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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 102

Chapter 102 Sea Vacation (2)


Our lunch was assorted marine products grills.

We lit up charcoal and simply grilled the fish and shellfish over it, which was superb.
And the condiment was my handmade soy sauce!
Yep, I finally did it. Tama bean soy sauce. After 49 trial runs, it was finally done.

Bubbles coming out of scallops, abalones, turban shells dropped by who knows what.
Saury, mackerel grilled with salt. Blueback and stuff made into namero. Other miscellaneous small fish for deep fryer.

The girls rushed out to grab the food every time I'm done making one, it's neverending!

Kagura-san who's usually a big eater already was chowing down everything next to Mitama.

"Fuhaa, I'm stuffed. Mine stomach's firmly in Nobu-kun's grip now. I can't get satiated without Nobu-kun no more."

"...Concrete satiation... Wonderful, blurp."

"Uuuh, I ate too much noja. I cannot move an inch."

"Thanks for the treat. I'll go wash the dish, honey."

"Nfufufuu, this side dish goes so nice with booze~"

Ah hey, Sefi-san's started drinking!!

She'd end up sleeping hugging the liquor bottle if I let her, so I hardened my heart and snatched it away from her. 'Iyaaan', she coquettishly protested, but I remonstrated her to wait until night.

By the way, tonight we plan to stay in the pre-built [Izumi Store Seaside Branch Office].
This jointless house made entirely from Stone Walls is a work of art at this point.

Ah, I may have said seaside there, but we don't have garnish-less curry rice or weirdly salty ramen here.
Speaking of curry, I just can't get over how I can't seem to find any spice for curry at all. Oh crap, and now I'm craving for it.

But man, been a while since we could relax like this.

Everyone kicked back and relaxed once we were done cleaning the dish. But this is nice once in a while.

Come to think of it, I haven't checked my status in a while. Wonder how's it look now.

Name: Nobusada Izumi - Age: 15 - Gender: Male - Race: General Human?
Class: Samurai Lv31 - Fist Fighter Lv24 - Monk Lv25 - Otherworlder Lv28
State: Healthy
Title: 【Izumi Family Head】
HP:914/914 - MP:134,218,059/134,218,059

Otherworlder Lv28(up!) - Fighter Lv30(M) - Fist Fighter Lv24(up!) - Magic Swordsman Lv8 - Genin Lv16 - Samurai Lv31 (up!) - Monk Lv25(up!) - Magician Lv10 - Conjurer Lv10 - Illusionist Lv12 - Alchemist Lv12 - Time Mage Lv5 - Thief Lv 10 - Hunter Lv10 - Beast Tamer Lv10 - Merchant Lv10 - Slave Trader Lv1 - Farmer Lv10 - Househusband Lv10 - Carpenter Lv1 - Mason Lv1

Ethania Common Language - Differing Soul Telepathy Lv4(up!) - Magic Modification Lv4(up!) - Composite Magic Lv4(up!) - Parallel Cast Lv4 (up!) - Parallel Processing Lv2(new!) - Housework Lv6(up!) - Farming Lv4(up!) - Swordsmanship Lv3 - Katana Art Lv3(up!) - Grappling Lv4(up!) - Two-handed Spear Lv2 - Throwing Lv3 - Shooting Lv2(new!) - Body Reinforcement Lv3(up!) - Mana Clad Lv5(up!) - Evasion Lv4(up!) - Parry Lv4(up!) - Intuition Lv3(up!) - Robust Lv2(up!) - Unlock Lv1 (new!) - Trap Lv1(new!) - Sacred Magic Lv5(up!) - Dark Magic Lv3(up!) - Gravity Magic Lv3(up!) - Time Space Magic Lv3(up!) - Elemental Magic Aptitude Lv5 - Enchant Magic Lv3(up!) - Magicraft Lv3(up!) - Metal Carving Lv3(new!) - Barrier Art Lv2(new!) - Life Magic - Disguise Lv4(up!) - Alchemy Lv4(up!) - Processing Techniques (Wood - Stone) - Resist Poison Lv1 - Resist Paralysis Lv1 - Resist Confusion Lv1 - Resist Instant-Death Lv2 - Great Vigor Lv3(new!)

【Class Skills】
Provocation - Treasure Hunter - Chakra - Treatment - Hawk Eye - Mind's Eye - Seclusion - Healing Heart(new!)

Mitama, Futsuno, Kagura, Sefirot, Eleanor

【Tamed Monsters】

My levels went up across the board.

