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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 103

Chapter 103 Sea Vacation (3)



They avariciously run after the prey that has escaped their clutch. Relying on the faint smell of that prey as they run on the sea.
The smell suddenly disappeared just as it was getting weaker.
Unforgivable. Anyone who snatch their prey.
The glint in their eyes grew sharper as they looked at the direction of that smell, then they dashed out.

I went back to the beach, wiped Lunar Cat with magic water and began dismantling the tuna. I know how to roughly do it but no idea about the inside, so I'm groping around in the dark.
First of all, I cut off the gills and entrails. Since I have no clue what to use them for, I'm putting them in a stone bucket to mix up as fertilizer later.
Next I cut apart the joints and the head somehow.
Then I went for the dorsal fin, which was very hard. I managed to cut it off with some damage on the body.
I then cut it into two along the backbone and filleted the pieces, but it's so big and tough. I mean it even filled the entire kitchen table I made from stone to dismantle this thing.
Think I'll scrape off the meat on these bones and make some nakaochi donburi (raw meat on rice).
And now I just need to slice and dice it up. Oh ho, this one's quality piece, this one's medium-fatty piece. Nice~ it'll make for some good lard. Can't make sushi since I haven't been able to make rice vinegar, but this will do as a side dish. Aah, wish I had some wasabi.

As I was frantically handling the tuna, the girls had banded together watching me work with a serious look on their face.

"Wanna have a little taste?"

Can I really!? Everyone had that look on their faces.

"Try to dip a piece in soy sauce. Yup, it's good raw too."

They timidly carry their pieces to their mouth. You girls aren't eating carpaccio there, you know.
Once the red meat got in their mouth, "Nn~~~~~~", they started shaking with indescribable looks. I see it's to their liking. I can't even imagine just how much this kind of bluefin tuna would go for in Japan. Since I've got quite a lot, I'll share some for master and Boss-san.

"Let's all eat this together tonight, okay."

The girls looked dissatisfied for once. No err, didn't you girls just stuff yourself full you couldn't move. They finally relented after I told them that this would taste even better on an empty stomach.

Our vacation resumed after I was done with the time-consuming dismantling.

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"Ahaha, ufufu, you're a hundred years too early to win against me in water~"

The usually sluggish Sefi-san made her swift assault in the water.

"Kuh, who knew Sefi-san had this kind of hidden skill. 'K then you're asking 'fer it, I'm not gonna lose m'self."

Splash, splash, Futsuno-san pushed her way forward in the water.
They're having a huge water fight between adult team consisting of Eleanor-san and Sefi-san versus young team of Mitama, Futsuno-san and Kagura-san. All five are wearing paper target on their head as they engage in a confused melee.
As for me, I've been put on the prize stand, bound for some reason.
The victorious team is to be awarded dessert made by me.
That's the plan at least... but I was supposed to join in that kyakya ufufufu festival! They wrapped me up real good I can't even move an inch!!
I tried to flail around for a while before eventually giving up.
Yeah, I'd rather not miss everyone's charming figures.
Their healthy physiques flicking away sprays of waters are a sight for sore eyes.
Magic use is prohibited. Five beauties playing with water, splashing around. One of them is in lil' girl mode though.
They scoop out water shooting at each other's upper part. The adult team is lacking in manpower, but since Kagura-san is like that, they're perfectly balanced. Or not really, I thought they'd be in disadvantage, but Sefi-san's unexpected nimbleness proved highly challenging for the young team. I wonder if it's because Lamias are strong with water.
Though the young team have lots of levels under their belt, they were no match against Eleanor-san's physical prowess, she and Sefi-san worked together to snatch victory from the young team. Even though she didn't show any sign of using water magic, I'd overlook how it looked like she was controlling water.

I hadn't mention to the girls that Sefi-san had also liberated her second class. Since it would require divulging many things about her, it's presently a secret between me and Sefi-san.

Alchemist - Geomancer
『Alchemist - Water Mage - Wind Mage - Geomancer - Assassin - Doorkeeper (Home)』

That last one! That last one in particular!! Isn't that just a neet!?
No no, there's no way such an unworthy class exist in a fantasy world, right?
Geomancer isn't really a well known Class, it apparently lets you control stuff like water by possessing the mindset of 'feel, don't think'. In a sense, it's the perfect class for Sefi-san, won't say that out loud of course.

