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Okami wa Nemuranai 17.12


"Two users of <High Recovery> eh. <Willard> is quite a blessed party."

Swordsman Kagaru, <Jaira>'s leader told Lecan so.

<High Recovery> is the advanced form of <Recovery>.

Some people interpret elementary level <Recovery> as <Heal>, intermediate as <Recovery> and advanced as <High Recovery>, or so Shira told him once before.

"Kagaru. We healed Veta at her behest, then we got another request from her and you to defeat the magic beast and fix you guys up."

"Yeah. We owe you a huge one. You really saved our hide there. I mean, you even healed up those horrible wounds. Not even temple coulda handled that."

"We can expect suitable rewards for this, no?"

"Of course. Which inn you guys're staying at."

"The inn is just for sleeping, just come to <Jade's Restaurant>. We often have dinner there while in town."

"Got it. You guys are pretty loaded eh. No surprise there though."

This floor is indeed popular with adventurers, there's eight other parties besides <Jaira> and <Pezan Toorzam> exploring this floor right now. One of those parties was fighting nearby and Lecan's group happened to pass by them on their way back to the entrance, that party asked about what had occurred then.

Since they couldn't lie about it, Kagaru told them about the gist of things.

Rumors of <Jaira>'s failure completing a quest would spread through the grapevine in no time now.

"Hey so, Lecan. I've got something to ask you."

"I'll lend an ear at least."

"Can you guys create this floor's <Mark> for our <Pezan Toorzan> folks here? You get three gold coins for this quest. I'll pay for it."

"I refuse."

"Don't say that, at least hear me out."
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"I don't need to."

"<Pezan Toorzam> had the <Mark> of floor 19. We went straight to this floor from that floor in order to create the <Mark> here. It should have been finished by now if not for that accident."

"I don't care about your circumstances."

"We've used up all our potions, poison and food you see, we can't continue this expedition."

"You guys must have the Mark on this floor. Let <Pezan Toorzam> stand by outside this floor while you guys, or some of you go buy supplies outside."

"Lecan. I'm sure you understand. Our party just got a thorough beating. We're in no condition to 'fite right now."

"Not my problem."

"I'll pay ya five big gold coins."

"I refuse."

"But you guys just got to this floor yourselves. Meaning you're gonna travel through this floor anyway, yeah? You just gotta take <Pezan Toorzam> with you. Then you're gonna get five big gold coins just like that. Ain't that easy money."

"I don't think so."

"Heles. Won'tcha speak for us. Hold it. I see now. Lecan, Heles must have hired ya with money. She must be. Then, Heles. I'm asking you. Five big gold coins. Take these four adventurers with you. Ya got nothin' to lose anyway."

"Kagaru. I have paid nary a penny to Lecan. Neither am I Lecan's client. Lecan is in this dungeon out of his own will, and I'm permitted to temporarily join them in exchange for providing information about this dungeon. Lecan is in charge of deciding everything about the expedition. That's what we've agreed upon."

"Lecan. I beg of you."

"I refuse."

"Kagaru-san. Sorry for going so far for us. No one would have died if not for my reckless action, and we would have this quest wrapped up without problem."


"This whole mess was all caused by us, so it's only natural that Lecan-san is unwilling to take us with them. Besides, now that our party is down to four, we can't do much even if we get a <Mark>. Since this accident was caused by our, the client's, inability to follow orders, the reward money we have left at the association is your party to take."

"We can't accept that."

"We will be taking a break for a while before starting afresh. Kagaru-san. We're truly in your debt. The fact that <Jaira> suffered no casualty was the silver lining in this cloud."

"Hold it, Toris."

"We shall head back above ground. Please don't worry about seeing us off since this place is right by the entrance. If you'd excuse us."

The four surviving members of <Pezan Toorzan> left floor 31 like they were fleeing.
<TLN: Mistranslated a line in previous chapter. There were two deaths.>

Swordsman Kagaru was glaring hard at Lecan with eyes full of grudge, but Lecan left the place while pretending he didn't notice. Eda, Arios and Heles followed after him.

Kagaru didn't didn't say a parting word as they left.

Nor did glaive wielder Takuto and shield user Mazz.

Veta the mage raised her hand to salute at them.

Leaving the spot was Lecan's way of showing sympathy. Once Lecan's group is gone, <Jaira> can gather materials from the dead Octocular Great Spider's body.

Lecan understood Kagaru's position.

<Jaira> holds the track record as a triple conqueror of Dungeon Ninae, they have a reputation to uphold.

Yet, they have let two of their clients die and even failed the quest, regardless of the circumstances. Their reputation will crash down at this rate. With them currently lacking manpower, this is exactly the crucial time to defend their reputation.

Thus why they tried to push the quest to Lecan by paying him a large sum. If Lecan got this floor's <Mark> for <Pezan Toorzam>, their quest would be considered a success. They would get rewards from <Pezan Toorzam> as well. Would be short of two big gold coins ultimately, but that's far better than completely losing face.

Lecan understood their position well. He understood and yet refused their plea.

Kagaru was quite persistent, but that was not for the sake of <Pezan Toorzam>, it was for <Jaira>'s, it was for his own sake.

Lecan declined the request since he didn't want his ability exposed. He may have reluctantly allowed Eda's <Recovery>, but Lecan absolutely has no intention to show off his ability.

(I was aware of Kagaru's circumstances.)

(I declined his request in spite of that.)

(Kagaru knew that I comprehended their circumstances.)

(He knew that I refused despite being aware of it.)

(They'll hold a grudge for sure.)

But he couldn't come up with an answer when he asked himself if there was a way out that would leave no grudge.

As such, Lecan stopped thinking about this matter.

He's got other things he needs to attend to right now.

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