MP went over one hundred million, I won't even comment on that anymore. Not my problem how far it wanna go up.

I learned [Healing Heart] once Monk reached level 20. This skill boosts effects of the user's healing magic. It's simple yet handy. Like, Healing Heart is mother's heart, applying it boost Heal.

Apparently Trap skill is a collective of everything trap, from setting up to disengaging them and more. Oh and, I was taught to rely on Intuition skills and the likes to detect traps.

The rise of skills related to magic modification are thanks to my continuous trials and errors. I was personally doing it very seriously, but people around me saw me like I was just fooling around randomly combining magic, so sad.
And here's the new existing magic usable to me now.

Sacred Magic
Holy Light - Magic that unleashes lights that crush evils. Especially effective on undead.
Area Heal - Heal that affects an area. Range will change as you master this.

Dark Magic
Melt Vital - Decrease stamina.
Melt Strength - Decrease strength.
Melt Agilty - Decrease agility.
Melt Dex - Decrease dexterity.

Gravity Magic
Attraction - Control power of attraction to draw objects in.
Repulsion - Control repulsive force to keep objects away.

Time Space Magic
Space Grasp - Grasp information in a specific space.

I got a nosebleed due to overload of information when I first used this one. Gushing out like it was a literal water fountain. As such, I've got to put a limit on its usage until I raise my data processing capability and the magic mastery. But the ability to grasp terrain = no need for mapping alone already proves super handy.

Enchant Magic
Sharpening - Raise sharpness of instruments. Required Catalyst: Glowfly Whetstone.

Enchant Resistance - Effects change depending on catalyst used.
Scale of Charm: Resist Charm, Poison Bee Sting: Resist Poison, Curse Skull: Resist Curse etc.

The higher Magicraft and Metal Carving levels, the higher grade materials that can be used.
Right now it's stone-> copper-> iron. Metal Carving is zinc -> silver. Wonder if I would get to use gold and higher ranking materials like mithril and orichalcum one of these days. By the way, this skill lets you process stuff through mana, a completely different process than Boss-san's blacksmithing. Even though I can process iron, shaping it into a sword would create a really blunt one. Gotta practice more. Since I've got a stupid amount of mana anyway, wonder if I could do unlimited work thingy in the future...

With Alchemy leveled up, I'm now able to make magic rucksacks on my own. And thanks to Time Space Magic skill I have, I can create one even without the catalyst, Time Space Stone, it's a perfect combination. But I'd paint a target on my back if I made too many, so I only created enough for among ourselves. I mean, I could even create magic rucksacks with 1-ton capacity if I just had the mats for it.

『Levellit's Protection (Soupy Large Serving)』
Protections and lots of other stuff by Goddess Levellit who governs over growth and talent. Heartily loads of plus corrections to experience points, skill acquisition and mastery of the holder and his party members.

And I got more titles for some reason.
【Magic Beast】, 【One who Understands Goddess Hardships】, 【One Glared by Goddess】, 【Object of Goddess Observation】, 【Izumi Family Head】.

【Magic Beast】
Alias given by a certain freeadventurer. It's said he's like a wild beast who controls sorcery and possessing "Vigor".

【One who Understands Goddess Hardships】, 【One Glared by Goddess】, 【Object of Goddess Observation】
Are apparently titles from Ametoris, Hadin and Rutia respectively. Looks like I've been marked by these goddess. Hadin especially. Oh so scary.

【Izumi Family Head】
A present from Levellit. Increase effects of Levellit Protections bestowed to family members.

After offering lots of food like meat and potato stew, boiled fish and stuff, I received information from no-goddess the next morning along with this title. I'll be sure to make good use of it, but something bothered me. Isn't this an abuse of power. When I told that to no-goddess, she said it's like 『Meal Ticket Abuse』. I did fish it with meals, yeah sure.

Ah, I'm not gonna even count [Magic Beast], no sire.

Soul Telepathy level went up after I did the nyan nyan with Eleanor-san.
Lv4 has the effect 『The master can change recipient's class. However, each change requires a large amount of mana』. It's simple yet hugely beneficial. Everyone was also surprised when I informed them of this the other day. I mean, now we can easily change our Classes without going to some Job Change Temples, imagine that. When I tried to see how much mana it needed, it consumed 100. Literally loose change to me.
I also found out something unbelievable with it. All of my wives have liberated their Second Class.
Since no one noticed, it would have been a waste had I not realized this fact. Dunno what was the impetus for the liberation, but it will be a massive boost to our party no doubt.

