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Okami wa Nemuranai 17.20


The four assailants got treated once they were bound.

Veta had come to as well.

"So it seems Kagaru asked our restaurant's waiter about you guys' schedule, ya see. Something seemed off, it clicked on me, and I rushed out here."

Now that he mentioned it, Lecan seems to recall talking about having the <Mark> on floor 31, and their plan to start from that floor this morning at <Jade's Restaurant>. He blurted it out since the people there asked him about it and it wasn't anything confidential.

Jade the restaurant's owner was a leader of a party that had conquered dungeons' lowest floor many times over, he's got <Marks> of many floors in this dungeon. Since the site of attack is on floor 31's exit, he must have warped to floor 32's <Mark> and ran upstairs here. He probably never imagined the battle would begin and end this quick.

Jade asked Kagaru and his party.

"Why'd you attack Lecan's party? Every one of you, answer with your own mouth."

Kagaru, Takuto, Mazu and Veta replied in turn.

"Eda wouldn't go to our party since Lecan was opposed to it. So I thought this is the only way."

"I believed Kagaru's method was the only way to uphold <Jaira>'s glory."

"Because Veta wanted Eda to join us."

"I thought Eda-chan would come to us if Lecan died."

Simplistic trains of thought. You could even say it's infantile.

However, it's also very adventurer-like in a sense.

Adventurers whose whole world revolves around exploring dungeons tend to try to overcome problems and obstacles through brute force. And in case of adventurers with strength to back, that tends to go well. Kill Lecan, snatch Eda away. Everything will go in the right direction then. With <Jaira> hanging on the cliff, they could only cling blindly to that possibility.

Jade asked Eda.

"Eda. You gonna enter <Jaira> if Lecan died?"

"I won't. I'll avenge Lecan. I'll keep swinging my sword even if I can't make it. If I die in the process, I'll go to where Lecan is."

"You guys hear her? What you did was ultimately pointless."

"Yeah. Seems so."

Kagaru's face looked like he was cleansed off an evil spirit possessing him as he said that.

It's completely unlike his expression when he was pressing Lecan to sell Eda.

Takuto and Mazu look composed as well.

Their cornered minds might have made peace now that they can't fight as adventurers anymore with their body now.

It's hard to read Veta's expression, but it's not one of anger and hatred at least.

"Lecan. What are you gonna do to these four?"

It looks as if Jade is trying to save <Jaira>'s lives.

Lecan has no problem with that.

Lecan was going to kill all four of <Jaira> originally. Because that would be the least troublesome method. However, he's also fine with not killing them if they don't mess with his party anymore in the future. Lecan doesn't really give a crap about <Jaira>'s fate either way.

Also, he's a bit bothered by Eda's brooding. Dungeons are indeed a world of kill or be killed, but lingering hatred is not good. Having too much pent-up resentment will narrow down your view, leading you toward your fall. If he had <Jaira> killed off here, Eda might start believing he did it out of grudge. That's wrong.

However, here they've got a guarantor that will ensure <Jaira> stop bothering Lecan's group even if they're not killed off.

Hence, Lecan chose a slightly confrontational reply.

"Attacking and killing people inside a dungeon isn't considered as a crime. Hence, these guys are free to try to kill us. Naturally that goes for us too. Isn't that right?"

"Of course, you're right. You're right, but would you do me one selfish favor here."

"Fumu. I'm listening"

"Even though they're like this now. These guys are heroes to young adventurers who flock to the dungeon here."
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"Do ya mind if you let them off with their lives."

He was right. Jade must know <Jaira> for a long time, he may have a reason for wanting to save them. Refusing here could potentially turn Jade against Lecan's group.

That's a huge threat.

Frankly speaking, Jade alone is way more dangerous than all of <Jaira>. Lecan wishes to avoid antagonizing him if possible. Besides, if they're hostiles to each other, he can no longer visit <Jade's Restaurant>, that's bad.

"Suppose we let them off, will they really stop trying to mess with us."

"They'll be banished. I'll talk to the town lord, they can never come back to this town."

"What makes you sure that can be done without a hitch."

"I guarantee it. Besides, these guys cannot stay in adventuring business with their bodies now. They'd want to live quietly somewhere else to protect their honor at least."

"What's stopping them from attacking us outside this town."

"All their fortune besides a minimal amount of cash for starting anew will be seized. Can't think up more for now."

Considering Jade is willing to go that far, they should just leave this matter to him. Which means, only one concern remains now.

"I heard Veta has debts to Kagaru. How much is her debts and what's the story behind it."

"Eh? Got it. Oy, Kagaru. You hear that."

According to Kagaru, debts here refer to the cost of Grace items like her magic wand, necklace and stuff required to amplify her magic power.

Veta accepted Kagaru's invite and became an adventurer in order to support her mother's livelihood. Veta would send a huge amount of money to her mother every month. Thanks to that, her mother's life had improved greatly, which made Veta wanting to go back to her mother. To stop her, Kagaru made it so like she was shouldering a debt.

Veta didn't come up with the magic she cast earlier, it was her wand's Grace. The wand was dropped in Dungeon Palcimo known as <Dungeon of Magic>, and had a price tag of whopping six white gold coins. The magic power amplifying necklace also cost them two white gold coins.



"Send enough money to support Veta's mother from the fortune seized from these guys."

"Got it. I'll hand over the rest to you."

"Don't need it."


"If we took that money, the fact that <Willard> fought <Jaira> and then took their money would remain."

"No, that's not gonna"

"Your goal is to  defend <Jaira>'s honor. Then you can't afford getting news of <Jaira> attacking <Willard> to steal their <Recovery> user out in the open. Do you not?"

"Mu. Well, you're not wrong."

"I only wish for these guys to never again mess with us. I'm not trying to profit from this. I don't want to get revenge either. Manage this in a way that leaves behind the least amount of grudge."

"I got it. You have my thanks for your generosity. I'll take these guys with me. I'll also bear the responsibility of sending Veta home."

"Sorry for the trouble, Jade. I leave this in your hand."

"Lecan. Yer' a good guy."


(Forget antagonizing Jade, I managed to gain a favor.)

(This is worth sparing <Jaira>.)

As they were getting dragged to the exit by Jade, Kagaru turned around toward Lecan and spoke.

"My bad."


Veta spoke as well.

"Lecan-san. Forgive me."

And just before they went into the exit, Veta turned around once again.

"Eda-chan. Thank you. I'm glad I met you."

After seeing them off, Lecan spoke.

"Alright. We're having a meal break here. Let's take it easy before diving in the lower stratum."


"Are you serious, Lecan-dono."

"Shouldn't we go back outside and rest?"

"Oh yeah, Eda. Congrats."

"Eh? What for?"

"You cast <Recovery> on me from somewhere apart earlier."



"Oh right, I think I did."

"How did you manage that."

"Who knows? I mean, I learned how to shoot <Sleep>. Shooting <Recovery> should come next, right?"

"No no, I've never heard of anything like that."

"<Recovery> from a remote spot?"

"You'll prove yourself far more useful than ever now that you can do that."

"Will I really?"

"Yeah. You probably broke a new ground there. You've become a new you. So, congrats."

"Un! Thank you (narou), Lecan."

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