarmed the two like ants to sugar when they heard about honey.

"H-hang on."
"Nana-sama, save me~"
"Young organisms. Form an orderly line, so I recommend."
"Let's all form a line."
"Gonna go help masita."

The sealkin sisters went and made the children form a line.
They must have gotten used to it from food distribution at the duchy capital.

"Owner, how's the taste of your hometown?"

Seryuu's city general merchant, Nadi-san and the store owner, Yusaratoya are enjoying dish cooked using world tree's sap and fruit. They're together with Mia's parents.

"We're sorry about this Nadi-san. Elven relatives live together for hundreds of years, so lots of them are too lazy to speak more than a few brief words. Both Raya and Yuya only speak briefly. But this isn't particular to men. Just see Mia, she's only about a hundred years yet she goes and mimics Raya."
"Lia, eat."

Mia's father, Ramisauya-san brought fruit into the mouth of his wife, Mia's mother Lilinatoa-san to stop her from overwhelming Nadi-san with her maximum chatter.
Looking again, Giril-shi and his grandchild, Lerilil, manager of [Ivy Pavilion] are also there. Looks like they're helping the brownies at the fruit area.

I also had sent an invitation letter to owner-san's uncle, the retired Trazayuya-shi, but he hasn't shown himself yet as of now.
He was busy moving to the opposite end of the continent along with his wife on the day I sent that letter, so they're probably still packed. I'd like to give him a chance to meet Yusaratoya and Mia's parents one of these days.

Next to the lively fruit area, I found Mia and Sera.
This spot seems to be a mushroom area. A gouged out dome-sized giant mushroom is set up to be the venue. All kinds of mushroom dishes are provided inside the hall.

There's lots of faeries inside.

"Mia-sama, what kind of mushroom is this?"
"Isn't that a monster that spawns in dungeons? Is it really edible?"
"Of course nano! Ghosrooms are really really tasty no. It's delicious nanoyo? And nutritious too nano. It's even good for beauty no. It's true you know?"

Sera who was hesitating to try out a slice of table-sized Ghostroom was finally persuaded by Mia's chatterbox unleash, and timidly put a slice in her mouth.

"W-well then--so good! Mia-sama, this is so good!"

Mia also starts eating the ghostroom while looking like, "obviously."

"The first chew is a bit tough, but once you get past it, the mushroom flavor just spreads out in your mouth. Please do have a try. This marvelous flavor rivals even that of duchy capital's enoki and Eluett shitake."
"Ufufu, if Sera would go that far, I suppose I'll give it a try then."

Sera who's fallen head over heels to Ghostroom preached the head miko--presently miko apprentice Lily--and other temple officials.
I've told Lily about my ascension, and she easily believed me with a weirdly accepting look on her face, perhaps partly due to her rejuvenation.

"There she is! Misanalia of Boruenan!"
"Athena, you may make your exit if you are going to cause trouble."
"Y-yes principal-sensei!"
"Mia-sama, do you mind letting us eat ghostroom together with you?"
"Nn, sit."

Looks like Miss Athena of Shiga 33 Wand who's burning with rivalry spirit to Mia is no match to the principal of Royal Academy where Mia temporarily enrolled at.

"Fresh radish is really good."
"Can never get enough of this slight spiciness."
"This round Sakurajima radish is just the best."
Hooded orckin, Ga Hou, Ri Fuu, Ru Heu and other orcs were enjoying radishes from all over the world at the vegetable area located right behind mushroom area.  We've got other kinds of vegetables too, please do enjoy them all.

Next to the vegetable area and mushroom area is the meat dish area.

"This dish called Hamburg steak is really good, it's also often served on Earl Pendragon's dining table."

Princess Sistina are recommending Hamburg steak to the first prince Soltrick and their youngest sister, princess Doris. Godbird Hisui cried boastfully, 'piru piru', in a corner exclusively for serving hamburg steak.

"Shelmina-sama, this sukiyaki dish is really good, isn't it."
"Oh yes, soaking a beaten egg in it mellows it down pretty nice."