Presently these are the girls' current and changeable Classes.

Hunter - Thief
『Hunter, Thief, Dancer, Genin』

I'm thinking of raising Mitama's Thief level to 15 so they can have increased drop rates even without me around. And since she wanted to raise Genin after that point, I gave her my OK. Wonder if it's because of my story about masked ninjas during our pillow talk? Personally, I can't give up on Dancer Mitama though...

Miko - Monk
『Miko, Merchant, Monk, Minstrel』

Futsuno-san would be our party's barrier and healer support. Tama-chan will also help with support whenever she's around though. Futsuno-san is really good at singing, though I've only heard it once. Must be the reason for Minstrel class. 『Singing in public is just embarrassing, so no can do. It's super embarrassing okay.』 so she said, but it's A-OK if it's me. My little privilege.

War Oni - Conjurer
『War Oni, Fighter, Axe Fighter, Staff Fighter, Spear Fighter, Conjurer.』

Kagura-san's wished for her second class to be Conjurer. Apparently she had always wanted to learn magic. But I'm wondering why when she's a total vanguard? Maybe it's because I've been leaving her in charge of overlooked enemies. No let's not think about it.

Magic Fist - Assassin
『Magic Fist, Fist Fighter, Jujitsu, Assassin, Animal Trainer.』

Magic Fist is an advanced class of Fist Fighter, they hit with their fist clad in Fighting Spirit (Touki) which then explode, or so it seems. Well, I mean, I haven't seen Eleanor-san going all out so I can only go by what I heard. Anyway, she's set Assassin as her second class. Kinda weird how she got advanced class right from the get go, but I'm guessing the reason might be that. Y'know, the matter that left me and Master almost dead? Well, it's going to strengthen Eleanor-san no matter how you look at it regardless though. Just gotta make sure us husband and wife never get into a quarrel! Animal trainer? I'm keeping it a secret since it's frightening me.

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Hm? Is something hitting the barrier? I noticed late since I was deep in thought.
Dunno what it is, but it's been going at it endlessly, now I'm curious.

"Milord, where are you heading off to?"

"Well, looks like something's been bumping against the barrier on the sea side. I'll go take a quick look."

"Muu, I cannot fight well in the water. Forgive me, I would have to leave it to you. I loathe to wake everyone up as well. Just please do not push yourself noja."

Yep, I'm in agreement. Even Eleanor-san is knocked out right now. It must have been hectic in the guild. You accumulate stress in service business after all. Gotta let her rest easy today.
Don't worry I won't overdo it. I'm gonna snipe it from afar if it looks like bad news.

Now then, the end of the barrier is quite far. With Space Grasp, I see that some sort of big thing is ceaselessly crashing itself onto barrier. It's positioned above the sea. I slid above the sea surface with high-speed magic set to get there and found a monster that bore a resemblance to a Flying Fish but actually completely different. Outwardly it looks exactly like [Tuna!] as a certain famous actor would say. That black lustrous body must have some nice fat in it.

Magurossu <TLN: Maguro means tuna.>
HP: 89/327 - MP: 15/78
A rare mutant variant of Flying Fish. An unusual specimen that can employ time space magic. Also known as [Super Dimensional Fresh Fish]
As it's a new species, this fish has only begun to awaken to its instinct. It will die if it doesn't keep moving forward, will it be a march toward salvation or is it a path of ruin it's treading.

It's literally tuna! And Discerning-sensei's explanation is kind of philosophical somehow. Anyway, let's deal with it at once and hope for a good drop.
But am I just imagining things or is it running away from something. I mean it keeps charging on even if it means wearing down its own HP. Its MP is about to run out, and it's wounded all over too. Yet I don't see anyone else around. Let's just do this real quick.

"Weapon Skill 『Vibrating Blade - Silver Flash』!"

With a glint of silver light, Lunar Cat's blade cleanly cut apart Maguros head from its body. The drop item showed up once Discerning-sensei confirmed its death, and.... it's gigantic!

Bluefin Tuna
Quality: High - Enclosed Mana: 8/8
total length 2m 6cm, weight around 330kg.

Hahahahaha... Wonder if I can even process this. No choice but to though.



W-what!? I sensed danger along with that cat-like voice just as I was about to put the bluefin tuna in Dimensional Storage. I surveyed the surroundings while also using Space Grasp, but there's no one around. Above the sky, under the sea. No way in hell there's a cat here.
I left the spot warily while leaving a big question mark behind.

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