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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-54

17-54. Epilogue


"Good morning, did you see Mr. Obese anywhere?"
"Obese-san went out, saying something about getting breakfast."
"I see, thanks."

There's a lot of employees staying at the office, likely because we're in the final phase of this game's development.
Labor protection is about to kick off any minute now.

『You're watching Daytime News on March 3, 2013 of New Century.』

I could hear voice of a newscaster from a large monitor in the conference room.
Looks like folks who had their morning breakfast there are idling in the room.

『Congress have finally approved sending aid to otherworld Eranshas after a month of debate on the matter. With Congress's approval, Hero Office have made the decision to dispatch Demi-God Dog Hero Pochi-sama, who will sortie out from the Seventh Gate today.』

I turned on my PC while listening to the news.

『Irina Muno here reporting at the Seventh Gate. God Karion and god Urion have finished supplying divinity into the gate, it's ready for deployment anytime--ah! Here she comes! Dog Hero Pochi-sama! Pochi-sama! Hear out my feelings!』

I turned around at the highly excited announcer's voice, and saw a dogkin girl leaping up and down while waving at the camera on the monitor.

『Oh look she's waving at us. She looks as cute as ever, not even us reporters could resist her cuteness.』

All cameras on the monitor moved together all at once while she was still talking.
A bit later, the monitor's angle also changed.

『It's Cat Ninja Tama-sama! Since she's not supposed to dispatch this time, she must be here to cheer for her little sister god, Pochi-sama. Ah, and now they're waving here together after exchanging a hug.』

The announcer girl frantically waved back at them.
She must be a fan of those two.

The picture went back to the studio after a while.

『Both of them are quite sociable, aren't they.』
『According to a vetted source, there's even a rumor of them joining up with the hero of Parallel World War, Liza Kishresgalza-sama.』
『That's amazing. It's like we're reliving the Age of Mythology.』

An elderly female caster and a young male announcer had that conversation.

"You're being too loud. Turn it down a notch."
"""E-excuse us, Director Tachibana."""

Scolded by the merciless director, the conference room's group went back to their own desks.

"Ichirou-senpai~, I can't get rid of the bugs~"
"Your junior's calling for you, Sa--Suzuki-shi."

Mr. Obese who apparently had gone back from getting his breakfast pointed at a girl who was calling from me at a distant desk.

"I'll lend you a hand once I'm done with mine, send me the outline on messenger."
"Un, thank you!"
"Shoulda just put off ours for a bit."

Mr. Obese swayed his gnome-like barrel belly, perhaps because I put off Junior-shi's matter.

"We can't do that."

It's for an important meeting for our next game after all.
Mr. Obese gathered the main members before heading for conference room.

"Well then, Mr. Suzuki, you've got the presentation ready for President Kagura, haven't you? What's the title for our new game?"

I show my proposal to Mr. Obese.

"It's 『Death Marching to the Parallel World Rhapsody』."

※Thus concludes [Death March Kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku (Web Version)] for the time being.

Note that the published version and manga version are still on-going, and I'm also thinking of irregularly writing [Tidbits], [Later Development], and [Offstages] in that order, which possibly may not be in Satou's point of view for the web version.

Since this is gonna be long, you can read my feelings on the completion at [Death March Concluded!] page <TLN: >

I'm truly grateful for everyone sticking with this work up until the final chapter!
To all readers who have read Death March with pleasure, you have my deepest gratitude!!!

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