The secret prize, my body was presented to the adult team.
Since I felt bad if they didn't get the dessert, I made some grade-up stuff for the victorious team.


What? Feels like I'm hearing sound of claws scraping against a pillar. But the girls don't seem to hear nor notice it. Which means something's up with the barrier?

Searching the surroundings with Space Grasp, I saw something small in the direction where I beat the tuna. Small things I've never seen before, can't make it out from here. There's quite a lot of them despite their size.

Slash Slash

Nuna!? The barrier got cut apart and those somethings invaded inside. How'd they cut it open so easily!?
That's weird, I mean this barrier even easily stopped Kagura-san's spear....

"All hands, attention please. Get away from the sea at once. Something has invaded the barrier. I'll meet them head on here, you girls go get your weapons."

"...I got it. We'll be back quick, don't push yourself."

I nodded and faced the sea ahead.
With just my trunks and Lunar Cat. I've raised my defense with Full Protection and Mana Clad. It's better than having water sticking to my clothes. 'Gan gon gan gon' I raised stone walls on the seashore to prevent them running past me.

Come now, show yourself up you unknown somethings!?


What then jumped into my view was.
A group of cats running on the sea surface.


There's like more than 30 of them. Why are cats running on water anyway!

Chief Umineko <TLN: Read as sea cat, means seagull.>
HP: 128/128 - MP: 42/48
A type of monster that dashes on water. Despite their small size, they make full use of their swiftness to overwhelm enemy. The mana they emit on their paws repel water enabling them to run on water surface. They mainly fight using their claws, but the older ones can also employ magic. These cats wander around all over the places, but they also have a habit of staying inside a dungeon rarely.

Umineko x 34
HP: 68/68 - MP: 23/36
A type of monster that dashes on water. Etc.

Oh I see, so it's that kind of monsters, I see. I can only accept this stuff by this point. Like hell. Umineko are birds, you dummy!

I'm having a stand off with a huge number of kitten-sized cat that are supposed to be monsters on the seashore. This situation must be unbearable for cat lovers. Naturally, that applies to me too!

35 of them huh... I could annihilate them all at once... But I can't bear to attack with those round eyes looking at me. As I was searching for ways out of this, I recalled something, rummaged my Dimensional Storage for that thing I was gonna use on Mitama and secretly let it ride on some reallllly weak breeze.


Splash splash, one after another the cats dropped down the seashore. As expected of the chief, it hasn't let up its guard even while staggering. These Umineko are currently drunk. Indeed, it was silver vine I just sprinkled. It works even on monsters huh. I actually brought it with me to nyanyan with the drunk Mitama, wicked thought, good thing it found its use elsewhere.

FUSHAAAAAAA (I'm not gonna let this stuff beat me!)

Chief Umineko jumped out in an attempt to claw me. I blocked it with Lunar Cat, producing a CLINK sound of metal clashing. Looking closer, it seems to have clad its claws with mana. This cat must have cut the barrier.


Chief Umineko kept coming at me even while staggering. I kinda look like the baddie here.


I grabbed hold of it just when it jumped.

Funya! Funyaaaaaaaaaan (Kuh! Just kill meeeeeee)


INYAAAAAAAAN (How dare you put me, chief of umineko in this shameful state)

Behold! This fingerwork of mine! This power of mofumofu that brought even Mitama and Futsuno-san to their knees!
As I rubbed its throat and brushed its stomach, Chief Umineko's eyes started to loosen in rapture.

WANYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN (No not there, stop, nyoooooooooo)


With a shrill cry, Chief Umineko got knocked out. Oh and those voice overs you heard were narrated by Nobusada at his own's discretion.

Phew, good grief. That was a tough opponent?

For now, gotta pull those cats out of the seashore lest they drown. The girl's eyes were wide open when they got back fully armed only to be greeted with a huge band of cats.

In the end, all the cats prostrated themselves before me who had prevailed against Chief Umineko. Since their stomaches cutely rumbled all together then, I gave them leftover small fish which they ate in great relish.
Chief Umineko is currently sitting meekly next to me. The other cats also let the girls hug all over them after seeing their chief in that state.
Now then, wonder why these cats are even here anyway. Ah man, I can't bring myself to desert these cats and their different feels of mofumofu compared to Mitama's.

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