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Okami wa Nemuranai 17.1_2


On second day of their recess, or the day before they go back to dungeon, Lecan went around with Eda looking for a bow. Followed by Arios and Heles.

Lecan did a lot of archery practice in his former world since he couldn't use magic then. He believes he's got a relatively good eye for bows.

He hesitated how big it should be. It's possible to deploy oversized bows in this dungeon. The bigger the better even on floor 1-20. Perhaps due to that, there's a lot of huge bows on sales, sizes that would be unthinkable in other dungeons.

However, too big a bow would hinder her, and it should also preferably fit inside the <Box> Shira gave Eda.

And yet, a bow that can't shoot arrows well is meaningless. It doesn't have to shoot too far, it just needs to shoot straight ahead at medium distance. A good long-range bow with no quirks.

After visiting many shops and tried many bows, they finally found the right bow. Resilient, no deviation, and the feelings of letting an arrow loose is incredibly nice. The materials used are of good quality, likely giving it a good durability despite its sober appearance.

Eda's eyes almost popped out when she heard it cost five gold coins and three big silver coins even though it didn't have a Grace, yet Lecan thought it was on the cheap side. Ordinary bows get to be this cheap in this town likely because there's a lot of Grace items in circulation here. However, even if you forgo the cost of the craftsman's labor, you still have to pay for the mats and production process.

Of course, Eda was made to pay for it.

They bought 100 arrows in the same store. Eda told him that her <Box> couldn't hold that many, thus Lecan kept half of those with him. They also bought some reserve arrowheads. They bought oil, cloth and string used to maintain in the same store, and was also taught how to do maintenance there. Since they found a nice store, they should finish up everything there if possible.

That store referred a curse grant store, and poison store to them. This town houses heaps of such stores within.

They put paralyze curse on five arrows at the curse store. The highest ranked curse that store could put on arrows. Costing about one gold coin per cast for each arrow. Eda wanted cheaper curses, but Lecan taught her that having five arrows with a high probability curse is better than ten arrows with a low probability curse.

They bought 20 paralyzing arrows at the poison store.



"Inside dungeons there are times when you cannot collect your arrows, or you might find arrows you retrieved unusable. So think of these arrows as one-use disposable."

"Eh? Really?"

"Use them while calculating what you have left. How many arrows you use in a hunt, how many arrows you keep for self-defense, plan ahead while adapting to the situation you're in."


The four had their late lunch when Lecan left Eda to Arios and Heles.

"Okay, you two go help Eda find her equipment."



"Since magic beasts from floor 22 below can spew venom, get her ones that cover her skin. Also lighter and sturdier shoes."

"Understood. Luckily for us, there's an endless supply of high quality thread here thanks to the dungeon. We will find her some first-class light webbed protectors."

"You do that. As for short swords, I'm lending her mine for the time being so you can ignore it. Get some good protectors, no need to skimp on cash."

"I understand."

Heles also nodded.

"We split up here. Gather back at <Jade's Restaurant> tonight."

"Got it."



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Lecan parted with the three and checked around weapon shops.

Not sure why, but this town barely has any store specializing in swords despite an abundance of spear stores.

And most of those sword stores mainly deal in Grace items.

Selling the Graces rather than the swords, which aren't really good quality-wise.

He shopped around for a while but he couldn't find a satisfying sword.

Lecan calculated he had around 70 gold coins when he sorted his possessions yesterday. He was planning to use it all up if he found a good sword, unfortunately there wasn't any.

Lecan decided to look at it from a different angle.

To him a good sword would be the <Self-Repair> sword which he broke. It was a wonderful sword that would repair itself no matter how rough he wielded it. It had no abilities to raise its sharpness or amplify its power, but it fit nicely in his hand and was really easy to wield.

However, he's got give up finding such a nice sword ever again.

In other word, finding that one sword he can use forever is just plain impossible.

Perhaps Lecan would find his new trusty sword at <Sword Dungeon> in the future, but until then he should consider swords as consumables.

Lecan has been holding himself back a bit whenever he wields <Sword of Rusk>. Thinking it would be a waste to break it after all the trouble of finding a nice sword.

That was a mistake.

Swords are to be used. To be brandished to its fullest. He simply needs to change to another sword if one breaks. He's putting the cart before the horse by keeping a nice sword he doesn't fully utilize.

He should buy another handy sword as a reserve, it doesn't have to be as good as <Sword of Rusk>. He'll wield that sword if <Sword of Rusk> breaks. And if that sword also breaks, he'll just buy another sword. He could also make use of swords in his <Storage> during an interval.

Lecan's mind cleared up once he decided on that.

As he went inside a small weapon store with a cleared up mind, Lecan encountered a sword.

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