Fake apostle Kei, and Marquis Shelmina Dazles of Makiwa Kingdom are having their fill at the sukiyaki corner along with people of eastern kingdoms. A huge difference to the contest of meat held by the handsome prince of Silga Kingdom and the macho warriors.

"Monster meat is not without its worth."
"This humble me prefers marbled Oumi beef myself."
"Marbled is fit for old bodies. As for me, this lean meat fits me best."
"Anyone fancy steamed chicken if you've had enough of oil?"

Shiga Eight Swords [Wind Blade] Bauen-shi, [Weed] Heim-shi, [Holy Shield] Reilas, and ex-Shiga Eight Swords Lotor are having a heated debate about meat.

"Like you can eat those small stuff. Ou, you brats come with me."
"Aw yeah, time to chow down."
"Looks so good gau."

Shiga Eight Swords [Mower] Ryouna who had encamped herself in front of a whole cow roast offered some to Usasa and other [Pendora] kids. Looking closer, princess Awayuki, Semeri and Miss Ryouna are enjoying the meat and booze like they had been fast friends for decades.

"Wish Pochi-neesan was here to eat this too."
"Are you friends with Pochi-chan? Me too."
"Nee-san is our master. And you're?"
"My name's Yuni. I learned how to read together with Pochi-chan, you see."

Underlings from Royal Academy met up with Yuni-chan.
Next to them, Gate inn's innlady and Martha-chan are watching over them warmly while enjoying the food themselves. The chef old man has a serious look on his face as he attempts to steal the flavor.

"Is it really alright for us to come here."
"Should be fine no? I mean, lady Marientail even delivered us a letter straight from Satou-san."
"It's nice how you're so easygoing."

I hope the innlady and Martha-chan stop worrying about all that stuff.

"Oh, they've got lamb here! I often had some in my hometown Kainona."
"Better than goat, but I'm not too fond of it. I prefer meat from a wild boar."
"Ruu, Lilio. I know it's free and all, but mind your manners please, what are those piles on your plates."
"Eeh, but y'know."
"Listen to Zena-san. Refrain from actions that would bring shame to Seryuu Earldom."

Looks like Zena Squad is enjoying themselves.
Zena-san's little brother, Yukel-kun and his wife, god Parion's miko Ouna are having fun with meat dish nearby. Behind them are Ms Ouna's father, earl Seryuu, then viscount Belton father and child, and then knight Kigori and knight Soun, their bodyguard.

"Salt is superb with deep-fried prawns."
"Oh don't you make light of dipping sauce and ginger either!"

At the deep-fried food area, sure enough, the duchy capital's glutton nobles, Marquis Lloyd and Earl Houen are going commando.

"Everything is good, but I like kraken tempura best. China, and Dyumorina, how about you two?"
"I like that sweet pumpkin tempura."
"Hard to disagree with sweet potato, but I think Muno-san's nori-wrapped chikuwa fry has no match."

Marquis Kelten is together with his granddaguthers, miss China and miss Dumorina, relishing on tempura. Their father, bureau chief honorary baron Kelten is on the front line of karage war.

"Erina-san, I think you're putting too much karage on your plate."
"But but, we won't get a chance to enjoy all this karage if we miss out this one, newbie-chan."

Next to a mountain of karage were Erina who worked as lady Karina maid bodyguard and newbie-chan.
Looks like the ban on alcohol is lifted for today, newbie-chan is having a cup of red wine along with karage.

"They've got cola here! And even fries and hamburger set!"
"Welp no choice but to eat then."
"Are you two by any chance Saga Empire heroes-sama ssuka? Arisa-chan presents, hamburger set made by Lulu-chan sensei's recipe, please do have a go ssu!"

Nell the red hair who's in charge of the food stall mimicked a line from a famous chain store to greet the excited hero Seigi and hero Yuuki.
Members of Echigoya Firm are working hard behind the scenes during this banquet, so I plan to hold a thank you party for those girls once this is over.

"Are those good?"
"Of course ssu!"
"Okay then, we will have those too. Without the potato though. What about you, Mary?"
"Right. I'm sure it's delicious since Lulu-san made the recipes, I shall have some myself."
"It bugs me that I don't see Loreiya and Wyrari anywhere though--"
"They're not children, they would be fine."

