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Okami wa Nemuranai 18.11_12


The next day, Lecan spent the whole day sleeping.

He got up in the evening, had a light meal at the inn and went back to sleep.

The day after, he took a walk together with Heles to sell the dungeon items.

They've been doing this often already, but since they've got a lot to sell this time around, many stores won't accept everything and some even attempt to lower the price. As for Venom Sacs, they go to specific purchasers.

The 44 carcasses of mid variants were worth 16 gold coins. It's a lot of money, but Heles complained to the shopkeeper at the first shop. It's way too cheap, she said.

However, the shopkeeper explained that he had to lower the price since there's a lot more damaged legs than expected.

Where'd those damages even come from, it was the result of Heles's reckless charges paired with her powerful magic sword. In other word, she reaped what she sowed, thus she could only hang down her head halfway through the shopkeeper's explanation.

For the two giant variants, they had left them on four shops right after they got out of the dungeon, and they came out to worth nine large gold coins.

It's because you rarely ever see legs of giant variants from those floors in such a flawless state.

Each of Lecan's group gets 62 gold coins.

Eda's eyes almost popped out during the money splitting.

Another day afterward, Lecan spent most of his time sleeping and took his meal at the inn.

Lecan let Eda go shopping.

She had used up half of the 100 arrows she brought already.

Since she was all out of poison too, Lecan had her buy twice the previous amount.

She hasn't shot an arrow enchanted with paralyze curse yet, but Lecan told her to have another five enchanted. Since the shaman was apparently an unusual one even for a town with many shamans like this, his work must be pretty good, and his fee is cheaper than most.

The day after, Lecan went out to purchase food and firewood. He bought many yellow potions that undo abnormal status in particular. The break is for four days. Meaning, today's the last.

Lecan was keeping his focus on <Life Detection> the whole time he strolled the town and shopped around

<Life Detection> is an ability to detect living beings in a 1000 step radius.

Red dots are humans, green dots are birds, fish, insect, and blue dots are magic beasts.

In his former world, everyone possessed mana with variations in the amount, but in this world, those who possess mana are the uncommon ones.

Hence, many humans only get displayed as very faint red dots.

Even though you can detect presences of humans with this ability, you can't tell them apart.

However, the ways these dots are displayed have subtle differences about them, you can sort of distinguish who is who in some cases.

Fortunately, since Eda, Arios and Heles all possess mana, Lecan has been tracking these four since morning as a practice to distinguish individuals.

He had been dabbling in this kind of practice a few times before, and he could only be grateful to have been given an opportunity to do this now.

He's lost sight of Arios's red dot for quite some time already. Since this town houses many individuals with mana pools akin to Arios's, Lecan lost him the moment he mingled in crowd. There's no way to tell who's who by then.

Heles possesses a far larger pool of mana than Arios. And although there's a lot of individuals who rival or even exceed hers as expected of a dungeon town, he's managing to keep tracking her somehow.

Eda's red dot stands out due to her huge amount of mana. Lecan feels like he's gradually getting familiar with her dot's characteristic. He could now find her out even after looking away.

Lecan noticed the unnatural movement of Heles's red dot.

It's been moving together with three other red dots for awhile now.

At first he thought they would eventually disperse since they were in the middle of the town, but they wouldn't.

The four red dots are advancing toward the suburb.

(They're moving too fast together.)

(A wagon?)

(Are they traveling on board a wagon?)

Heles's red dot is gradually going far away.


A chill ran down Lecan's spine.

(Not good!)

Lecan ran off.

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Dungeon Ninae is located in the heart of the town.

Or rather, a town has been established around Dungeon Ninae.

The town lord's mansion is located to the south of the dungeon, with other nobles' mansions around it.

There's a mountain range to the north of the town, and at the base, quite a distance away from the town, gorgeous mansions stand erect here and there.

These are mansions owned by high-ranking adventurers who earn their keep in Dungeon Ninae.

The wagon is heading toward one of those mansions.

Lecan ran and ran as his <Overking Bear> overcoat fluttered intensely in the wind.

He made use of <Gust> wind to accelerate further once he was out of public eyes.

Once he got in a mountain path, he pushed his back even stronger with <Gust>, leaping atop trees, chasing after the wagon.

(That's the one.)

Lecan found the wagon as he jumped over a mountain stream and landed ahead of it.

The wagon is drawing near.

Lecan took <Guardian Jewel of Zana> from his <Storage>, put it in his shirt's pocket, took the gauntlet-form <Shield of Wolkan>, equipped it on his left hand, and then hung <Sword of Rusk> on his waist.

The wagon slowed down in front of Lecan.

"Bastard! Didja have a death wish! Outta the way!"

The coachman is a male adventurer.

It's one of the men who was with Snow. Must be a member of that something something party.

"I'll have you return Heles."


"I know Heles is inside that wagon."

"She ain't nowhere! I told ya, outta the way!"

Lecan has caught Heles in <3D Perception>.

Looks like she's alive. But she's not moving, fast asleep.

"Why is Heles sleeping? What have you done to her?"

"Run him over!"

Someone shouted from inside the wagon.

The voice sounds familiar.

It's the flat-faced man, Snow's voice.

Snow's head and right hand protruded out of the wagon's window, his right hand was holding something.

"<Deploy (Parshoot)>!"

Reacting to a spell cast, Lecan turned his gauntlet into <Shield of Wolkan> and readied it on his left hand.

A dazzling light gushed out of Snow's right hand.

<Shield of Wolkan> flicked away a flame ball coming Lecan's way.

The coachman hit the reins to make the horses run.

Lecan quickly ran up to his right, a slope, and recited a spell.

"<Flame Spear>!"

The mighty offensive spell blew away the coachman's head.

Lecan jumped onto the wagon while kicking away the coachman using the momentum and reined in the bridle.

The headless coachman fell down the valley.

It was supposed to be a light kick, but thinking again, he's got <Guardian Jewel of Zana> equipped. A kick with boots equipped was judged as an attack.

A spear tip pierced through the coachman's seat.

There should not be enough room to carry a spear inside the passenger seat.

This spear must be a grace-laden item.

Lecan lightly dodged the spear while thinking that, and grabbed it with his right hand as the thrust reached its apex.

The spearsman tried to pull his spear back.

As expected of a spearsman who traverses dungeon depths. He's got herculean strength.

However, Lecan's right hand that's grabbing the spear isn't moving at all.


(Doesn't seem like <Guardian Jewel of Zana> is in effect right now.)

(Has my grip strength gone up?)

Then, thought Lecan as he slowly pulled the thick spear with his welled up strength.

A groan could be heard inside the wagon.

Lecan's <3D Perception> could see a burly brawny spearsman frantically trying to stop the spear from coming off his hands.

"<Reduction (Pilua)>."

With his shield turning back into gauntlet, Lecan put his left hand on the spear as well and pulled it with both hands.

The spear easily came off. Which he immediately thrust back in.

The blunt end of the spear hit the spearsman's solar plexus.

The man fell down.

Lecan wholly pulled out the spear and threw it away in front of the wagon.

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