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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-52

17-52. Guardians of the World (2)


Satou here. You could find lots of boss characters that break the game balance during the dawn of computer games.
When I first entered the industry, my seniors told me that it was a tactic to prevent those games from getting sold to second-hand stores, but I still believe they're not being serious even now. I think it's simply because they couldn't make final adjustments to those bosses before they hit the deadline.

『--Incoming Black Octopus class!』

That thing is pretty resistant to magic, they're a pain to deal with.

『Arisa, this is my turn so I announce.』
『OK, we'll leave defending to you, Nana.』
『Yes Arisa.』

Multiple layers of the latest type of Castle get deployed, protecting our spaceship.

『Transformation! Trinity Staff Mode!!』

There's no such mode, but I made it so our spaceship transform just as Arisa imagined in her head.
I simply need to copy wand ship's function which should be limited to one originally and make it three instead.

『You're in charge of aiming, Lulu!』
『Un, I got it. Firearms Control Anti-god Mode.』
『Aye aye Ma'am, Fire Control Setting, Anti Immortal Mode.』

The ship's bow that has been split into three are getting wrapped in rainbow colored lights.

『Mythology Down.』
『Mythology Extinction.』
『Mythology Gluttony.』

Three anti-god magic shot with the spaceship's assistance swallows up the black octopus.
Mia's [Mythology Gluttony] is a minor change version customized from [Mythology Eater] for space use.
Its direct damage is no different from Mythology Eater but it falls short on continuous damage.
Though unlike on ground, keeping up on continuous damage is hard in space due to its vastness, thus Mythology Gluttony is simply the superior choice for space use.

『--No way.』
『It survived getting hit by three anti-god magic amplified by the space ship?』

A black globe came out of the explosion.

『Don't worry. We did damage it. It's not unscathed. It's true you know? Its core has been exposed, now's our chance to finish it off. So please, take care of the rest--』

Mia's right, the black octopus has been severely injured.

『--First Blade, Unlimited Propagation--Mythology Fang~?』

Countless clones of Tama spun around with huge fangs growing all over those clones body, turning the mountain range-sized creature into a mincemeat as it was attempting to regenerate the body portion that protects its core.
First time I've seen this technique, but it appears to be a developed form of her special technique [Vanquish Fang].
She must have worked really hard trying to recreate Arisa and the girls' anti-god magic.

『Second Blade, Lyuryu and Pochi's Friendship Unite Strike--Dragon Drill Stratos, nanodesu!』

Lyuryu and Pochi who's united as one single dragon dog zoomed out at near lightspeed toward the core that Tama exposed.
Transparent blue and jet black sparks scattered everywhere.


The emergency rocket booster on Pochi's and Lyuryu's exosuit spewed flames out.
However, even that wasn't enough to break apart the too enormous core.

『--Guts, nanodesu!』

Magic Edge Cannons shot out of Pochi's and Lyuryu's tails one after another.
The outer shell protecting the core vibrated intensely.


The outer shell finally yielded to Pochi's and Lyuryu's guts, a crack was formed on it.
Right as the two exhausted their power, the core's outer shell broke into pieces like an obsidian.

『Very well done desuwa!』
『Liza-san! We have retrieved Pochi-chan and Lyuryu!』

The fighter craft Zena-san and lady Karina piloted towed Pochi and Lyuryu away from the outer shell.

『<<Dragonic Penetrator Infinity>>』

There, at laser-like speed, Liza along with a lone white light pierced through like a single arrow.
Black Octopus's core that had lost its protection had no way to bear this attack, its life force lost its shine as it stopped moving.

"Ooh, amazing."

I didn't think the girls would be able to defeat that annoying Black Octopus.
Watching their unexpected growth, I'm feeling so proud of them from the bottom of my heart.
Let's give them the highest possible praise once this is all over.

『Get away, Liza-san!』
『More Black Octopuses. --Ten of them?!』

Okay, now that's way out of their league.

I get in there with Unit Arrangement to shield Liza and the others.

The sight of satellite-sized Black Octopuses charging straight at me looks quite impactful.
I invoked [Planet Guard] behind me to protect the girls from a spell I was going to activate next.

--Space magic 『Summon Sun (Call Flare)』.

By connecting space to the surface of the sun, I called forth the flares erupting out of it to roast the Black Octopuses.
The space magic used to call the flares may not work, but being a natural phenomena, solar flares cannot be erased by the Black Octopuses' magic annulment.
Black Octopus burned by the Flames of Origin (Flare) stopped moving before entering self-regeneration mode.

One shot of Flare isn't enough to kill them huh.

"These guys are pointlessly tough."

Dragon God caught up to Black Octopuses, then she bit them down with her enormous jaws, and tore them apart with her fangs and claws.

As expected of the strongest god.
Even though they've stopped moving from my Flare, I can't believe she just went and massacred those tenacious octopuses so easily.

--Crisis Perception.


The moment I shouted, the Black Octopuses clung to Dragon God at near light speed one after another, covering her rainbow light in jet black color.

『Dragon God-sama!』
『This looks bad, doesn't it?』
"I think she's going to be okay--"

--I won't just stand by and watch.

I teleported next to Kagura with Unit Arrangement and took out the Moon Drawn Sword.

And now to match my body size to it--done.

『Master turned gigantic nodesu!』
『Ouh, greato~?』

I slash at the Black Octopuses with the Moon Drawn Sword now that I'm sized up just right to wield it.

"This thing isn't too sharp."

