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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 100

Chapter 100 A New Life


A perfect blue sky with nary a cloud.

A crowd of people we invited over are giving their blessings behind us.
They're the people I met in Gramada.
Master and Kyle.
Donur-san, Minerva-chan, Fou-chan, Rakog-san.
Boss-san and Gilui-san.
Maniwa-san, Mineia-san, Muscle brothers.
Kumahat-san and the shopping street folks.
Amiral-san, and members of the guild.
Kirishna-san and many onee-sama from the red light district (I was just treating them per Kirishna-san's request, okay!)
Yoshii-san and Peter-san.
Dornuko-san and Nene-san.

Dilt-san, Tino-chan, the three girls, Tama-chan and Wakamoto-san whom all I consider as family.

In all my life, the time I spent in this world was the most densest.
It's not an exaggeration to say that this very moment is the culmination of it.

Five women in pure white dresses standing next to me.
They're a huge reason that compelled me to work hard and get to this point.
I managed to arrive here without losing my way because I met Mitama and Futsuno-san in the forest. I might have lost my life there even. They taught me how to live in this world and what's important.
Sefi-san became a concrete home for me to go back to. There were times when she took me for a ride but those times also what made me feel alive.
I only got this far because I helped and was helped by Kagura-san. I wouldn't have been able to save Futsuno-san without her. Kagura-san herself was able to liberate her mother and undo the curse assailing her. I want us to continue supporting each other from now on.
Eleanor-san forged my body and heart along with Master. I'm grateful to her for making me, in many sense, stronger. Besides, even this normally strong-willed girl has periods when she would act spoiled and lonely. We may live apart even after our marriage, but I'd like to do things we weren't able to before.

Bell in priest outfit is reading aloud the script I gave him with a very serious look on his face even while looking awkward somehow.

"Wilt thou, Nobusada, vow to have these women, Mitama, Futsuno, Sefilot, Kagura, Eleanor to thy wedded wife, together in wealth, in poor, in sickness, in health, in laughter, in times for tears, in walking your path?"

"I vow."

"Wilt thou, Mitama, Futsuno, Sefilot, Kagura, Eleanor vow to have Nobusada to thy wedded husband, together in wealth, in poor, in sickness, in health, in laughter, in times for tears, in walking your path?"

"...I vow."

"You needn't even ask!"

"I vow~ie~"

"But of course."

"I vow."

"Very well, now please exchange your rings and kiss each other to seal the oath."

I put their respective rings on each their left ringer. Their names are carved under the rings. Then, I raise their veils and gently exchange kisses.

"Everyone, let's all pray together to gods so these youngsters who have made their vows would be blessed with ever deepening love."

I've put the seemingly correct lines on every invitation letters. Everyone read the line aloud.

『O father of all creations, o six pillar gods who watch over our world. On this auspicious day, we beseech you to grant your blessing to these youngsters who have made their vows. For everyone to live in love, for them to never forget the joy, the sorrow, the trust and the gratitudes, for all the friends they are blessed with whom they find comfort in trying times, and for them to bring blessings to each other, to grow together and lead a bountiful life.』

Everyone prayed sincerely.
Then something big happened.
A huge lump of mana is amassing above the spot between me and Bell as glittering particles of light dance in the air.
At the same time, I felt a crazy amount of mana coming out of me.
Don't tell me...

And then figures of person brimming with lights made their advent in the air.
Four of them!!

『All your wishes have been granted. I'm Levellit, goddess of growth and talent. In my name, I shall bestow my blessings upon my apostle, Nobusada, and his wives.』

She's not in her deformed figure, but that of a prim proper goddess. My mana is being consumed at crazy pace.
I probably would have passed out here if I hadn't raised Otherworlder's level.

Another goddess with green hair and plump chest. A gaze full of motherly love and warmth is directed at us.

『I'm the goddess of life and good harvest, Ametoris. Along with my blessings, may you all lead fruitful lives.』

Pure white hair and unfortunate that... No, I mean, a very beautiful slender goddess is glaring at me... I mean, watching over us.

『I am Hadin, goddess who rules over death and fate. In my name, I grant unto thee blessings for unyielding zeals in face of hardships.』

A silver haired goddess, with sufficiently supple breasts and intellectual eyes is observing me in particular.