Hero Hayato's attendants, that is Rusus, Fifi, princess Maryest, lady Ringrande are here too. Looks like they're guarding the current two heroes.

Loreiya and Wiyaryi in question are in Booze area slightly away from here.

"Dragon Fountain liquor is the best."
"And it's drink all you want to boot, I wanna live here."

There's a fountain gushing out Dragon Fountain sake next to the blushing Loreiya, flowers of illusion are profusely blooming around a sprawled black dragon Heiron who's sniffing and humming. The flowers appear to multiply along with his humming.

When a member of Echigoya Firm fetched the Dragon Fountain liquor with a bucket and poured it into a mountain of glasses like that of a champagne tower, a round of applause resounded.

There's other fountains created by Ten-chan and the ancient dragon too, with drinkers gathering round.
Staff of labyrinth city's explorer guild and the guildmaster, general Eltar and the commanders, Julberg mother and son and Seryuu Earldom's lightning geezer and frost hag are here too. Muno Marquisdom's consul Nina Rottol who showed up out of nowhere has also wedged herself among them like it's natural.

"This strong stuff is pretty good, but this 『Spiritus』 is even better."
"Yes, master! This whisky is quite good too."

From Dwarf self-governing dominion, elder Dohar, and Zajir-shi are gulping down some strong alcohol, next to them elder Dohar's grand daughter, Jojori-san and handsome dwarf Galhar are flirting around while discussing about booze.

"Jojori-kun, how about this honey wine here?"
"That's for children, Galhar. I like Lalagi-made rum for sweeter stuff."
"Yo, Galhar. Already on a short leash eh?"
"Oy, Galhar. Show how dependable you are as a man."

Gnome mages, Don and Han pushed some really strong stuff on the non-drinker Galhar.
You gotta like your drink. I secretly removed the alcohol off the booze pushed to Galhar-shi. You can't make someone drink to death. No alcohol harassment, absolutely.

At the Stone Kiln area slightly away from here, a huge variety of pizza are being offered.

"Pizza really goes well with 『Blood of Lesseu』."
"No no, you don't go get wine with pizza, it's all about beer."
"Yea, this beer is some real good stuff. Eh, young'un."
"Y-yea. Right. I appreciate your praise of our product."

After leaving the labyrinth's lower layer with the threat of gods gone, vampire true ancestor Ban, [King Mummy] Corpse and [Iron Stalker] Armor, are messing with John Smith who's become a millionaire from beer making. False King Shin-kun is there too, but he's completely focused in devouring pizza. To the point that I'm worried about his usual diet.
The two bodyguards of John Smith, who are also candidates for his mistresses, are engrossed in eating pizza and don't seem to notice the help signal he's been sending them as he deals with the two inhuman-looking meddlers. Since his wife, Lilio is at the meat dish corner with Zena-san's group right now, he might be unexpectedly unlucky.

"Pizza is good, but my stomach lacks the capacity to conquer all this."
"Leftover, eat. Don't worry."
"Will you now, much obliged, o fox. I offer your spirit my gratitudes."

Friendships bloomed between the former sword demon lord, fox girl, and Yuika in front of a pizza-manufacturing stone kiln. I had invited the former depressed demon lord Shizuka as well, but she quickly declined saying, "I hate crowd."

"Ban-sama, is wine really that good?"
"You're the kid from tomato town. It's too soon for you. Come back when you're 20."
"Hear that, Kon. It's grape juice for us."
"Yep yep. Just leave the booze to me!"

The young princess of Rumooku Kingdom told Kon boy who was gazing longingly at Ban sipping his wine. The ones whacking Kon boy's back were the female hunter Kena of Puta town and beastkin men.

"Karina-oneesama, what's your favorite pizza?"
"I believe in teriyaki pizza desuwa!"
"Then let us bring some freshly baked teriyaki to Satou-sama."

Princess Menea of Rumooku Kingdom made that laudable suggestion to lady Karina.
Apparently, lady Karina is going around the banquet with these princesses today.