Using Unit Creation, I synthesize the broken Holy Magic Divine Sword Pendragon lying in my Storage with the Moon Drawn Sword.

Unit Creation is way too convenient.

With the newly formed rainbow-colored Moon Drawn Sword in hand, I sliced and diced all the Black Octopuses and freed Kagura.

"Yup, nice going."
"Nothing less to expect from Ichirou. I shan't lose myself."

I had a competition with Kagura to see which would kill more.

『Don't tell me, he's as strong as Dragon God-sama?』
『World Crisis...』

I felt like I could hear the girls saying something, but I ignored it.

『...This much gap.』

Even god Tenion sounded astounded.

As I gleefully hunted down the black octopuses together with Dragon God, I suddenly felt a presence of noise from the side.
Turning my line of sight there, I noticed the dragons who were having fun battling the Bizarre Creatures moving oddly.

"Finally showed itself up huh."

A golden shining light emerged out of black clouds formed by the Bizarre Creatures.
Its size is such that the black octopuses around it look fist-sized. The thing is as big as a planet.

The creature shining golden spots a bizarre chaotic form, like a cross between plant, fish and bird.

According to AR reading, it's named Gold Bird Tree Fish (Chaos).

"What an ugly fake."

For now--.

--Space Magic Call Flare.

After burning it with flames of origin, I let out a volley of [Mythology Down].

『--No way, it's not working at all?』

"Well I mean, you often see last bosses that won't go down with that much attack--"

I turned around to look at Kagura.

"Will fangs work?"
"But of course. My fangs 『Pierce All』."

Right they were.

Then we should manage somehow.

I took up a newly copied rainbow Moon Drawn Sword in my other hand, sized up to match Chaos and kept slicing and dicing it using both swords.
Kagura beat up Chaos with Dragon God's fangs and tail.

"This thing is so obstinate."
"See? I told you it's a pain."

The part I cut and stab keeps regenerating, damage just won't accumulate.

『Master, please let us help you.』
『Pochi and gang will help nodesu!』
『Tama will do her best~?』
『Ichirou-nii! Remember, strength in numbers!』
『Kuh, she said it ahead of me!』

Beastkin girls riding on Black Dragon Heiron came to help.
Followed by the spaceship guarded by heavenly dragons.

"Let them help. Should be doable for the you now, right Ichirou?"

I understand that the thing Kagura is referring to can be done.

"Everyone, will you lend me your strength?"

The girls replied unanimously to that question with an obvious answer.

Unit Creation--Familiar Gods.

I made the girls big enough to fight Chaos, and handed them copied Moon Drawn Swords and weapons transformed from those swords.

"Let's do this."

A rainbow-colored storm swept over, golden sparks flew everywhere in space.

After brute forcing our way through numbers, Chaos finally suffered wounds all over its body.
Gouged down to its bones, Chaos roared out like it was screaming.

Is it thanks to ether that sounds get transmitted in a vacuum space?

"Ah! It's running away!"

Chaos ran off toward the deep space while purging down its crumbling body.

"Tama won't let you go~?"
"Pochi is a pro at playing tag nanodesu!"

Tama and Pochi ran after it at light speed, blocking Chaos's way.

Chaos ran even faster while screaming out.

"Chasing that thing all over the place would be bothersome."
"Well then, let's finish it off with a Map Weapon."
"Good idea."

The corner of Kagura's mouth lifted up gleefully.

"Pochi, Tama, come back here."

I got them back here, would be disastrous if they got swept up in it.

"I'll go first."

I gather the enormous divinity sleeping inside my soul on my palm.
Recreating the image of 'most powerful' I carry in me.

--Meteor Shower.

Innumerable meteors showed up out of nowhere, raining down upon Chaos.
Tens of thousands meteors tore apart Chaos's layered barriers, drilling its bare body full of holes.

Its clone bodies ran off by using its real body as a scapegoat, but Meteor Shower did not overlook that and turned those clones to space seaweed.

"Still clinging on to dear life after all that huh..."

Chaos that had been completely obliterated along with its clone bodies is beginning to regenerate.

Rainbow lights are overflowing next to me.

The light wrapping Kagura's Dragon God body shined even brighter, rainbow lights gather inside her greatly opened jaws.

A moment later, a flash of light dyed the space rainbow.

In godly vision unaffected by light, I saw Chaos getting erased away by Kagura's breath, evaporating even its body that had spread into adjacent worlds.

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"--It's regenerating?"

Chaos that should have been completely obliterated has started to regenerate back.

"This is why I detest this thing. It's way too tenacious despite being so weak."
"Let's just dump it away then."

Using Unit Arrangement, I move us all including Chaos to the center of the galaxy.

"""So pretty""" "nanodesu!"
"That light is something vicious enough to utterly pulverize even the sun, let alone planets though."

Everyone is watching a fountain of blue light gushing out of a black disc.

"You gonna grind it down there?"
"It would just split apart and fly around everywhere if I did that--"

I grabbed Chaos with my divinity, packed it down inside anti-god magic seals, then I sent it inside the black hole using sight-based Unit Arrangement.

It shouldn't be possible for it to get out of that so long as it doesn't have foul play skills like Unit Arrangement.
Even if it managed to, it should take thousands, ten thousands of years.

"Most revived adversaries get a power up though."

Arisa, don't set up some weird flag please.

"Then we're just gonna get even stronger to deal with it."

After saying that, I turned my back on the center of the galaxy and made my way back to our planet together with everyone.

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