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Okami wa Nemuranai 18.13


Snow is holding an unusual weapon.

Lecan noticed something here.

(It's the same weapon Vouka's town lord asked Shira help order, the weapon that shoots out flame magic.)

He has no idea why this man is holding one such weapon.

At any rate, right now Snow is attempting to shoot flame magic from inside the wagon at Lecan on the coachman's seat.

Lecan thought of casting a <Flame Spear> at him for a moment, but he stopped short since blood could spill on Heles.

"<Wind (Wizel)>!"

A gust of wind was generated, blowing the weapon away from Snow's hand.


Snow thrust his hand out of the window as he tried to catch the weapon.

Lecan bent over to grab that hand and pulled it toward the valley side.


The door broke apart as Snow jumped out of it.

His weapon has already fallen in the valley.

Snow got a hold of the ground just when he was about to fall. He's only a half step away from the cliff.

Lecan followed and jumped out of the coachman's seat.

"Y-you bastard. Do you have any idea, who I am? Don't think you're going to get off easily doing this to me, Snow Paizalun."

"Ask yourself that, did you believe you'll get off this scott-free?"

Lecan vigilantly probed the inside of the wagon with <3D Perception> even while exchanging word.

It's okay. Heles is safe.

The spearsman seems to have fainted, he somehow got himself in a bent position, not moving.

"I'll let you off if you beg for it now."

Snow came slashing at Lecan even while saying that.

An excellent drawing speed.

He's got to admit that much at least.

Lecan lightly stepped backward to dodge the blade and cast a spell.


Snow had stepped forward with his right leg to draw his sword, a gust of wind along with ground dust blew at him from his left. Losing his balance, Snow fell to the verge of the cliff.

"<Flame Spear>!"

Lecan's magic attack should have pierced through Snow's chest.

However, it got repelled.

Or rather, it dispersed away.

(He's got an anti-magic equipment on him huh.)

Snow lost control of his body after receiving an impact just when he was trying balance himself, he rolled down the valley as the ground below him collapsing.

Lecan peeked inside the wagon.

Heles isn't waking up despite this much commotion.

Lecan grabbed the spearsman and threw him in the valley.

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Lecan laid Heles on the backseat of the passenger box.

It looked uncomfortable with her knees bent, but unfolding her glossy hair revealed her peaceful sleeping face.

Heles isn't wearing her usual armor today, she's got a tidy shirt and a fluffy skirt on her.


She doesn't respond at all even after being called.

Lecan took a yellow potion out of <Storage> and squashed it over Heles's face.

After a slight pause, Heles began coming to.


Realizing that it could be dangerous if she moved suddenly as she woke up, Lecan held Heles in his arms and moved behind the wagon. Since Heles's <Box> is also inside the wagon, he brought it with him using <Float>.

Heles weakly opened her eyes in Lecan's arms.

Then she noticed Lecan right before her eyes, and burst into smile.

"You came, for me."

"Yea. Can you walk."

"...No. It appears I cannot. I'm sorry but could you carry me like this."

"I see."

Looks like her body is still paralyzed even though the abnormal status has come undone.

It might have been a cursed weapon.

Then he should scratch Heles with <Dagger of Harut>.

That's one option.

(She's got such a feminine build.)

Her forged body is brimming with boyish vibrancy, and yet the bulges on her chest and waist bring about her feminine charm.

Her slender legs have this purity yet lascivious to them, there's nothing that blocks Lecan from the throat and collarbone before him.

Her make-up-less face is thoroughly smooth, her slightly open lips are bewitching.

He can't bring himself to point blade at such a beautiful body.

Besides, it's unclear whether it's really a curse.

At any rate, having <Purification> cast on her ASAP would be best.

Lecan put Heles on a bush for a moment as he put away his sword, guardian jewel, and shield in <Storage>. Along with Heles's <Box>.

Then he held Heles in his arms once again.

"Hold tight."

Heles's delicate arms cling on Lecan's neck.

A soft sweet scent filled Lecan's nasal cavity.

Lecan flew in the sky while gently holding Heles in his arms.

They could have used the wagon to go back, but there could be someone in town familiar with that wagon, which would led to trouble.

Besides, this is faster than riding a wagon.

"To think there's a man out there who could easily carry me like a girl."

Thus the woman in his arms muttered, but erased by winds, her word never reached Lecan's ear.

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