『I'm goddess Lutia who rules over spirit and law. Blessings of spirits unto you my beloved children.』

Everyone cheered as colorful lights danced all around us.

『『『『Blessings unto thee. And our enduring loves to all the people here. May happiness be upon thee.』』』』

The lights around us flew toward everyone else. Its phantasmal quality charmed all present here.
The lights eventually vanished one by one as the goddesses faded away.

『Ah, the performance this time is a freebie. Just don't forget to prepare snacks for four, okay?』

No-goddess used Oracle like it was a mail in her usual light tone.
The part where she wouldn't let it end nicely is truly of no-goddess quality. Well, that was actually really great however, might as well send those goddesses some good food. Really would rather her not disclosing me being her apostle though!

Everyone was dumbfounded, but then some of them cheered again. Which spread out to eventually become a huge cheering and applause.
This place is most definitely the noisiest spot in Gramada right now.

"Some unexpected incidents aside, I can never thank you enough for coming here in this start of our new life today. And now we're done with formalities! Let's put aside ranks and stuff just for today! Chee~~~~~rs!"


Sounds of glasses hitting one another resounded in the venue with my signal.
It then turned into a huge merrymaking.
In the meantime, I and the five girls went to change and joined everyone else.

"Ahahahahahaha, all's well in the world. Can't believe Eleanor finally settled down. Now I just gotta get to take a look at my grandchildren's faces."

"Oy oy, don't get ahead of yerself' now. Think about Eleanor-kun and Nobusada-kun who's gonna take care of them."

Master and Amiral are having a drink together. One is hearty the other composed. Their personalities are the complete opposite. When I asked Master if I should call him father-in-law from now on, his fist met my head. Apparently he was just being bashful, but it's business as usual in the end.

"Kuuuh, that Nobusada just went and flew past me. Just where the heck's my yet unseen honey's right now at, dangit."

"What's with the doom and gloom there mate, drink up drink up. Yer' gonna find a nice girl with that face of yours soon fer' sure."

Kyle who's drowning his care in drink, and Kumahat-san who's consoling him. I'll introduce him to someone nice if I ever meet one. I feel kinda bad. Guess I'll keep Kyle company. Mine's non-alcohol though.

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"And that guy was but a chick when he first got to this town, just when'd he grow up so big. Oh yeah, that was also when we parted way eh."

"Right. But I believe it's for the best. Otherwise I wouldn't have enjoyed a nice slow drink with elder brother like this."

"Umu, this much distance might be just right."

Two brothers are having a drink together after a long time. Apparently it's been years. I too believe these two have got just the right distance the way they are now. Wonder being too close with someone you care with will just suffocate you in reality.

"Nnnnn, geez. Oh if only I could show how you two look right now to your mother."

"Aa, ane-yan. C'mon, your snot's ruining your clothes. C'mon now, sniff it out, sniff."


Kirishna-san blew her snot and tears in the handkerchief Futsuno-san handed her. What stood there was not the lady leopard-like merchant, but an aunt who was simply overjoyed to see her nieces setting out for a new life.


Muscle brothers and Maniwa-san posing even more extreme than the usual to congratulate us. They have chokers and white trousers on. Well uh, I guess that's still less exposures than usual so it's a good thing?
Ah, right, Moriko-san is apparently soon going to tie the knot with that adventurer they caught back then. It was Katsu something I think. I'm not too familiar with the guy, but eh not sure why I don't really care either way myself.

"But really, I was so surprised when I found out Nobusada-san was an apostle of Levellit-sama."

"Umu, indeed. But him is still him regardless. A good natured luck-pusher. That is more than enough."

"You're right. I can't imagine what'd happen to me now if I hadn't met him. I hope I can return this favor someday."

"I don't think you should obsess over it too much. He surely doesn't mind either. Even in my case, he only said 'I'm all good so long as I can eat your tasty cooking'."

Bell, Donur-san and Rakog-san are having a long talk over a meal. I thought it was unusual for Bell to join up with those two, turned out they would sometime give him scraps from fried dish when the times were tough for him. Bell....
Even I was surprised when my status as an apostle got grandly advertised. But well, doesn't seem there's anyone who thinks too deep about it since we're talking about that goddess here.