Below them, Chuu Fat and his mice subordinates are running around while carrying around pieces of cheese on plates. They're in charge of patrolling the banquet venue.

At the Japanese food area right next to this one, the whole entourage of Marquis Muno excluding lady Karina are enjoying vegetarian cuisine.
Looks like head maid Pina is taken by apricot porridge. Zotor-shi who's escorting the marquis family is sending regretful glances at the meat dish corner and Miss Nina who has gone off to the booze corner.

I wonder if the baby lady Soluna is holding in her arms Hauto-kun's child?

Leon-shi and the eldest son's wife lady Muse are watching over the baby warmly.
Orion-kun's face went beet red once lady Muse whispered something to him.

Sweet scent is drifting from the sweet area up ahead.
The vast sweet area is packed full with women and men who love sweet stuff.

"Enjoying your afternoon tea set like some upper-class ladies is the best."
"Arisa-sama, would you like seconds for your tea?"
"Thanksies, Rina-tan. --Huh? Where's Lulu gone off to?"
"If you're looking for Lulu-san, she said that it was time for the dismantling show and went to fresh fish corner while Arisa-sama was picking your cakes."

Arisa is talking to lady Rina Emlin, representative governor general of Brighton City of Muno Earldom. Her father appears to be a sweet tooth, he's having his fill trying out various sweets along with members of Bridal Knights.
The most popular one is [Lulu's Cake]. Earning high praises from countess Ema Ritton, wife of labyrinth city's governor general and her noble ladies entourage.


As I was watching Lulu's gallant figure dissecting a megalodon-sized tuna with an orichalcum knife, Echigoya Firm's manager Elterina and Tifaliza came over.

"We have received requests from many top persons of countries, asking for Kuro-sama--Hero of Salvation Nanashi's presence in parades."
"Parade huh..."

Arisa and the girls would gladly do that, but parading all over the world in many countries is not my idea of good time.

"If that doesn't sit well with you, how about sending out statues of Nanashi-sama to them instead?"
"If they're okay with that, guess we'll go with it?"

One of the gates in the center of the venue shined while we were discussing that.

--She's finally here.

◇ 【End of Banquet ■■■】

"Please come in, Aze-san."
"Satou, sorry for making you wait so long."

I'm aware that she's been helping god Tenion and other gods putting up the barrier that protects the world.
Besides, she's taken a short break in order to come here after entrusting her work to other high elves.

"Oh not at all. Nothing makes me happier than having Aze-san over."

I lock eyes with Aze-san.

There's no one around.
It's just the two of us.

Wait, isn't this a once a lifetime chance to propose to her?

"Aze-san. I have managed to ascend to godhood."
"Congrats Satou... No, I can't be too familiar here. Congratulations, Satou-sama."

After saying that with a prim and proper face, Aze-san giggled.
I was panicking for a second there when I thought she was being serious.


I took Aze-san's hand and stared in her eyes.
Aze-san who seems to have realized what I'm going to do blushes with moist eyes.

"I have fulfilled my promise. Let's get marr--"
"Made it."

Midway through my word, space was torn apart before purple and light blue hair came into view.
It's Arisa and Mia.

"Arisa-chan, impregnable defense!"
"Nn, impregnable."

They showed up, this impregnable fortress pair.

"We could feel your bubbly mood hard, so we rushed out here right away!"

Oh crap. Looks like my desire leaked out to them through our links.

"If you're making Aze-tan your bride, make us your brides too! You know I haven't forgotten your promise to 『marry me five year later』, master!"
"Nn, brides."

"Leave it at that. You're ruining such a good scene."

Then, Kagura showed up with golden and silver members.

"Are you okay with it, Mii-chan--Kagura? Didn't you pack in Suzuki Ichirou from all worlds out there to marry him for life?"
"I don't really mind either way though? Love is but an illusion. It'd cool down after a thousand years. It's rare for love to continue for hundred thousands, million of years. However, I'm confident in my love to Ichirou, even after hundreds millions, trillions of years have elapsed. I am fine as long as Ichirou stands by my side in the end."

