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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku Commemorating Conclusion SS [Memento]

Commemorating Conclusion SS [Memento]


"Let's get Master a present to commemorate world's peace!"

I gathered everyone here before making that declaration.

"What's this about all of a sudden, Arisa?"

Even her confused face looks pretty, Lulu's beaut is still going strong.

"It's not sudden. I've been thinking about it all this time! Master has given us everything, and yet we've never given back anything to repay him. So, I'm thinking of prepping a present in commemoration of world's peace."

I gave my reasoning to Lulu and the girls.

"That's a good idea, Arisa-chan!"
"Yes, I think that's nice!"

Starting with Hikaru-tan and Zena-tan, everyone also agreed.

"But what kind of present should we give Master?"

Lulu's pretty face leaned as she tilted her head. This sister of mine is as cute as ever.
While everyone was mulling over it, Pochi raised her hand energetically, "Me!"

"Go on, Pochi-kun."
"Pochi writes a story nodesu. A story about everything Master has done nanodesuyo!"

After I called Pochi's name like a teacher, she cheerfully stood up and announced that.
Oh, that's a good one. Writing it straight would likely take seven years and 3.14 million characters, so you'd want to abridge it halfway through, you know?

"Tama draws picture~?"

Next to Pochi, Tama stood up and announced.

"Something like portraits?"

Tama nodded then began drawing a rough draft, "Like this~"
She's good. Master sitting in a flower field patting a sleeping Tama on his lap, that's so healing.
You could even add Arisa-chan in there, you know?

"How about you Liza-san?"
"The only thing I'm capable of is swinging my spear..."
"That's not true at all."
"She's right, Liza-san. Wasn't it Liza-san who taught me cooking."

Lulu supported my follow-up.
She taught her when we first set out of Seryu City, yeah.

"Lulu, it's gotta be cooking?"
"Un, since I've always made our food, I think I'm going with memorable dish this time."

What kind of memorable dish?
Think that would be meat skewers and giblet dish Master treated us after our first meeting, and also his super good first salted fish?

"Then, I could make that too. There's a dish we ate together in a dungeon."
"Frog meat steak~?"
"Yes, I'm surprised you haven't forgotten."
"Pochi remembers that too nodesu! Master said that it was good too nodesuyo!"

Master sure feasted on some real heavy stuff during his early days in this parallel world.

"And you Mia?"

You think music when you think of Mia, you think Mia when you think of music.

"That's not it! I want to play Satou's story just like Pochi's together with spirits. I'm going to present music that makes the spectacles get projected on just by hearing as Aze and Shia taught me. It's true, you know?"
"That sounds nice. Do you mind if I sing along to that tune as well?"

Just as Mia was speaking in long sentences, Aze-tan showed up.

"Ooh, here she comes. Legal wife!"

Now that other high elves take turn to do their duty, she often comes here to play now.

"L-legal wife, oh you."

Aze-tan is panicking like awawawa.
It may look cunning, but that's actually just how she is.
Wonder if this is the kind of stuff that tickled Master's heartstrings?
I shrug my shoulders and get back to topic.

"I shall give birth to Master's young organisms as a present and--
"Oh no you don't."

Since Nana's proportion fits right up to Master's taste, he's gonna get shot down for real if she seriously go for it.

"Too bad so I inform. Then I shall make a handmade doll instead."
"That's nice."

Her dolls are getting popular among orphanage's children lately.

"I wonder what could I do... I cannot see myself making handmade stuff with how clumsy I am."

Karina-tan is folding her arms, as if they're supporting her weighty-looking breasts.
Master's probably gonna be gone in paradise if she does a super close contact puff puff to him, but I'm never speaking that out loud. Absolutely not.
Someone spoke out as if ignoring my inner voice.

"I'm sure he'd be delighted if you give him a Boobs Ticket, you know?"

Mii-chan aka Kagura spoke something absurd.

"Boobs ticket? What kind of ticket would that be?"

The pure innocent Karina-tan asked back at Mii-chan with a perplexed look on her face.
She's probably thinking Mii-chan meant another thing for [Boobs], or that she misheard it.

"A ticket that lets him rub your boobs."
"W-what! You can't do that before marriage!"

Hearing Mii-chan's direct answer, Karina-tan blushed with her eyes going round and round.

"That is worth considering indeed."

The closet pervert ex-miko Sera said her absurd idea out loud.
It's hard to tell her body line due to her clothings, but Sera's got some real filled up waist, her body is quite a dynamite for a girl her age.

"Don't forget your lucky underwear."
"Yes, I'm always ready in anticipation for a chance."

Sera would sometimes get clad in a green light as she speaks to herself.
I think god Tenion is giving her advices or something. That god loves everything about love after all, not to mention how giving Oracles has been made easier now.

"Erotic things are prohibited!"
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I shelved my usual self and shouted out.

"Oh my? Giving birth to successors is a noble's duty you know?"
"It's limited to 『objects』! This time the present is limited to 『objects』!"

It's okay if it's only at skinship level, but we're just gonna trouble Master if we're doing it for real.

