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Okami wa Nemuranai 17.14


<Vega> was in <Jade's Restaurant> again that night.

As Lecan started drinking early, Cozwolth dropped by.

"Yo, Lecan!"


"HAHHAHHAHHAHHA. Ya from dungeon?"

"Yea. Got back this noon. Taking a break for three days from tomorrow."

"We're divin' in tomorrow ourselves. Gonna take it easy this time, planning to explore for five days."

"Don't you guys use dungeon inns?"

"Those're no good. Stayin' there throw off the tension. Also, a waste of time."


"I see! Knew you got it."

"S'cuse me, passing through. Are you Lecan?"


"I'm Nuru. Healer of <Azcariz>. I heard you can use <High Recovery>?"


"Wut? Lecan. Ain'tcha a swordsman."

"I am."

"Why in the hell could a swordsman use frigging <High Recovery>?"

"Beats me."

"I was a bit skeptical myself, but there's no point for Veta telling a lie, is there. So is the girl over there, Eda then?"


"Oh you're so cute. Forget adventurer, you look like a perfectly 14-year old girl. Can't believe you've got to floor 31 with that face of yours."

"Floor 31?? Yer' jokin' right. Lecan just got to this town the other day."

"Think we first saw you on the 24th of month five. We just arrived at this town that day."

"<Jaira> had beaten the dungeon boss that day, the dungeon went dormant for five days. So ya mean they went from floor 1 to floor 31 in just ten days? That's absurd."

"Absurd whatever, it's a fact that they saved <Jaira> guys and some young adventurers from getting beaten to death by a spider on floor 31, on top of that Lecan and Eda even saved the lives of eight seriously injured peeps with <High Recovery>."

"<High Recovery>? This big burly man, and this lil' girlie?"

"Big man, you're the last person he'd want to hear that from."

"HAHHAHHAHHAHHA. But whoa, two <High Recovery> users in a party eh? That's damn enviable."

"So you see, Lecan. According to the story, you two cast <High Recovery> on eight people. And some even had several retakes. And yet you didn't drink even a piece of blue potion. How are able to keep your mana up?"

"I'd like to say I won't divulge my ability, but well, got a small magic stone?"

"Eh? Ah, will this do?"
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"Good enough. Watch this."

Lecan absorbed the magic stone on his palm, making it lose its shine.

"<Absorption> huh. I knew it. I had an inkling that would be it. But this means you can use body type <Recovery> on top of special type <Absorption> then? And you call yourself a swordsman? That's a foul play you know. Huh wait? You didn't do preliminary casting just now, did you?"

"It's a secret."

Lecan handed back the emptied magic stone to Nuru.

Apparently, preliminary casting is to be expected when you absorb mana from a magic stone. Nuru didn't seem to mind too much about it since she was drunk, but Lecan decided not to absorb mana from magic stones in public in the future.

"Thanks for the treat."

"Oh please don't be so cold now. If you teach me, I'll treat you to something even better."

Nuru pressed her voluptuous breasts on Lecan as she said that.

"Oy, Nuru."

"Leave me alone."

"Not that. That."

Someone just entered through the front door, it's <Jaira>'s swordsman, Kagaru.

Kagaru went straight to Lecan and presented a bag he brought with him.

"We owed you one today."

That he would come at this timing must mean that he had given tips to the restaurant to inform him when Lecan had come.


"<High Recovery> costs five gold coins at the temple in this town. Since you cast it on four <Jaira> members and four <Pezan Toorzam> members, I brought four big gold coins. Accept it."


Lecan took and immediately put the bag in his overcoat's pocket without looking inside.



Kagaru left <Jade's Restaurant> with that short parting word.

"Heard <Jaira> guys poured lotsa money at the temple when their recovery user Doren was dying."

"Yes. Rumor said they got <Purification> cast on him."

"What. Is there a <Purification> user at the temple here?"

"That's not something anyone's privy of. But they apparently did ask the help of the best healer."

"Must be expensive."

"You can't even imagine. But Doren couldn't be saved in the end."

"Kagaru's got it real rough."

"He sure is. By the way, I just noticed, if it isn't Heles-chan sitting over there."

"I have been in your care."

"Really sorry about that. I really was on board of you joining, you know."

"No. I'm aware just how unreasonable I was being. Painfully so."

"Oh hearing that takes some loads off my shoulders. So now you're hiring Lecan-chan then. How'd you manage to find such a good man anyway?"

"I did not employ him. I'm merely acting as a temporary member of his party."

"Hee? But you guys are aiming for the lowest floor right?"

"Lecan-dono has no intention to at this point of time. However, I'm betting on the slightest possibility of Lecan-dono setting his sights on the lowest floor."

"Oh really. I hope it goes well for you. Ufun. Lecaan. Put me in once you're done with Heles-chan, okay. You can even put in me."

"Whoa, hey now, yer' talking nonsense. Ya drunk?"

"I am. Why would anyone not drunk in this restaurant."

After a while, Falcan the dual blade, <Azcariz>'s leader came by and dragged away the drunkard lady.

The next day, Lecan brought Heles with him visiting several stores to sell mats. The store owners were shocked to see him selling complete intact legs, but they paid handsomely for those.

They got 132 gold coins in total. 33 gold coins per person.

And since the sum from the missing magic stones had become insignificant by this point, Lecan split the amount for four evenly.

He also gave half of the four big gold coins to Eda.

Eda went into raptures and declared that she would go shop for clothes.

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