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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 75

Chapter 75 Guardians of Solomon


Come to think of it, feels like forever since I last visited Solomon's Pavilion. I shouldn't go empty-handed and purchase some fruits to bring there.

Time-wise, it will be past lunchtime tumult during the lull, it should be a good time for snacks.

"Excuse me, Donur-san, are you here?"

I called out to the kitchen, then a huge figure slowly came out of it.

"Oh, hello. Been hearing your ventures from Ranba. So what do you need today?"

He's a man of few words with a sour looking face. And yet he would go out of his way to meet me here. Donur-san really is the emphatic type.

"The place I'm freeloading at 『Shut-in Lamia』 has hired a new employee you see. And since the daughter of that employee, Tino-chan is close to Minerva-chan and Fou-chan's ages, I was thinking that it'd be great if they could be friends."

"Fumu, my daughter interacts with nothing but adults in this inn. Her having more friends her age would be great news to me as well. Oy, Rakog. Where have Minerva and Fou gone to?"

He called out toward the kitchen. Looks like Rakog-san is still preparing for night time portions.

"If you're looking for Minerva-chan and Fou, they're currently out to fetch lunch boxes at Adventurer Guild. Hi there, Nobusada-kun. Please excuse me for talking with my hands full."

Fou-chan's father, Rakog-san bowed lightly while smiling amiably. His face isn't on the cool side but its amiability coupled with his sociable demeanor makes him approachable. Added with his polite speech, he's good at complementing Donur-san's scary face.

"Then they should be back soon. You should wait here, I'll bring over some drink."

"I'll take you up on that offer. Ah, please share this with everyone."

"Oh, thanks."

Afterward Tino-chan and I waited for Minerva-chan while conversing with Donur-san. She was frightened of his face at first, but quickly warmed up. I'm no match for her high adaptability. She's got a bright future ahead of her for sure.

After a while, we could hear merry voices of girls 'kya kya'. Ah, they're back.
Three shadows of persons opened the door. Hm? Three??

"I'm back father~. Huh, Nobusada-san, long time no see~. What's the occasion today~?"

"H-h-h-hello deshu... Auauaua."

Yup, Fou-chan fumbled her words. As clumsy as ever I see. And the last person is... err, I've seen him, or rather I'm sure he's in my memory but I can't quite pin down his name. Can't be helped, let's look at his stat with Discerning Magic Eye.

Name: Gerukkun - Gender: Male - Age: 89 - Race: Elf
Class: Spirit Caster Lv 26 - State: Healthy
Title: 【Seeker of the Way of Lo】 - Party Name: 『Guardians of Solomon』
One-handed Sword Lv3 - Archery Lv3 - Wind Magic Lv3 - Spirit Magic Lv4 - Life Magic - Flora and Fauna Knowledge - Acrobatics Lv2

Here comes a lolicon!? Oh right, I've seen this guy before.
It was during my first meeting with Kagura-san. He's the leader of a party that picked a fight with me.

I bowed lightly at him, and he bowed back. This guy never introduced himself to me, it'd be weird if I called his name. Ambiguous sense of distance. Well, who cares about him. Our main objective today is the two girls after all.

"Minerva-chan, Fou-chan. I'm here to ask you two a little something. This girl here, you see, is the daughter of our new hire. I'd really appreciate it if you two could get along with her."

"Nice to meet you, my name is Tino. I'm currently working at Nobi-oniichan's place."

Tino-chan greeted and bowed. The two had their eyes sparkling when they saw her.

"I'm Minerva. I work as the poster girl here~. So glad to meet you, Tino-chan."

"M-m-m-my name is Fou deshu. Auu, nise to meet you too."

Looks like they'll get along just fine. Afterward, Tama-chan showed herself up and joined the little girl group, and they got even more excited. Yup, bringing her was a good idea after all. The precocious Tino-chan is bubbling all over befitting of her age. I think she had been forcing herself. I mean there were only people with huge age gaps around her before.

"Pardon me, Nobusada-kun was it. I'd like to have a word with you, do you have time to spare?"

Someone called out to me while I was warmly watching over the girls. Huh? This guy's still here.

"Yes, I don't mind. Err, excuse me. I don't believe I caught your name."

"Ah, sorry. I never introduced myself before did I. I'm the leader of [Guardians of Solomon], Gerukkun. We are here to worship little girls, to warmly watch over little girls, and to protect little girls."

What the heck kind of introduction is that!? This town really have lots of impactful facets. I greet him back while inching back a bit.

"I'm Nobusada, the leader of 『Izumi no Kami』. So what do you need?"

He closed his face in on mine and whispered. Goddammit, looking at it this close really hits home how good looking elves are!
He doesn't seem to mean any harm as of now, but damn I'm envious. The guy's a lolicon though.

"Are you going along with her with full knowledge of who she is?"

He asked while chasing Tino-chan with his eyes. Fumu, I was sure he was gonna pick another fight, but this seems to be a serious talk.

"Are you talking about her race? Yes I'm taking care of her fully knowing that and all. I've got her mother's approval as well, they're both living together now."

When I told Gerukkun that, he looked awfully surprised. Wonder if elves can tell when someone is the same race. From what I've heard, unlike humans, elves rarely ever sell their own kind to slavery. Perhaps it's okay to put some trust on this guy.

"Is that true? If you'd please forgive me for asking what kind of situation that led to that. Worry not, I have no ulterior motive. This is my very first time seeing a brethren that young being so attached to another race."

I can't tell him the details, but I can at least explain the rough outlines. The air turned prickly, he might have gotten mad, when it got to the part where Dilt-san and the rest were held as slave reserves, but he was mostly in favor of my actions.

"Forgive me for doubting you. I'd like to extend my gratitudes for saving my brethren."

Gerukkun-shi bowed deeply. I didn't think he would be this grateful. He's not even related to the event.

"My gratitudes to you are bottomless for obliterating the bunch who not only captured my brethren but attempted to pluck off such young lovely buds. Those who seek little children as slaves mostly have sexual motive behind them, they can never be forgiven. Little girls are to warmly watch over at and with great cautions, do you not believe so too?"

Yeah, ain't that the truth. No uh, I'm not a lolicon.
I guess lolicon is still better than a pedo? Apparently these guys have unshakable convictions their own.

"I don't really get it, but I do think that those who aspire to create situations where children cannot spend their days with laughter like this are targets to be eliminated."

"Yep, yep, it appears that my eyes have not failed me."

Gerukkun-shi looks deeply impressed for some reason. I think he's got a huge misunderstanding, but I don't believe there's anything I can do about it.

"You can come to me to consult about my brethren should you face any trouble. I shall do everything within my power to help."

He gripped my hand tightly and shook it powerfully. What the hell is this muscle power, he's supposed to be a Spirit Caster.
But he's the best source of information regarding elves I presently have. Feels like Dilt-san is still hiding some things after all. I'll go consult him when trouble do occur as stated.

Afterward, we warmly watch over the three frolicking around 'kya kya', enjoying Tama-chan's fluffiness to their heart's content.

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