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Okami wa Nemuranai 17.7


Since these spiders can't hear, they most likely act by relying on visual cues.

After an observation with that in mind, Lecan found out that they would only spring into action when any part, like legs and such, of an intruder comes into their view.

Lecan judged that they were done confirming characteristics of magic beasts on these floors.

Afterward, it was quick.

Lecan kept shooting <Flame Spear> overhead where magic beasts were hiding as he advanced ahead.

Then he pulled magic stones out of the bodies with <Move>.

Eda, Arios and Heles would go collect the falling magic stones in turn.

They proceeded ahead in that fashion.

Floor 22.

Floor 23.

Floor 24.

And floor 25, they were near the exit already.

"Halt. We're taking a break here. You can sit down."

"No err. Why are we resting in a danger zone."

"What I just defeated was a giant variant. We'll wait for the next spawn and create a <Mark>."

"Is that how it is. Heave-ho. Good grief. This is supposed to be called <Nightmare Stratum>. Yet it's as if we're strolling in an uninhabited wasteland with Lecan-dono around."

"I don't see an adventurer anywhere."

"That's because middle stratum is not profitable. Everyone attempts to speed through these floors and begin hunting on floor 31. As such, there's a lot of quests for hunting the giant variant on floor 31."


"The spawned magic beasts get stronger each time you go down a floor. A party that can barely reach floor 30 simply cannot handle floor 31 magic beasts. Asking them to beat giant variant twice in a row is virtually impossible."

"Ah, I see where you're going."

"As such, Adventurer Association post quests for creating <Mark> on floor 31. It costs three big gold coins."

"Three big gold coins! A~ah. I was once a rich woman with five big gold coins in me stash too."

After buying her bow, arrows and protectors, the fifty gold coins, or five big gold coins, Eda got from their last expedition have been greatly decreased.

"Eda-dono. You will surely get your hands on many more big gold coins with this party soon. Cheer up."

"Un. Thank you Heles-san."

"Eda-dono, what positive mind you posses. That's a rare nature to have. What were we talking about again? Ah right, quests for creating <Mark>. As a condition, the clients have to have the <Mark> on floor 30 before they can post this quest."

When you teleport from floors above the floor you're teleporting to, you get brought near the entrance. Conversely, teleporting from below get you near the exit. Meaning a party with floor 30's <Mark> has to go through floor 30 if they want to get to floor 31.

Giant variants do not tend to spawn near entrances, this dungeon's map also shows that floor 31's giant variant spawns near the exit.

In other words, accepting this quest means you need to traverse through floor 30 and 31 and defeat a giant variant twice in a row, and yet three big gold coins are still a huge sum. Even a six-person party would readily accept that if it means getting five gold coin each for a half day work.

"Naturally, magic stones, materials and treasure chests obtained during the quest belong to the party who takes on the quest. And the clients are expected to help carry luggage and carved materials as one of the conditions. Since the mats on floor 30s fetch for good prices, you could even profit as much as the quest rewards from selling them if you take your time."

Meaning one big gold coin for a day's work for each. It's an undeniably juicy job.

"Well it does take two days to finish, and the quest takers have to prepare for curses and poisons themselves. It takes toll on equipment as well. Nevertheless, it's a highly profitable job all the same."

"Two days?"

"That's the part you find puzzling? Please don't use your standards on everybody else, Lecan-dono."

"<Flame Spear>!"

Lecan suddenly raised his right hand and shot out an offensive spell.

The giant variant had respawned.


His left hand took the falling magic stone and put it in <Storage>.

As Lecan silently walked forward, the three followed behind him.

After walking a bit, Lecan stopped and sat down.

"We're having our meal here."

"Are you sure we'll be okay here?"

"There's no spider above. I'll give you a call if one spawns."
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Lecan put out firewood, a hot pot, water and ingredients.

Eda ignited the firewood with magic and skillfully made soup.

Everyone relaxed while enjoying warm soup.

"Being able to enjoy such warm food inside a dungeon like this, truly a luxury we have."

"Eating warm food heals your body and brings out energy. It doubles your strength in battles. I strive to eat warm food inside dungeons whenever I could."

"No uh. That might be feasible in other dungeons, but we can't gather firewood in this dungeon. I really can't wrap my head around the mechanism behind Lecan-dono's <Box>. Perhaps, that's a special-made item by Sir Yacklubend Tomato?"

"Yacklubend? That name sounds familiar, who is it?"

"I've decided to stop getting surprised by Lecan-dono's words, but that one came out of the left field. How have you been living in this country if you don't know about Yacklubend-dono and Tomato Company?"

"I hail from afar. Was at a rural countryside when I first entered this country. Only been living in town recently."

"But you have seen Nocturnal Lights, Ward Lights and Mana Brushes haven't you. Have you never heard of Stun Sticks, Long Soaring Bow, Burst Arrows or Piercing Spear? All of that was invented by Yacklubend-dono, sold by Tomato Company."

"I know about Stun Stick. I've probably seen Nocturnal Lights and Ward Lights before."

"You must be. It's inconceivable that you haven't. On top of that, there's <Bell of Truth (Saradona)>, <Twin Mirror (Naata)>, <Celestial Wings (Kaires)>, <Web of Purity (Halvos)>, <Saint Light Paradise (Agzubares)>, <Scale of Trial (Trientel)>, countless magic tools indispensable to this country, all of that was made by Yacklubend-dono."


"Yes, what is it."

"<Bell of Truth> is a holy tool of the temples, you should not thoughtlessly speak about it. Also, the existence of <Twin Mirror>, <Celestial Wings>, and <Web of Purity> is a military secret concealed by the royalty, only high ranking nobles are in the know of what those are. <Saint Light Paradise> and <Scale of Trial> are kept by the royal knights and royal mages respectively who do not make the information public. While <Yacklubend Stun Sticks> are only allowed to be carried by the royal capital's guards and the royal knights."


"Besides, only nobles and big merchants are familiar with Tomato Company's products. They mean nothing to the masses. Lecan-san, Eda-san. Please forget what you just heard."

"Got it. "

"Un! I'm pretty good at forgetting things."

"And also, just so you don't get it wrong, the name Yacklubend is a passed down name, the present Yacklubend-dono did not make every magic tool there is."


"Heles-san. How long do you think <Twin Mirror> has been around for? That's an item that first showed up during the infancy stage of this country's founding. The southern half of this country would have belonged to Dresta Kingdom had that not existed then."

"I had no idea. And how would you be privy about all that, Arios-dono?"

"It's my fighting school's secrets."

"No, that's definitely a lie."

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