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Okami wa Nemuranai 17.10_11


It's not just smell of blood.

There's also sounds of ongoing battle.

Right next to where they are.

The three who got on the floor after Lecan also immediately sensed it and got on their guard.

A lone adventurer unsteadily ran out of a gap between pointy rocks.

They approached Lecan's party when they noticed them before finally tumbling down.

Their body is full of wounds and blood.


Looks like it's someone Heles knows.

Eda ran up to the fallen adventurer and looked at Lecan.

She must be asking if she could cast <Recovery>.

Lecan shook his head.


Half of their face has melted with smoke rising out of it. Their body is full of wounds and blood. It's a woman. Right half of her long hair has been tragically melted down. Remains of a hat are sticking to it. She would have been worse off had not for the hat.

Lecan swiftly took a large red potion and sprinkled it over the woman's face.

Her wounds slightly healed but that was it.

This woman most likely had used red potions already. And not just one piece, but two or even three. Red potions cannot help her anymore in this state.

"Eda. Cast <Recovery> on her."

"Yes. <Recovery>!"

Eda is capable of casting <Recovery> without preliminary casting time. Even Lecan cannot do that. Eda's <Recovery> casting speed rivals that of Lecan's <Flame Spear>.

The woman's face gradually gets restored. As for her hair, even though the intact part returned to its former beauty, the lost part didn't get back completely.

"What amazing Recovery power."

Heles was astounded.

Arios didn't say a word. Perhaps he recalled the time she saved his life as he was watching.

That Arios turned toward Lecan.

"Shall we go?"

"No. We won't come uninvited to where another party is engaged in a fight."

"E-everyone's, at, their limit. Can't fight anymore. Help. Save them."

Veta seemed to have overheard Lecan, she spoke thus. The woman possesses quite powerful mana.

"We've got a request. Let's go see how it looks there and help if the situation permits. If not we're withdrawing."

This spot is right near to the entrance, shaking off a pursuing magic beast would be simple.

Lecan proceeded through the gaps between pointed rocks.

The three followed behind him.

"<Deploy (Parshoot)>"

Lecan turned the <Shield of Wolkan> on his left hand back to its shield state.

The sounds of combat is becoming quieter.

They went further and reached a wide sand pit.

There's a gigantic Octocular Great Spider in the center of the sand pit.

It's a total mess.

Its right eye is gone, it's lost two of its left legs and one right leg.

Its abdomen has been gouged out as well.

However, it's still moving around.

Still brimming with battle lust, it's growling menacingly at the new intruders.

"Do you need a hand!"

Lecan shouted out loud.

A big male swordsman that was barely standing on his knees turned around and spoke to Lecan.

"Save us!"

"Got it."

Lecan rushed straight at the magic beast.

The magic beast spat out dissolving liquid at Lecan.

Lecan blocked that with his shield, jumped into the magic beast's bosom a moment later and strike down its head.

Its head that was supposed to be immune to blades was squashed flat, the joint on its head got half-torn apart.

The magic beast cried out as it crumbled down with liquid spraying out of the wound on its head.

"Eda. <Recovery> on these guys!"


There were nine adventurers.

Two of them are clearly beyond saving.

As for the remaining seven, Eda took care of two who suffered grievous injuries while Lecan cast <Recovery> on those with minor injuries.

Minor injuries that would reap their lives if left unattended.

Both Lecan and Eda cast <Recovery> with the thin wands Shira gave them.

Fortunately, the seven surviving people managed to escape death.

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The female mage they met first was a member of <Pointed Rocks (Jaira)>.

<Jaira> was one of the top parties that has conquered Dungeon Ninae thrice, but they lost their <Recovery> user in their last expedition.

And yet they thought they were more than capable of taking on a quest to create <Mark> on floor 31 and undertook one from a six-man party, <Lost Dragons (Pezan Toorzam)>.

It should have gone without a hitch.

<Jaira> immediately engaged a spider they encountered right next to floor 31's entrance. While telling <Pezan Toorzam> members not to enter the sand pit beforehand.

<Jaira> steadily made a good progress in the battle, smashing one of the spider's eyes, cut down three of its legs, and got to a point where landing a finishing blow was all left to do.

The leader, shield fencer Kagaru dodged a venom spit the spider shot in desperation.

That venom flew past him and hit the leg of <Pezan Toorzam>'s leader, swordsman Toris.

They have no idea why Toris was in the sand pit.

Perhaps he thought he could be of some help.

Perhaps he wanted to take a good look on the magic beast his party would hunt from then on.

The reason was a mystery, but his action was unnecessary, the one thing he shouldn't have done.

The remaining five members of <Pezan Toorzam> rushed into the sand pit in order to help the screaming Toris.

Due to the sudden influx of intruders, the magic beast turned its target toward their party.

During their attempt to save the six young adventurers from their impending doom, the four members of <Jaira> broke their coordination.

Magic beasts boast offensive powers that far outstrip the defensive powers of a human adventurer party, the only reason a human-formed party could defeat magic beasts without suffering a huge loss is because they all work together following the proper protocol that prevents a magic beast from making full use of their power.

They were thrust straight into hell the instance that coordination and protocol were thrown out of the window.

Along, with <Pezan Toorzam> naturally.

They crawled out of that hell as Lecan's group entered the fray.

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