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Okami wa Nemuranai 18.1_2


They rushed to floor 32 from floor 31 in one day.

They had lunch on the center of the floor. With sand as the ground, it was comfortable to sit on.

Pretty nice for setting up a campfire too.

The enemies get stronger with each new floor.

However, their coordination is forming up nicely as well.

Someone reacts accordingly to momentary changes with the enemy.

Other members will then read that member's intention and immediately spring up to the most effective course of action.

That's true coordination.

They haven't gotten to that point yet.

However, they're closing in little by little.

Lecan stopped minding over Eda.

He stopped worrying if Eda would be caught in dissolving liquid a magic beast spat out, or if Eda could dodge an attack.

He also stopped herding magic beasts so they won't spit dissolving liquid at Eda.

He can afford to worry about her on these floors, but that probably won't be the case as they go deeper below.

Lecan leaves Eda to care for herself while he takes care of his role.

Thus he decided.

They got lots of mats as well. However, Lecan discarded the spiders' abdomen leather since he couldn't be bothered to peel it off, they only took the venom sacs. The legs too, Lecan cut them off at the joints and stored the whole things complete with the meat inside. Magic beast meat rots slowly, but it does still rot after some time, so he should make sure not to forget dropping them off.

They created the <Mark> on floor 35 and went back above ground on the evening of their fifth day exploring.

The break will be for three days so they won't forget the sensations of coordination.

<Jade's Restaurant>'s got another new door.

Going in, he found <Hellhounds (Vega)> inside.

"Yo, Lecan! Didja just get back from the dungeon?"

"Yea. Came straight here after a quick bath."

"Hahaha. We just got back yesterday noon ourselves. Where are you guys now?"

"We just got the <Mark> on floor 35."

"35! That's damn fast. You're gonna catch us up in no time at all."

"You guys are a dungeon conqueror though. Where are you exploring now?"

"We're on floor 40 this time."

"I see."

Lecan took a seat and ordered a glass of ale.

Cozwolth brought a jug with him and took the next seat to Lecan.

As Eda, Arios, and Heles haven't come yet, this table only have these two.

"So, you working toward the lowest floor?"

"I'm still undecided on that."

"Ain't Heles wanting to go there tho'."

"Hm? Ah, she asked you guys too huh. No. As conditions for her to temporarily join my party, she's not to speak anything about the lowest floor and that I'm the one deciding how our expedition's gonna be."

"Really. She's probably sayin' nothing since it's going swimmingly now, but she might start mentionin' that stuff before long."

"Might be. But that doesn't matter. I'd put a stop to our outing if I think it's getting dangerous."

"I see. That's good. Sorry for being nosy."


Lecan's ale got brought to the table.

Lecan ordered some dish to the waiter. He felt like eating lots of vegetables today.

"Lecan. You ever conquered a dungeon?"

"If we're talking about after my arrival at this country, I conquered Dungeon Golbul."

"Golbul? Didn't that have a restriction that only lets a limited number of people enter the lowest floor? Supposed to be why it was never conquered I heard."

"I had no idea there was a restriction."

"How many people didja have then?"

Lecan didn't reply back.

"You're not tellin' me you did it solo, are you?"


"Damn, you're unbelievable. A toast for this unbelievable dude."

With the call for a toast (Jo Jood), they knocked their glasses together and drank down the content.

"Pufaa, so damn good!"

The two ordered for more ale.

"Hey, Lecan."


"How many dungeons didja conquer at your former place?"

"Who knows. Never counted it."

"More than ten?"


"Crazy stuff. You don't even look that old."

Two more glasses of ale got brought to their table.

"I've dived in a fair share of dungeons m'self since my younger days, y'see. But, I'm sticking to this one ever since <Vega> was formed."

"I see."

"I conquered this dungeon twice. But I got no more drive now."

"The fact that you did remains regardless."

"A mate died on the first conquest. Two died on the second. I ain't gonna lose no more mates."

"I see."

"You ever lost a mate on a dungeon lowest floor?"


"I see."

Three plates of dishes got brought in.

Cozwolth ate the stir-fried vegetable by grabbing it with his fingers.

"Yet you keep going eh. Into all kinds of dungeons one after another at that."

Lecan brought the fish dish in his mouth with a fork.

"Guys like you are probably what real adventurers' like."

"No such things as real or fake adventurers."

"HAHAHAHA. Ya got a point."

"You're an adventurer if you think you're one."

"Yer' gonna go seek other dungeons once you've conquered this one, aren't you."

"I'm thinking of going to <Dungeon of Swords>."

"Oh! That one's real nice. Also some real fierce competition tho'."

Cozwolth grabbed the fish dish with his fingers and chomped it down.

"Cheers! Glory to adventurers!"



Cozwolth went back to his table.

Lecan quietly ate and drank.

Eda, Arios and Heles came.

They seemed tired that day, they retired early at the inn.

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An unexpected visitor dropped by for Lecan the day after.

"Jade. Got a business with me?"

"Yeah. Lecan. <Jaira> has a mansion in this town, see, want it?"


"Instantly without even looking huh. You can use it while you're in this town."

"Moving out would be a bother. We eat dinner at your restaurant."

"Well dang, that's an honour. I got you. I'll have the mansion on sale."

"You do that."

"But does that mean you don't plan on staying for long in this town?"

"We're leaving this town on the 25th of month six."

"Huh. That's a little more over ten days from now. You're never gonna make it to conquer the last floor then."


Lecan went to the weapon shop and got back his re-sharpened <Sword of Rusk>.

Then he went to sell dungeon items with Heles.

There was exactly zero treasure chest spawning this time for some weird reason, but they still earned 14 big gold coins. You really do earn a lot in the depths.

The next day and the day after was break time, and on the 12th of month six, they entered Dungeon Ninae once again.

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