"I have no confidence in making things with my hands."
"It doesn't have to be handmade, does it now? What's important is the thought you put into coming up a present for Satou."

Mii-chan gave a serious advice to the anxious-looking Karina-tan.

"Un, then how about something like this?"

Hikaru-tan took out a book from her [Inventory].

"T-that's! The Tale of Founder Hero-sama!"
"The out of print phantom book that doesn't exist even in Saga Empire's Palatial Library?!"

Karina-tan was surprised, Princess Sistina--Tina-sama gave an exposition for how rare that [The Tale of Founder Hero]

"H-Hikaru-sama, could you let me take a look at it for a bit?"
"Sure thing. This was something forced on me during a larger brainwashing training after I got summoned by Saga Empire. You can even transcribe the whole book later if you want."

Oh right, Hikaru-tan had a rough start, being treated as a failed hero by Saga Empire and all.

"I shall pick a book as well then. I've just gotten a hold of a magic book not even the Forbidden Archive has after all."
"I am curious!"

I approach Tina-sama with 'want' written in my eyes.
Of course she didn't get the reference, but she agreed to let me take a quick look at the magic book before presenting it to master. I can just borrow it from Master later if I want to read it fully.

"Karina-tan, you gifting a book too? Muno Family's got some real amazing collection of everything heroes right?"
"Yes, our collection of heroes-related books is number one in Shiga Kingdom."

Lights dwell back in Karina-tan's eyes.


Mia gave a hint.

"Pendragon--that's it desuwa! I shall present 『Hero Orion's Seven Trials』 to Satou!"

A story where Master's family name comes from, that'd do nicely as a present.


While I was thinking hard about my own present myself, Zena-tan spoke up loudly.

"What's wrong, Zena-tan?"
"I think all those presents sound wonderful, but since it's a commemoration for Satou-san, I think it'd be better if it's something we all make together."

Whoops, we focused too much in the present part I forgot we were talking about [Commemoration for World's Peace] originally. That's a close one.

"I guess it shouldn't be something expendable like food then?"
"We should probably avoid things that don't last."

Everyone working together to cook a dish would do nicely as a drama cd, but that doesn't feel right as a [Commemoration].

Some suggested theatrical play or musical performance, but they got rejected for the same reason as food.
Everyone voiced out their views one after another.

"How about letters of gratitudes?"
"That sounds nice, but it doesn't clear the [Everyone] part."

We're not getting there.

"What if we all writes our own word for Satou-san on an autograph board and present it to him?"
"Like an autograph collection?"
"Right, right. Like something you see in a graduation ceremony."

Well, maybe that's the best gift for Master now that he's attained divinity and transcended humanity.
Transcend beast and human, and--a phrase from combined robot flashed in my mind, but I didn't say that out loud since I'm not sure Hikaru-tan would retort.

"Presenting words, that's a wonderful idea!"
"It's a bit embarrassing, but I shall put my feelings to Satou in words desuwa."
"Ehehe, presenting words to Master, it's like a love letter."
"Feel free to write love letters. I give you my permission noja."

Everyone reacted more favorably than expected, maybe because there's no culture of autograph collection here.

"Well, since everyone seems to be on board, let's go with autograph collection then."
"Uy uy, and the board--"
"Here you go, suffice?"

Mii-chan produced a largish autograph board out of nowhere.
The name of a Japanese maker is written on its back, but since asking her about it seems like it's gonna take long, I ignore it like Master would have done.

"Since it's an autograph board, we all get 64 character per person."
"Pochi's passionate feelings can't be contained that shortly nodesu!"
"Show how to load your feelings in a few words if you truly aim to be a novelist!"
"...Yes nanodesu. Pochi will do her best, nodesuyo?"

It's gonna be tough for someone in long-sentence faction like Pochi, but please give it your all.

"Is a drawing fine~?"
"It's fine, but you can't draw something too big."

Letting everyone write on the board just like that would likely turn out disastrous, thus I made it so everyone got their own sheet to put on the paper. I asked Mii-chan to get gridded papers for everyone.
Hikaru-tan's got the honor of writing [Commemorating World's Peace, to Satou-san] using a calligraphy brush. She's got an unexpectedly neat handwriting.

"I've gone over the word limit again. This is hard."
"Unyunyu, words are free, furidamu nanodesu."

Liza-san and Pochi's overflowing feelings can't seem to be contained in word limits.

"With this word limit, I would use up half of it just for the opening phrase."
"Well now, this is troubling."

Due to their upbringings, Tina-sama and Sera-tan would waste the word limit like the would with ordinary letters.
With me and Hikaru giving advices, we somehow managed to finish up all our sheets before the date changed.
Tama's illustration is a drawing of everyone with Master in the center. It's like something you see in an anime conclusion commemoration.

"Arisa, you're last."

The last remaining area barely fit on the autograph board.


I put my heart into writing my feelings in the first half of the world limit.
I've decided on what to write on the remaining limit.

『Do take care of us forever and ever, our Master!』

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