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Okami wa Nemuranai 18.3_4


The group warped to floor 35, passed through the floor while engaging in a few fights, and went in the stairway to the floor below.

"From floor 36 on, the mid variant of Octocular Great Spiders (Gienur Hadr) will spawn. They're quite troublesome with their <Sleep>, <Deadly Venom>, <Dissolving Liquid>, <Petrification> and <Explosive Flame> attacks."

Heles began explaining like usual.

"Their color is the only truly different thing from other spiders up until here, their abilities and size don't see a radical change. Their <Sleep>, <Deadly Venom>, and <Dissolving Liquid> attacks are practically the same as other spiders. The problems are <Petrification> and <Explosive Flame>. These two make up the huge leap in difficulty."

"You mean the spiders' size, hardness and basic ability are the same as on floor 35 then?"

"No, that's not it. From floor 31 to 35, those spiders get stronger even though they share the same ability. The gaps are roughly the same as that."

"I got it."

"They spray white breath-like thing when they attack with <Petrification>. It poses no problem if you dodge it or parry it with a shield. Because <Petrification> only works on the flesh."

"Is <Petrification> a type of curse abnormal status?"

"Indeed. Thus you can resist it with anti-curse equipment. Or rather, you cannot fight them without one."

"Or equipment that prevents abnormal status."

"Hahaha. Would be nice if something like that truly exists."

"They don't?"

"I have never heard of equipment that can defend against all abnormal status as a whole. Arios-dono, do you know one?"

"There is none, is how I would answer that."

"If that doesn't have some hidden meaning behind it. Well anyway. <Petrification> can be blocked with the right equipment, however getting your eyes bathed in the white breath will make them temporarily blinded. This cannot be blocked even with anti-curse equipment."


"<Explosive Flame> comes in the form of sticky saliva they spit out, it will burst out in flames if it hits your body or falls on the ground. It's burning, hot and hinders your vision. You'll get blown away if one explodes near you. A direct hit won't leave you unscathed."

"How often do they use <Petrification> and <Explosive Flame>?"

"They shoot <Petrification> the moment they see an intruder. There's no clear answer on its frequency of usage. Some individuals employ only <Petrification> some only <Explosive Flame>. However, since <Explosive Flame> can only reach about a dozen steps away, they won't shoot it unless you get closer."

"They can be shot successively then?"

"Both <Petrification> and <Explosive Flame> can be rapidly fired. However, they will run out of ammo after about ten shots, they won't shoot another for awhile once that happens."


"Yes, what is it."

"Don't you use a shield."

"I originally did. However, I have opted to use this sword in this dungeon expedition, for its offensive power. I cannot lift a sword of this weight with one hand. Hence, I left my shield behind."

A total excuse.

But, it's clear now.

Lecan could sense a hint of crudeness in Heles's movements.

She puts it all in her attacks, but her evasion is a bit lacking.

It was due to her body being used to fighting with a shield.

(She made the decision herself, so long as she's fine with it.)

Is it really fine.

That line gnawed on Lecan.

(Hold it.)

(How about me myself?)

If someone asked if Lecan has unleashed his full strength during this dungeon expedition, the answer is a resounding no, not even once.

He's fighting while attending to other people around him.

Is that really fine, this way of fighting?

Of course not.

Fighting this way against a powerful foe will mean certain death.

(Who's this powerful foe.)

(Who's my foe.)


It's the dungeon boss.

The strongest magic beast that eternally waits for a challenger, alone on the lowest floor.

With reaching there as the goal, one polishes themselves on every floor they tread on.

Arios can just learn from his fight then.

Heles can re-train herself.

Eda can learn what she should learn in the heat of combat.

They themselves each will dictate what they learn.

First, the one thing that needs to be done is for Lecan, as a challenger of the dungeon boss, to show them fights he can be proud of.

Whether he would really challenge the boss or if he could even get to the lowest floor in time is another matter.

He fights today believing he would make it in time.

He just gotta keep pushing on each day.

If after all that he gives up challenging the boss this time, that's fine.

Going home after that is fine too.

But, today.

This day.

Is the day that marks his first step towards challenging the magic beast on the lowest floor.

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Wonder how long has he been meditating.

Everyone is looking at Lecan, waiting for his order to enter the floor.

"I'll tell you this, guys."

While quietly speaking, Lecan could sense his whole body violently trembling.

"From here on, I will exert every bit of my strength."

His senses sharpened, power overflows out from deep within his body.

"Anyone is free to follow me if they can."

Breath going into the depths of his chest, the grace of air soaks his body.

"I will only fight alongside those who can keep up."

He's fully prepared for battle.

"This step."

He firmly treads on the ground, making noise.

"Is the first step toward this dungeon boss."

Lecan went into floor 36.

<Life Detection> immediately informs him of this entire floor's information.

He finds that there's no one else here.

The only adventurers on this floor are the four of them.

However, this much information isn't enough.

"<Graph Make (Coznitt)>."

Lecan recited a spell he never recited before, casted a spell he never casted before.

The graph of this floor came up in his mind.

Where to pass, which spots are impassable.

Which paths lead to enemies, which do not.

The graph tells Lecan.

Curiously enough, Lecan bore zero doubt that he could use this magic.

Zaa, zaa, zaa, zaa.

Sounds of sands crashing against his boots.

Lecan advanced through the gaps between soaring rocks without any hesitation.

And there stood the enemy.

"<Flame Spear (Bandroux)>!"

Heles mentioned that heat and light type magic do not work on these magic beasts.

It's not like Lecan doubts her.

And yet, his battle instinct told him that this was what he should do.

A spear of light landed straight on the magic beast's face.

An intense sound of explosion resounded as the spear broke into pieces in all directions.

However, the magic beast also didn't come out of it unharmed.

Its face had a huge crack on it, its head got smashed in like it got screwed into its neck.

Its huge body wouldn't move like it had lost all its functions.

Lecan had dashed out right after he shot the magic.

<Sword of Agost> struck the magic beast head-on, crushing its head open.

Crack, crack, the huge body swayed.

And crumbled down.

"Yeay. That's Lecan for you."

Eda was turning her fist round and round when Lecan turned around.

Arios and Heles stood stock still in agape.

Lecan began cutting off the magic beast's eight legs.

Arios went to help him.

Heles murmured.

"I was told that heat and light type magic don't work on them. No, I had seen first hand how it did not work."

Lecan continued the work silently without replying to her.

He further cut off the cut legs at the joints.

"And it's not like Lecan-dono had never tried his <Flame Spear> on one before. So magic could turn out so vastly different depending on its usage. I see now. I must not swallow what other people tell me whole."

Eda put on her work gloves, took out the venom sac and put it in a container.


Lecan grabbed the magic stone and walked off toward his next battle.

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