"Haaa, all of onee-sama look so beautiful desuwa. Master looks magnificent too. And someday I too will, hahaaaan."

"Mokyu mokyu mokyu mokyu. This tastes even better than ever. Did Nobu-niisan got even better at cooking?"

"Googoogoo, puhaa. Nnfuu, this sake is sho goodf nya. Oopsie, can't spill it, what a waste."

"Aaaah, Mash-chan's drinking alcohol! Nobu-niichan told you, you can't."

"My my~, Gana-chan, just look at your red face~"

"Yep yep, but I get where she's coming from. I mean, they all looked so beautiful."

The three girls, Tino, Minerva and Fou were chatting about the fantastical spectacle earlier. Oltea and Mash went straight for food and drinks though.

Two photosynthesizing figures are soaking in Dense Mana Water inside a room that overlooks the entire courtyard.
Wakamoto-san and Tama-chan are watching over Nobusada and the girls' joyous moments from afar.

"Well well, I suppose young'un's a fine master of the household now eh. Don't you think so, young lady?"

Nod nod, Tama-chan submerged herself into the water. Looks like she was in agreement.
Then she was shaking about something.

"Hm? Young lady wants to stand next to young'un too one day? Might be difficult with a monster body even if yer' his tamed monster. You just gotta be human? Well, I guess yer' right. But that'd depend on what young'un seeks from young lady."

Tama-chan weakly shook to respond Wakamoto-san. Wakamoto-san gently admonished Tama-chan.

"Listen now, young lady. Young'un himself musta always been prioritizing what ye want all this time. Then ya just gotta talk it out to young'un till he got it. Was pretty reckless too back in the days myself, and whenever I think about it now, I thought yeah I probably shouldnta."

Tama-chan listened attentively to the wisdom of old.

It's only been a few months since Wakamoto-san sprouted though.

"Excuse me, a moment please."

I turned around at the one calling me all of a sudden.
An unfamiliar well-dressed middle-aged man with sunglasses walked up to me.
He's about the same age as Master, maybe a bit younger. Looking closer, his sunglasses are like the ones Maniwa-san's got.

"Yes, how may I help you?"

"My name is Quantor. I asked Matda a huge favor to let me take part in this banquet so I could talk to you, Nobusada-kun. Do you mind keeping me company?"

"Oh yes, I should be fine now."

"Ah, and sorry about these sunglasses. I've got bad eyes, you see. Not so much about eyesight, but the strong sun ray would have hurt them so."

"Oh no, I don't mind at all. It's as I said earlier, today is a time to put ranks aside."

"Thank you. My daughters are huge fans of your face lotions, they've been using it regularly, you see. And then I found out that the founder was such a young man. I'm quite curious just how you managed to come up with it."

"Thank you very much for your continued patronage. I plan to keep improving them, I would love to hear impressions from the young ladies if I could."

First time I've got in contact with regular users. I mean, we just started selling the product and all.

"Umu, I shall pass the messages to the person buying from your store. And I see that Matda is quite taken with you as well. Do keep it up."

"Yes, it's my pleasure to."

"Sorry for taking your time. It seems the girls are looking for you. I shall excuse myself and relish on the food here."

"Yes, then if you'll excuse me. Please enjoy yourself."

The well-dressed man waved and went toward Master's group. Right at the same time, Futsuno-san and the girls called out to me from behind me.
I heard them, but my line of sight was still locked on the man I talked with. With sweaty palms. Due to extreme nervousness.

I mean, Discerning-sensei displayed that guy's name as 『Quantor Azbel』.

This town's statesman. Duke Azbel himself in person. He's way too light footed! Well, Master, Amiral-san, Temuro-san are here, not to mention muscle brothers' and co. This spot is pretty much the safest zone in Gramada right now.

The banquet continued on until nighttime.

Onlookers ended up coming and joined the drinking party due to the uproar, to the point that I lost count of them.
Even so, it's been a fulfilling day with so many people congratulating us.
Things probably won't change much from now on. But all sorts of changes would surely come at me, to my amusement and delight. I want to protect that every day, to walk the path together.
What a quiet night now that everyone's gone back. So I thought as I slept in one bed with six people in it.

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