Kagura is saying some End of Century champion-like lines.
What she said is awfully heavy, but as an important childhood friend and my best friend, I'm honestly happy to hear she intends to get along with me forever.

"Oh right! Gods are omnipresent aren't they?"

I've got a bad feeling about what Arisa said.

"Then, everything will be settled if Master just multiplies for everyone!"
"Nn, good idea."
"Meaning Master who exclusively cares for Tama and Pochi alone will show up!"
"That's awesomely awesome nodesu!"
"Does that mean I can have Master dodge my spear all I want?"
"A master for me alone..."
"Ehehe, my own private Satou?"
"My breasts are Master's property so I declare."
"Being able to discuss about spells to my heart's content is a fascinating proposition indeed."
"I can do food distribution and house visits together with Satou-san once again."
"M-my own Satou... Err, umm... I think that's good desuwa."
"Together forever with Ichirou-nii, that's like a bonus stage."

The girls got on board Arisa's nonsensical remark.
Well, the bride things aside, meeting their demands is a simple matter.

I made customized version of myself matching their age and race manifest before the girls.

"Master is a dogkin nodesu!"
"Catkin master is cute too~?"
"Master with scales looks just as gallant."
"Ears, matching."
"Shota, shota and more shota!! Shorts, put on shorts please I beg of you~"

Looks like I overdid the service a bit, Arisa is broken in a weird way.

"Satou-sama, let us two be alone over there."

Sera, what are you doing taking me somewhere hidden. Please stop looking like you're going to push me down right away.

"Alone together with Ichirou-nii, it's kinda embarrassing."
"Satou-san, will you go on a sky date with me?"
"Let's go research new spells at the Forbidden Archive!"
"I-it's time to train desuwa, Saotu! We're going to conquer unexplored dungeons together desuwa!"
"Master, hoping for a creation of our own young organism so I inform."

Every one of them tells me their wish.
As for Nana, hold on.

"It's so lively over here."
"You can say that again."

I took a cup of sakura-scented sake Kagura held out and sipped it.
Living such bustling lives like this isn't half bad at all.


Tama who had been touching my catkin's ears suddenly looked up into the sky.

Lightning run down the fine weathered sky, space got cracked open like glass.
The girls looked up, ready for a raid, but what emerged was a beautiful girl of junior high student age.
Her beauty seems divine despite her adolescence.

The girl looked around before stopping her line of sight on me.

"O otherworld god, please save my world."

Are you for real... And I was gonna enjoy some flirty lovely life with Aze-san for a while.

"You'll go save her, won't you?"
"Well yeah."

I walk up to the girl after confirming to Kagura.
Saving one or two worlds makes little difference.

"I'll help save your world. What do you need me--"

Halfway through my speech, spaces cracked open, a beautiful girl with horns on her head, and a blue-skinned beautiful woman showed up.

"""O otherword god, please save my world."""

This is way too much to be a coincidence.

The culprit is obvious.

"A smooth-sailing life would be a bore. Stormy and full of drama is the secret behind eternal life."

You'll get tired from just living then, no thank you.

"Okay. I'll take care of it, just wait your turn."

Right after I said that, more kids asking for my help showed up.
When did they multiply again. Not only girl, there's boys, hermaphrodites, and even genderless.

"Master, are you gonna go save other kids' worlds once you're done with them?"

When I answered with yes to Arisa's question, I saw Kagura laughing satisfyingly.

"Seems so."
"Leave it to me to take care of scheduling and management! I won't fail you with scheduling stuff!"

That's reassuring.

I leave it to Arisa to listen to them and head out to claim my well-earned rest.

Before I could walk up to Aze-san, Pochi and Tama blocked my way for some reason.
With the girls behind them.

"Pochi wants to master the power of god nodesu!"
"Tama wants to train too~?"

It seems like I'll have to postpone flirty lovely life for a while.

Well, I've got a long (godly) road ahead of me anyway, no need to rush it.
I took Pochi and Tama's hands, and Unit Arranged us to somewhere with their match.

Looks like I can't get away from a life of busywork (Death March) even in another world.

※Next up, Epilogue.

This will likely go on, but the next chapter [17-54. Epilogue] will close the main story.

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