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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 99

Chapter 99 Before the Start of a New Life


Me wrapped in a bamboo mat.
Whoa, Eleanor-san carried me on her shoulder.
Whoa, got taken home, got in a mount position.
Aah, impermanence.

Good morning, the sun is yellowly dazzling Nobusada here.

I poked my nose into lots of things yesterday, then I got scolded by Eleanor-san through body language. People have been calling me terrible names like wild beast or devil beast, but that's a huge lie. I curled up round and small like a chihuahua.

I... want to prevail against that person!

Anyway, one week has passed since then.
The guard couldn't get any clue at all, they're in a limbo right now. As for me, I found some time to visit Afuro-kun's group but they didn't have any new contact either. Lots of things are still unclear, but I guess it's settled down for now?

Let's forget about gloomy stuff for the time being, I'm currently running around all over the place to get ready for a certain thing.

"Yu~p,! Final adjustment complete. Some really ni~ce blood boiling muscle dancing work that was!"

So a satisfied-looking Maniwa-san said as he handed over my order. From a glance, they're really something special. These won't lose to even to stuff from modern Japan.

"Thank you very much. Here's an invitation letter for you. I also have letters for Minea-san and Muscle Brothers, but since I don't know where they are right now, would you mind passing these to them when they drop by here?"

"Ara ara, it's a-okay. I'm looking forward to see my finest works worn already. Seeing them worn in person is the best thing about this line of work, you know."

I thanked Maniwa-san who had a really big smile behind his sunglasses once again before leaving to deliver the invites to more people.

That's right, I'm gonna hold some sort of a wedding ceremony with everyone we know gathered. Apparently, you don't get to hold a wedding ceremony unless you're a noble around these parts. You simply make an oath at a temple. Though well, my version is more like a huge party where I proclaim I'll take care of those girls for the rest of our lives. Even so, it should be a huge load off shoulders to Master who's been worried about her daughter's future, and Kirishna-san who's like a guardian to those two.

Besides, I'd also like to improve the overall mood around here. That's why I'm also sending invites to Donur-san, Dornuko-san, Kyle, Kumahatt-san, everyone whom we have been indebted on.

"Cheese, Boss-san, you here?"

A sleepy looking Boss-san wearing his usual red attires came out.

"Yaaaawn, ou, what's up? Sorry, but I ain't done with that weapon yet."

"Ah, I'm here for another matter. Here you go."

I took an invitation letter from my chest pocket and handed it over to Boss-san.

"Hm? Oooh, finally ready for that huh. You ain't even half my age."

We're probably about the same age in reality though. Also, I have something to ask Boss-san, specialist of metalwork.

"And also. Do you know about a skill to process precious metal using mana? I happened to heard about the existence of such a skill."

"Ah, you mean Magicraft now. I'm no good with that stuff myself. But I know someone who does. You've met him before yerself."


"Gilui's a pro at that, y'see. Enchant magic and Engraving are part of Magicraft. That guy should be awake right about now, how 'bout dropping by there?"

What! Truly strong big brother, soft little brother. I'd like to study under him.

"You have my gratitude. I'll be waiting for your presence on the day. We'll have some nice booze for you, Boss-san."

"Ou, Imma work hard on that thing till then."

Boss-san declared loudly. I'm not in a hurry so he really didn't have to, but he himself must be really into that work. There's some really dark circles around Boss-san's eyes. Please just don't knock yourself out.

Afterward, I visited 『Gilui's Tavern』 and came up to Gilui-san standing inside. I explained my situation and got his approval to teach me even while I was slightly taken aback by the sight of an old man wearing a pajama with green heart marks motif. In exchange, I have to deliver him the popular ice blocks from time to time, but that's practically nothing to me since I can make those as much as I want.

Thanks to Gilui-san's thorough and easy to understand teachings, I managed to hone my skill by practicing non-stop with my practically limitless mana. As a result, I managed to complete six dazzling silver rings three days before the main event. All of these have been enchanted with [Anti Curse], [Anti Poison], and [Anti Charm], everything I could put in as of now.

"I did it!"

"Well well, these are breathtaking even from my perspective as your teacher. There is nothing more I could teach you now. All that's left is for you to put in the effort practicing a lot."

"Thank you so much. I've gotten this far all thanks to Gilui-san, I can never thank you enough."

"I too loathed to bury this skill of mine. I'm filled with a sense of accomplishment and joy now that I could pass it down."

Gilui-san who said that while smoking a pipe looked like a certain someone who gets power-up by munching on spinach, but of course I left that unsaid.
As a gratitude, I gave him a magic rucksack (made by me, with discreet performances) with a lot of ice blocks inside, and a trial Japanese sake, he gladly took them. By the way, the trial Japanese sake was made due to an unreasonable demand by our three drunkards, 『We got rice 'ere, so of course Nobu-chan's gonna make it right~?』, so it's been put under test already. I tried to make it since we got a lot Satan Brocade in stock anyway, and ended up getting too into it. I did pass out from inhaling too much alcohol...

Now then, only a bit more until the main event. The preps are entering its final phase.

Of course, other people besides me are doing their parts as well.

Mitama, Futsuno-san, Kagura-san, and also Tama-chan are running around in the dungeon in order to procure ingredient for the d-day.
Eleanor-san is handing over invitation letters to people we are indebted to at the guild.
Sefi-san is... She's desperately working to fulfill another order whose numbers she mistook, again. Other personnel got dragged into her mess. She's as hopeless as ever.
Wakamoto-san must be photosynthesizing right about now. As a guardian, just having him standing there symbolizes peace, so it's all good.

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And the day finally comes.

Five women in pure white dress are standing in front of me.
A pendant I custom ordered to Dornuko-san is hanging on each their chest, shining brightly.

Mitama is Diamond.
Futsuno-san is Ruby.
Sefi-san is Sapphire.
Kagura-san is Alexandrite.
Eleanor-san is Emerald.

Clad in dresses, they all captivated me like never before.
Lost for words, I took their hands and opened the door.
I closed my eyes for a second due to the dazzling sunlight, before opening them to the sight of many people gathered here to congratulate us.

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